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Ten-year-old Tecia Henry found dead Reporters
June 17, 2009 – Updated: 12:15 PM

Tecia HenryTen-year-old Tecia Henry, who was missing for four days, has been found dead and buried in a shallow grave beneath a house in Plaisance Terrace, Laventille. The body was discovered by a C.E.P.E.P. crew around 8:30 this morning.

The partially decomposed body was found semi-nude and it is suspected that strangulation had a part to play in her death.

A short while after the body’s discovery, residents of the community gathered and some attempted to take their anger out on a community leader who they felt should have known something about the disappearance and murder of the child. Police fired shots in the air to disperse the crowd.
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Schoolgirl, 14, hacked to death

PH’ driver drinks poison

By Radhica Sookraj
Wednesday, March 18 2009

Domestic ViolenceFor 27 years, Churaman Ramsaroop showed no signs of being a violent person. But on Monday afternoon, Ramsaroop chopped 14-year-old Zoreen Ansara Mohammed to death, after tying her up with shoe laces, slicing her with a knife and bludgeoning her with a blunt object on the head.
He then committed suicide.

The murder/suicide took place off Bancroft Trace, Freeport, on a deserted track about four miles from Ramsaroop’s home in Arena Village. Late yesterday, both Ramsaroop’s and Mohammed’s relatives were trying to find out what had caused the murder/suicide.
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Child labour in T&T…A well-kept secret?

By Cherisse Moe
March 2nd, 2009

Child labour in T&T…A well-kept secret?The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) defines child labour as work that exceeds a minimum number of hours, depending on the age of a child and on the type of work. Such work is considered harmful to the child and should therefore be eliminated. There remains no official statistics on the magnitude of child labour in T&T. However, rapid assessment studies conducted by the International Labour Organisation, (ILO), in 2002, uncovered some alarming facts.
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PNM councillor in court on sex charge

Councillor to appear in court for indecent assault

Terry RandonA People’s National Movement (PNM) official is expected to appear in the Sangre Grande Magistrates’ Court today charged with three counts of indecent assault.

The suspect, who had been detained by police at the Sangre Grande Police Station since Sunday, is alleged to have assaulted a female soldier assigned to the United States Air Force, during a tour of the Toco area on June 3.

The officer had reported the incident to the US Embassy, which later took the allegations to the Sangre Grande Police Station.
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Relieve rapists of their tongues

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, June 8th 2008

ViolenceWITH 27 years of writing columns under my belt-I once wrote two columns a week, but never scaled Keith Smith’s one-a-day heights-how well I recall sitting before a typewriter and pondering for hours: what topic shall I choose today? At this sordid point in our nation’s history, that question has reversed itself: what do I not write about? Which is a hell-of-a-dilemma: it’s a sign of the times we live in. So much to write about, so little space.
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Man, 54, charged with raping girl, 8

Teen arrested too

South Bureau
Tuesday, June 3rd 2008

ViolenceFifty-four-year-old Ricky Ali appeared in court yesterday, charged with the rape of an eight-year-old girl.

A neighbour, a 16-year-old schoolboy, was also charged with raping the girl on a separate date.

Both were refused bail when they appeared before Magistrate Ramraj Harripersad in the Mayaro Magistrates’ Court.
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Hope is Dead

By Rhondor Dowlat
Wednesday, May 28 2008

Hope is DeadEIGHT-YEAR-OLD Hope Arismandez is dead.

The little girl’s battered and bruised body was found in a canefield in the village of Petersfield, on the outskirts of Felicity, late last evening.

Hope was raped, buggered and stabbed to death. Her semi-nude body was left on a dirt road in the canefield, which runs parallel to Pierre Road, Charlieville.

Homicide detectives disclosed that there was a stab-wound to the anus and a knife was recovered from the canefield.
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Woman 21 charged for raping boy 17

$80,000 bail for woman charged with having sex with teen boy

By Nikita Braxton
Tuesday, May 6th 2008

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

ViolenceA woman, charged with having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old boy without his consent, was yesterday granted $80,000 bail and ordered to stay 100 feet away from the young man.

Reshmi Dipnarine, 21, of Calcutta Settlement, Freeport, appeared before Magistrate Melvin Daniel in the San Fernando Second Court charged with two counts of the offence, which allegedly occurred at Teak Avenue, Claxton Bay, on March 30 and April 4, 2008.
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