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NGC's $250M debacle
Posted: Saturday, July 17, 2021

NGC's $250M debacle
The NGC which essentially buys gas from the upstream producers and then sells it to companies in the petrochemical sector has very little supply of its own and still, it decided to risk an estimated quarter-billion dollars in doing a turn-around of the plant and on keeping Train 1 in a state of readiness to operate with no guarantee that it could find the gas to support its eventual return to operation.

BPTT's Cassia C platform arrives from Mexico
"The Cassia compression project is important to our business in Trinidad and plays a key part in our gas supply contract commitments," the official said. Cassia C is the 16th bpTT offshore installation and first offshore compression facility. The project enables us to access low pressure gas resources from over 30 wells across seven fields in the Cassia hub and is forecast to start up in 2022.

All set for border reopening today, first flight arrives from Guyana

Duke: PM 'grooming' Trinidad and Tobago for compulsory vaccination

Stakeholders to PM on mandatory vaccination: You are no one-man show
"This is a democratic state and changing constitutional law that will infringe on the human rights of people, is not a decision left in your hands."

Non-nationals among 100s taking covid19 vaccine Friday: 'We want to work too'
Non-nationals were among the hundreds of workers from the food and beverage sector lined up for covid19 vaccines at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA) in San Fernando on Friday.

Son heartbroken after losing mother due to vaccine-hesitant caregiver
An 81-year-old woman afflicted with Alzheimer's, has lost her battle against COVID-19, less than a week after her diagnosis. Relatives believe she contracted the virus allegedly from a vaccine-hesitant nurse.

COVID-19 deaths rise to 982 with 13 more fatalities
The patients were six elderly males, five elderly females and one middle-aged with comorbidities, as well as one middle-aged male without comorbidities. Fatalities have therefore climbed to 982.

San Fernando mayor relents: Food vendors back in business from Monday

Kamla: Will new Austal vessels be decorations?

Trinidad and Tobago to partner with Austal in ship-maintenance company
Dr Rowley said the country can only get the best use of its vessels if there is a programme to allow its engineers to do regular maintenance when it is due.

TUCO appoints acting president following passing of Brother Resistance
The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) has appointed Ainsley King as acting president following the passing of Lutalo "Brother Resistance" Masimba.

700 Venezuelans to return home by ferry on Saturday
Officials from the Venezuelan embassy in Port of Spain told Newsday on Friday the trip will be made on a commercial ferry that covers internal routes in Venezuela. The ferry belongs to the Paraguanį company. This will be the first time it has made an international trip.

Tunapuna resident: Gang leader wanted to recruit teen murder victim
There are suspicions that the murder of 41-year-old Dawn Teshera McKenna, her son Jordan McKenna, 19 and family friend Jeremiah Assing, 18, may have been related to attempts to recruit the younger McKenna into a life of crime.

Tunapuna villagers move out after Wednesday murders
A relative said the criminals in the area were children and urged parents to play a more proactive role in their children's lives and steer them away from crime. "It's little children having these kinds of guns, little fellas doing this kind of thing.

Murder victim's mother: He would still have been alive in Jamaica
Jones, 28, was shot dead near his home at Aboud Circular, St James, on Wednesday afternoon when he asked a man to stop firing a gun in the air near the house. He was the ninth person killed on Wednesday.

Four-year-old boy killed in road accident on Beetham Highway
According to reports, the accident occurred at Light Pole #112 Beetham Highway, when a Gasparillo man was driving his Suzuki Vitara along the eastbound carriageway of the Beetham Highway and struck three people - Debbie Joseph, Kellen Thompson, 6, and Kevin Thompson, 4, as they were attempting to cross the highway.

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