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Hold parents responsible

By Sean Douglas
October 22, 2010 –

ViolenceTHE Rape Crisis Society yesterday called on Government to pass laws to hold parents responsible for sexual offences done by their children. “Some of the perpetrators of these heinous sexual assaults are teenagers and thus are not liable for prosecution.”

The Society wrote to media houses to support the Evidence (Amendment) Bill 2010, under debate in the Senate, which makes it easier for victims of sexual abuse to testify in law-courts.
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“Moral” Police, Allyuh Eh Have Nothing To Do?

Trinidad and Tobago's Latoya Woods
Trinidad and Tobago's Latoya Woods poses topless for an official photo shoot for the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas
By Corey Gilkes
August 15, 2010

Ok, so I see now it have bacchanal brewing over the Miss TnT/Universe delegate and some picture she take in which she topless. And some people all up in arms over it.
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The Myth of Exclusive Monogamous Morality (Part II)

By Corey Gilkes
June 17, 2010 –

Bride and groom join hands at a Hindu weddingThis is the second instalment of my attempt to address the oft-asked question as to why people, especially (mainly) men “cheat” or seem unable to “commit” to our spouses/partners. The short answer is of course because we can; we made the rules – for us – and because there is very little about monogamy that is natural or moral anyway. The longer version of this answer – the one I hope people read – should hopefully shed some light on the complexities of human sexuality and the diverse streams that went into the moral ideas we hold today.
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Swaratsingh Still a Priest

Kennedy Swaratsingh
Kennedy Swaratsingh
By Andre Bagoo
Friday, May 21 2010 –

ROMAN CATHOLIC Archbishop Edward Gilbert yesterday said Kennedy Swaratsingh, the PNM candidate for St Joseph in Monday’s General Election, is still a priest of the RC Church. It was widely thought that Swaratsingh was an ex-priest since he entered public life three years ago.

In an interview with Newsday, the head of the local Catholic Church further revealed that Swaratsingh was suspended under Church law after he got married in a civil ceremony.
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On the Tiger Woods “Affair” and the Myth of Exclusive Monogamous Morality (Part I)

Illustration by and not the author

By Corey Gilkes
April 15, 2010 –

Part II

Over the last few months one of the main stories in the news was an incident involving golfing legend Tiger Woods, his wife and another woman with whom Woods had a secret relationship (well, secret until the mark buss, as we say in Trinidadian parlance). As more and more of the story unfolded, it was revealed that Woods had been engaging in sexual dalliances with not only that woman, but quite a number of other women, some apparently romantic, others were simply sexual. This latest “scandal” comes on the heels of a long line of cases involving high profile men including other sporting personalities, politicians, presidential candidates like John Edwards, former presidents (who today can forget Clinton/Lewinsky?) going back to John F Kennedy, his brother Robert, Dwight D Eisenhower, Franklin D Roosevelt and even their predecessors.
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