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Conversation with Keith

By Raffique Shah
February 13, 2011

Raffique ShahHE sits on what appears to be a rock hewn from the long-abandoned Laventille quarry (so it seems, anyway, memories of that piece of the Hill’s history now distant), floating somewhere in the sky, shock on his face as he recognises my features. Without query over what I was doing “there” (wherever “there” may be) or greeting me (as was his wont), he booms: Raffique, yuh read where a reporter from my paper—yes, my paper!—wrote that my remains were to be “interred” at the Crematorium? What a thing! What dey interred…mih ashes? Heh heh. By the way, what you doing here? Don’t tell me….
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Keith Smith has died

Keith Smith receives the Hummingbird Medal
Keith Edmund Bernard Smith receives the Hummingbird Medal (Silver)
from the President of T&T Professor Emeritus George Maxwell Richards
for his role in Journalism at the 2009 Independence Awards

Veteran journalist Keith Smith has passed away. He lost his battle with cancer at 3.05 this morning.

Smith’s career as a journalist spanned more than four decades. The Keith Smith Column, in the Express, widened his audience, making him a household name.
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On Afro-Saxons and Trinbagonianism

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
January 12, 2011

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeI regret I was not in Trinidad to share in the national grief when Sir Ellis Clarke died. My visit to Ghana over the past two weeks prevented me from attending his funeral. Michael Harris described Sir Ellis and those of similar ilk as Afro-Saxons. I disagree with such a characterization since it neither captures the essence of those gallant men and their contribution to our society nor does it tell us much about their location within the national landscape. Even in our grief we should resist a tendency to mischaracterize our patriots and set up false notions of who they were or what they ought to be.
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On the death of Ramcharitar “Bull” Lalchan – OWTU stalwart

Ramcharitar LalchanLife can be strange sometimes. Last Sunday, while searching through a memory stick, I bounced-up upon some photos of Bull. I had taken them during an interview done with him in 2008. His eyes were as clear and as bright as ever. Everybody talks about his trademark beard, but his eyes were bright. Monday evening, I am driving down the highway and Comrade Gerry calls. As we say in Trinidad in our understated way, he told me “Bull gone through…”

We all know Bull the fighter. But I want to share a reminisce starting with my knowledge of him as a little boy right through to knowing him as a fighter for workers in Trinidad and Tobago. As little children he was part of the community of elders, in the sense of adults. Pointe-a-Pierre residential consisted of Hill, the two lanes, Poui and Railway avenue and later on Plaisance Park. Beaumont Hill was 10 minutes walk from Plaisance Park. You had to pass the lanes/avenues to get there and Auckington was the main playing ground.
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Tribute to Professor Dennis Pantin

By Norman Girvan
July 14, 2010

Professor Dennis PantinIt is with great sadness, and a sense of tremendous loss, that the Caribbean economics fraternity has learnt of the passing of Professor Dennis Pantin, former chair of the Economics Department and Coordinator of the Sustainable Economic Development Unit at the UWI, St Augustine.
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Ministers Must Show Decorum

By Raffique Shah
July 04, 2010

Attorney General Anand RamloganBREAK, as a boxing referee would say. Last week I sought to re-open some old wounds that have returned to haunt us—to wit, the tragedy and gross injustice of the Bhopal disaster of 1984. Oftentimes we become so absorbed with our immediate problems, we ignore the plight of people less fortunate than we. In their trauma lie many lessons for us, not the least of which is a sense of justice.
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‘Desi’ Allum: patriarch and patriot

Desmond Allum
Desmond Allum
By Raffique Shah
June 20, 2010

MY mother takes a seat in the limited space available in court. It is early June, 1970, and the preliminary inquiry into the charge of treason gets underway. She looks at her 24-year-old son sitting in the dock alongside 60-odd soldiers. A stern-looking Magistrate Roopchandsingh sits on the Bench, and Attorney General Karl Hudson-Phillips leads a formidable, impressive-looking prosecution team. Like other parents and families of the accused, she is nervous, worried.
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George Daniel passes on

By Nalinee Seelal
April 08, 2010 –

George DanielChairman of the Local Chapter of Disabled People International, (DPI), George Daniel succumbed to an unknown illness yesterday morning at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Daniel, 45, of Santa Cruz, was reportedly ailing for some time. However, details were not divulged.
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