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19 COVID deaths
Posted: Saturday, June 5, 2021

19 COVID deaths, 529 new cases
The Ministry of Health has recorded 19 additional COVID related deaths, this brings the total number of deaths to 556. There are currently 428 patients in the hospital.

Govt continues aggressive pursuit of vaccines

Love for COVID-stricken sister costs woman her life
After being hospitalised for two weeks, Hema, 36, of Princes Town, died at the Augustus Long Hospital in Point-a-Pierre on Thursday.

No ease-up for EMTs, ambulance services
As the COVID-19 infection rate continues to soar, the national ambulance service remains burdened with emergency calls, averaging 200 per day.

Tobago ramps up Covid testing, as case numbers mount
"So, many people who come with symptoms, because they're not deemed urgent enough their samples are sent to Trinidad and it takes a bit of time for us to get the results back. Of course that time translates into more exposure to their families, more exposure to the public."

Tobagonians urged to report Covid-positive rule breakers
She said while the goal is to vaccinate all in a mass way, they're also seeing people who are only coming forward after their condition has been advanced, which is of course even a greater risk of death.

Teelucksingh: High infection rates could signify transmissible variant
Claiming that people continued to maintain close contact in settings such as banks, groceries, pharmacies and utility companies as they access these essential services, Teelucksingh said, "This is where the virus is indoor settings where close contact is still very much present."

10,000 CEPEP workers salaries slashed by 33%
Failure to protect the most needy shows lack of the social justice promised to citizens in our Constitution of TT," as many of the workers will now be on the breadline.

KFC workers say they have lost $150 stipend, offered loans
What little hope they had that they would make it through the pandemic has been dashed, staff said.

Central Bank completing switch from paper to polymer

Businessmen: Bad timing for money changeover plan

Passengers rate Buccoo Reef 'A-class' after maiden voyage
The US$73.5 million boat replaces the TT Spirit, which is expected to undergo routine maintenance from June 5 at the Caribbean Dockyard, Chaguaramas.

Rainfall causes flooding, property damage across the country on Friday

Floods strand homeowners in Palo Seco after night of rain

Man charged with murder of Torrance Mohammed
According to reports, Torrance Mohammed, of Tarouba Road, Marabella, was visiting a friend in Mon Repos on Monday 24th May 2021, when he was assaulted by a man who robbed him of a cellular phone and a gold chain. The assailant then pushed Mohammed onto the ground causing him to sustain broken ribs and injuries to his back and spine. The man then escaped on foot.

Father of murdered maxi driver: People dying over small money
As joblessness continues, he said, there may be more killings, and he was fearful for his own life as criminals become more desperate.

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