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TT would have been in trouble if not for Sinopharm
Posted: Friday, July 16, 2021

PM: TT would have been in trouble if not for Sinopharm
"Up to today we have not received that 20 per cent from Covax. Fortunately for us, Sinopharm did get World Health Organisation (WHO) approval (and) we were able to get in large quantities. If you remove Sinopharm, you would see what trouble we were in..."

T&T signs confidentiality agreement with US on vaccines
The Covax facility is a not-for-profit system that includes some 184 countries investing as a unit to obtain vaccines in bulk. "The Covax price is not $15, I think we are using $5 and that could be one of the reasons why the Covax is not being adequately supplied or replenished, because of that arrangement was upfront before the vaccines were approved and the price was set," Rowley said.

T&T's registers negative US$439M foreign direct investment; worst in Caribbean
Almost US$70 billion flowed into the Caribbean region in 2020 as foreign direct investment, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating toll it has taken on most regional economies. The amount was at least $8 billion more than 2019.

Food service industry workers turn out for vaccines by the 100s Thursday
IN time for the reopening of restaurants and fast food outlets, hundreds showed up at the Paddock, Queen's Park Savannah on Thursday for their first dose of the Sinopharm covid19 vaccine.

Experts: Mario's vaccination policy is reasonable
"It's a workplace instruction, which is different to the terms and conditions of employment, which talks about the responsibilities and obligations of the parties, for the continuance of the contract. However, workplace instructions are a management prerogative that talk about how the job is done."

Gov't: SVG PM wrong about Delta variant's presence in T&T

Middle-aged man without comorbidities among 6 new COVID-19 fatalities
192 new infections confirmed

Catching flights? Walk with relevant documents during curfew hours

San Fernando mayor delays restart to Cross Crossing vending: 'You would not die in two weeks'

El Pecos to open on Monday as restaurant
Given the lack of information about the operation of El Pecos as a market, she said: "On Monday we will open as a restaurant only as will all food outlets. We must wait for our conditions as a market to clear up in order to continue moving forward."

Ministry: Elder abuse reports in 2021 overtake 2020 statistics
She said data from the Division of Aging in Trinidad and Tobago Older Persons Information Centre showed there had been 174 reported cases of elder abuse for the first five months of the year, compared to 153 cases in the previous period.

Help comes to struggling family of four
The resilience of mother of four Crystal Dick and her husband Rajesh Cyril has touched the hearts of many as they struggle to survive during the pandemic.

Trinis willing to pay big bucks for adult parties
"There has been an increase in sex parties because every man-jack now could host a party because of the amount of young women looking for a job," Ramnanan said.

Body found in Princes Town grave identified as missing man
Police named the victim as Steve Hyacinth, 39, who lived at Woodpecker Lane, Pleasantville, and Laltoo Trace, Penal. He also had a third address in Ste Madeleine.

Relatives of victims condemn killings: Monster behaviour
He said despite repeated pleas for his son to avoid trouble he did not take heed. He also said he knew there was some tension between his son and some men in the area, but did not expect it to take such a violent turn and described the killings as monstrous.

Uncles held for sexual assault of nieces
Two men, ages 41 and 43, appeared before a San Fernando and Siparia Magistrate yesterday charged with sexually touching and penetrating their three nieces.

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