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Point of No Return on Political Union

By Stephen Kangal
September 24, 2008

CaribbeanReasonable citizens and commentators are fast coming to the conclusion that PM Manning has pre-empted the yet-to-determined verdict of the people of T&T. He has now taken T&T, at enormous public expense, diplomatic hype and great bravado beyond the political point of no return on his proposed union with at least three other Caricom States. He justifies this cart-before-the -horse modus operandi on the basis that a private club of which he is the jefe, that is to say the PNM, some fifty two years ago invoked political integration as one of its bye-laws.
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Mining the Mind of Manning

By Stephen Kangal
September 17, 2008

PM Patrick ManningIn the face of the unforgivable, non-public disclosure of the text of the August 14 MOU as well as the disrespectful-to-the- people silence on the obligation to outline the compelling economic, political and trade considerations that underpin and drive the urgency of PM Manning’s proposed political union with three OECS countries there has arisen, quite understandably a range of informed speculation on what really motivates the mind of Manning. Many believe that personal (hubris) and subjective (legacy) considerations dominate, determine and drive his political union initiative.
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Manning’s Political Integration Lacks Credibility

By Stephen Kangal
September 03, 2008

CaribbeanSeveral reasons can be advanced to support the incremental view that Manning’s latest political incarnation totally lacks any semblance of credibility. Readers will recall that in 2004 Manning floated a similar plan to achieve political union with St. Vincent and Grenada by 2007. That plan never saw the light of day.
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Regional Integration

‘It’s a coalition of the willing’

By Andre Bagoo
Thursday, August 28 2008

PM Patrick ManningPRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday defended his moves to form a regional political union calling it “a coalition of the willing” and saying the current mechanisms of Caricom “are too slow” to achieve the urgent goal of regional integration.

In a move that will deepen concerns over the proposed political union between this country, Grenada, St Vincent and St Lucia and its relationship with Caricom, Manning told reporters that the existing mechanisms in Caricom would not allow economic integration to take place at the required pace given worldwide developments which threaten the future prosperity of the region.
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T&T Must Expedite Maritime Border With Grenada

By Stephen Kangal
August 27, 2008

Trinidad and TobagoT&T has a tradition in being tardy in establishing maritime boundaries with its neighbours until it was unilaterally hauled before a compulsory UN Arbitral Tribunal by Barbados, spent millions of pounds in the costly litigation and an unfair and punitive boundary was imposed on us. It took us seventeen years to conclude the 1990 Treaty with Venezuela and we have been in discussions on the subject with Barbados since 1989.
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Caribbean athletes make us proud

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, August 24th 2008

Usain BoltTHE Beijing Olympics are coming to a close as I write on Friday morning. Having just savoured the world-record-breaking run of Team Jamaica (4 x 100M in 37.10 seconds) and seen the Trinidad and Tobago quartet win silver, I ask myself: what more can any ardent sports fan ask for? Oh, I felt for the Jamaican women’s relay team as the bane of baton-passing struck them out of sure-gold. I didn’t feel as hurt for the USA’s men’s and women’s teams that suffered a similar fate yesterday. I write that off to the braggadocio that has become the trademark of the Americans-until now.
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One Caribbean, one love

By Raffique Shah
March 02, 2008

PeopleONE week spent in Jamaica is far too little time to assess the state of the country or to enjoy its many scenic and special attractions. Most of the latter are way up the mountains or beyond, on its tourist-oriented north coast. Kingston itself is a city of stark contrasts. Like most of its sister cities in the region, it has enclaves that exude wealth-colonial bungalows set on over-sized, manicured plots, with newer, impressive mansions perched on hillsides surrounding the city.
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Fixing Our Relations with Barbados First

By Stephen Kangal
February 19, 2008

Patrick ManningIn the build up to Wednesday’s meeting with newly elected PM Thompson of Barbados, PM Manning must be briefed comprehensively and clinically on the problems and issues that contributed to the deterioration of T&T/Barbados bilateral relations during the regime of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur. He must work assiduously to pre-empt similar mistakes from recurring during the Thompson watch and to frame the development of our future relations in a mutually beneficial manner.
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Arthur’s Legacy on T&T/Barbados Relations

By Stephen Kangal
February 14, 2008

Owen ArthurThe damaging legacy bequeathed by the Barbados Labour Party’s dethroned Ex-Prime Minister, Mr. Owen Arthur in contributing to the turbulence that marred and blemished T&T/Barbados relations for the fourteen years of his Prime Ministership must not be allowed to accompany him unnoticed and unrecorded as he rides into the political sunset of Barbados. He personified the traditional “Baje” who is always one -step ahead of the unsuspecting and accommodating Trini.
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Hurricane Dean News Update

UPDATE: August 20, 2007 – 8:35 AM

Hurricane Dean

Hurricane Dean lashes Jamaica
KINGSTON, JAMAICA: Hurricane Dean pummelled Jamaica with gusting winds and torrential rains yesterday after the prime minister made a last minute plea for residents to abandon their homes and head for shelter. Many residents ignored the call, however, while tourists holed up in resorts with hurricane-proof walls.

Hurricane Dean Heads to Yucatan After Hitting Jamaica
The Cayman Islands may be spared Hurricane Dean’s 150 mile-per-hour winds as the storm heads toward Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula after battering Jamaica.

Jamaica devastated by Hurricane Dean
Residents in Jamaica were today faced with the devastation caused by Hurricane Dean.

Dean batters Jamaica but worst ‘still to come
Jamaica received a severe battering from the first hurricane of the Atlantic season but appeared to have escaped the worst after Hurricane Dean whipped past the island’s southern coast overnight.
The storm hit Kingston, the Jamaican capital, with winds of up to 150mph, downing power lines, ripping off roofs and blocking roads with debris before spiralling off into the Caribbean in the early hours.
But the only casualty appeared to be a man reported missing after falling trees crushed his house and there were no reports of any injury to the thousands of foreign holidaymakers on the island.

Caymans brace as Hurricane Dean nears

Hurricane Dean plows into Jamaica
Hurricane DEAN pummelled Jamaica with gusting winds and torrential rains yesterday, after Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller made a last-minute plea for residents to abandon their homes and head for shelter…

Trinidad and Tobago Govt pledges to help
As Hurricane Dean crashed into Jamaica yesterday, Trinidadians living in that country were bracing for the worst while Government assured that a helping hand would be extended to the Caribbean neighbour.
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