The Fifth Summit of the Americas

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The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

Fifth Summit of the Americas - April 17 - 19, 2009

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The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

Indian Dancer at the Cultural Summit
Indian Dancer at the Cultural Summit

A Summit anti-climax
By Lara Picford-Gordon - April 27 2009
There was so much hullabaloo with the Summit that the event itself struck me as anti-climactic. The frenzy of the preparations with security cameras being installed, painting, things being fixed, and the dry runs. The Summit Village generated excitement and there were many people visiting, some under the premise of seeing how the tax dollars were spent.

Summarising the Summit
By Marlon Anatol - April 26, 2009
While it is clear that all eyes and ears were on the Summit last week, we need to be cognizant of the fact that the world still turns. More importantly, we need to acknowledge that the hosting of the Summit does not in, and of itself solve our developmental quagmire.

Too many things went wrong
By Dana Seetahal - April 26, 2009
Were it not for the much-publicised cordial exchanges between Presidents Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez, who were meeting each other for the first time on Trinidad and Tobago soil, the Fifth Summit of the Americas would have been a washout.

Reflections on the summit
By Selwyn Ryan - April 26, 2009
The Fifth Summit of the Americas is now history and the task ahead is to assess the benefits and costs of hosting it, financial and otherwise. Not surprisingly, the official view is that the conference was largely a "success", notwithstanding a number of glitches and gaffes, many of which happened behind the scenes. We are being advised that's where there were some real "horrors".

Summit plagued by errors
By Andre Bagoo - April 26, 2009
IT BEGAN poorly. Some of the 34 leaders who gathered for the Fifth Summit of the Americas on April 17 had to wait in their aircraft, circling the Piarco Interna-tional Airport for a chance to land. One of them, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, actually had to wait for 45 minutes on the tarmac and watched as US President Barack Obama landed and disembarked even though Harper had landed earlier.

Prof Girvan: A face saving compromise
By Lara Pickford-Gordon - Saturday, April 25 2009
Prime Minister Patrick Manning signing the Declaration of Port-of-Spain for the 33 members of the Summit of the Americas was "diplomatic politeness" as no one wanted to embarrass the host.

Dancer at the Hemispheric Private Sector Forum Cocktail Reception
Dancer at the Hemispheric Private Sector Forum Cocktail Reception

Daniel Ortega Denounced Censorship at Summit of the Americas
Cuban News Agency - April 22, 2009
Nicaragua´s President Daniel Ortega denounced that during the 5th Summit of the Americas, held in Trinidad-Tobago, the heads of state and government of Latin American and Caribbean countries underwent censorship.

Obama's handshake with Latin America
By Mark Weisbrot - April 22, 2009
Latin American leaders are willing to put aside past grievances with the US. But Obama must follow through on his promises

The Summit and the Lie
By Fidel Castro Ruz - April 22 2009
Some of the things that Daniel told me would be hard to believe if it was not him who told me them and it was not at a Summit of the Americas where they occurred. The unusual thing is that there was no such consensus on the final document. The ALBA group did not sign it; that was confirmed in the last exchange with Obama...

Hugo Chávez's gift to Obama: Open Veins of Latin America
Eduardo Galeano's important earlier book, Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent (1973) is crucial not only for an understanding of the economics of colonialism in America, but by extension makes explicit the mechanism of colonialism/imperialism worldwide.

Venezuela and ALBA Promote "New Climate" in Summit...
By Tamara Pearson - April 22 2009
Venezuela and the countries of the Bolivarian Alternative to the Americas (ALBA) decided not to sign the final document of the Summit of the Americas held on April 17-19 in Trinidad and Tobago, saying it excluded Cuba and offered no viable solution to the current economic crisis.

The Secret Summit
By Fidel Castro Ruz - April 19 2009
Neither represented nor excommunicated, only today could I learn what was discussed at the Summit of Port of Spain. They led us all to entertain hopes that the meeting would not be secret, but those running the show deprived us of such an interesting intellectual exercise. We shall get to know the substance but not the tone of voice, the look in the eyes or the facial look that can be a reflection of a person’s ideas, ethic and character.

Spouses of the visiting Heads of Government Retreat to Point-a-Pierre
Spouses of the visiting Heads of Government Retreat to Point-a-Pierre

What a Summit!
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning has succeeded, perhaps beyond his wildest dreams, in his goals of giving regional leaders a safe and amiable forum to talk, and in showcasing Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage.

PM: Economic crisis not dealt with properly

Haiti, one we can't be proud of

Canadian media blast 'overzealous' security
As Jamaica recovers from reports in the Canadian media about the vulnerability of one of its airports to breaches in security, following the recent hijacking of a Canadian airplane, Canadian reports have emerged about clashes between officials from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's entourage and local security officers during the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Port-of- Spain.

Chavez's gift book climbs to best-seller status
The big winner out of this week's Summit of the Americas in Trinidad may be a decades-old book about the exploitation of Latin American people throughout history. Eduardo Galeano's history book enjoyed a 466,378-per cent increase in popularity on

Obama to tackle deportees
CARICOM Secretary General Edwin Carrington yesterday disclosed that US President Barack Obama has promised his government will look at how criminal deportees from the US are affecting the levels of crime in the Caribbean.

Summit questions for Govt in House Friday
The Opposition will call on the Manning administration in Parliament, on Friday, to list all who obtained government contracts to handle work for the Summit of the Americas, Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday says. Parliament was adjourned two weeks ago to facilitate the summit activity.

What did TT get for spending $1.5B?
THEY may be divided on issues of party politics, but both UNC political leader Basdeo Panday and his one-time Chief Whip, Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, were united in their criticism of the recently concluded Fifth Summit of the Americas with both men describing the Summit as a billion dollar "talk shop".

Browne denies summit cost $1 billion

DOMA: Stage Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Tobago
PRESIDENT of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) Gregory Aboud yesterday suggested Government host the November Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) in Tobago.

President Obama meets 'Michael Jordan of cricket'

Prince Lara meets President Obama
The "Prince of Port-of-Spain" Brian Lara gave United States President Barack Obama a free batting lesson at the newly re-named Obama Terrace, Hilton Trinidad, St Ann's, on Sunday.

Summit sticking point
Only one paragraph on financial crisis

It was a success
"MORE agreement than disagreement," was how chairman of the recently concluded Private Sector Forum, Angela Lee Loy, described the staging of the Fifth Summit of the Americas, despite failure by Heads of State to fully sign the Declaration of Port-of-Spain.

Boycott MacFarlane's Carnival band next year
Calling on Indo-Trinidadians to boycott bandleader Brian MacFarlane's Carnival production next year, the Indo-Trinbago Equality Council (ITEC) said yesterday that the masman had failed to include Indian cultural items in the cultural programme of the Fifth Summit of the Americas.

Social activist freed
ENVIRONMENTALIST Michael Parris was yesterday freed by a magistrate on a charge of erecting placards on a TTEC pole protesting the Fifth Summit of the Americas. Harris, 24, of Temple Street, Couva, who is a social activist, was arrested and charged on Thursday night by police officers of the Gran Couva Police Station.

Trinis ahoy! Summit ships sail off with nearly 3,000

Summit done, back to work
VARIOUS labour movements are hoping Government would place greater emphasis on people, now that the Fifth Summit of the Americas is over.

Summit plagued by disorganisation
US PRESIDENT Barack Obama opted out of posing for an official photograph for the Fifth Summit of the Americas when it was taken yesterday as several heads of State skipped the symbolic act amidst chaos at the Prime Minister's Diplomatic Centre in La Fantasie, St Ann's.

A summit in shambles
The Fifth Summit of the Americas has come and gone, and after all the pomp and ceremony, delegates and foreign journalists have come to one conclusion: it has been a mess. After going to five Latin American countries, earlier this month, to whip up support, Prime Minister Patrick Manning was the only leader to sign yesterday the document, the Declaration of Port-of-Spain.

Panama in line to host next Summit

Cabrera not happy as protesters blocked

'Drummit 2 Summit' accused to appear

After summit, questions linger

Now the numbers Now that the Fifth Summit of the Americas is over, it is time to do an accounting. And we do not mean just the monetary kind.

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