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Abdulah calls on Biden to end Cuban blockade
Posted: Monday, July 19, 2021

Abdulah calls on Biden to end Cuban blockade
"On June 23, the United Nations General Assembly voted for the 29th consecutive year that the US should end the blockade. Only two countries – the United States and, not surprisingly, Israel, voted for the blockade to remain in force. One hundred and eighty-four countries supported Cuba's resolution that called for the US to end the blockade. "Votes have been very similar in the previous years at the UN. The US stands in isolation in the face of this overwhelming world opinion against it," Abdulah said.

Panama, Dominican Republic, Caricom left to get US vaccines

School boards support Government's plan to vaccinate secondary school students
GOVERNMENT'S decision to authorise vaccines available for students 12 years and over has been met with favour from the denominational school boards, which are encouraging parents to do their research and also support this move.

Mitchell: Some in 'home quarantine' still roaming the streets
Mitchell said people in home isolation must continue to wear their masks and ensure they are in a well-ventilated area. She said they must also sanitise frequently using bleach and water.

Moonilal has Travel Pass ‘issues' before CAL flight from Miami
In order to return to T&T, which reopened its borders yesterday, travellers must go through a rigorous registration process related to COVID-19 health and safety protocols via the Travel Pass system. Last Saturday when details of the border reopening were announced, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young said the first big flight which was coming into T&T was from Miami yesterday.

Akeem Stewart looks beyond Paralympics to Summer Olympics
Stewart, dominant in his class and developing still, says his end-gold "as difficult as it will be" is to qualify for and represent TT at the Summer Olympics and World Championships, where competition is stiffer.

Small businessmen watchful, wary, hopeful
Agostini said he too believes the Government should have planned more to safeguard the survival of businesses. "The first round last year, we did get some support from the Government. There was a loan that was extended with a two-year moratorium and low interest rates. "This second lockdown was far more extensive and far more damaging and there was no further assistance from the Government which has put a lot of pressure on business."

Tobago restaurant owner: Curbside services won't benefit dining sector

KFC workers affected by PoS branch fire to be redeployed
An early morning fire at KFC's Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain branch has caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage to the restaurant.

Zoo's plea after drone flown in giraffe enclosure
Checks with police sources showed that just like Piarco International Airport, the Pt Lisas Industrial Estate and several other locations in the country, Port of Spain is legally a no-fly zone (NFZ) so that a person flying within the city – if not granted permission – is doing so against the law.

Brother Resistance's lifelong message: Stand firm for your culture
A lot can be learned of Brother Resistance by tracing his names. Born in 1954, Roy Lewis took the name of Resistance when he performed as a DJ at Queen's Royal College (QRC) events. As he became even more culturally conscious, he became known as Brother Resistance and also took the African name of Lutalo Makossa Masimba.

PM: Cherish icons while they are alive
THE Prime Minister has acknowledged the passing and contribution the late Brother Resistance (Lutalo Masimba) has made to the cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.

The sinking houses of Cashew Gardens
According to residents, an incomplete drain on the Edinburgh Road which runs at the back of the houses on Soursop Avenue, is believed the cause of the problem, as for years, water has been seeping into the porous earth causing it to become unstable.

Fossils and the petroleum industry of Trinidad and Tobago
A fact that many do not know, is that Trinidad was the global centre for work in micropaleontology (studying microscopic fossils) from the 1940s to 1960s. Unfortunately, as much of the industry became nationalised in the 1970s, research in micropaleontology came to a halt in TT. Over the last 100 years more than 100,000 foraminiferal samples have been analysed in TT.

Social distancing, masks up at doubles stands, restaurants
It's the first day that street food is able to return for curbside, delivery and takeaway services since being closed in late April due to the spread of COVID-19 in Trinidad and Tobago.

Food sector resumes with tighter health protocols

Hairdresser found dead in partially burnt car
The woman has been identified as Sherry Ann Joseph-Jemmott, 42, of Welcome Road in Cunupia.

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