Speaker: Astronomical Murders are a Routine Matter of State

By Stephen Kangal
February 04, 2017

Stephen KangalAfter two presiding officers of the The Parliament had twice previously turned down Opposition -introduced adjournment motions classifying the current crime pandemic holding all T&T to ransom and under siege as a definite and urgent matter (DMUPI) that has evoked widespread and enormous public concern and exponentially increasing outcry, it was devastating and politically incorrect to hear The Honourable Speaker of the House, Mrs Brigid Annisette-George once again, on Friday , without convincing but artificial rhyme or reason, deny an urgent motion on the current murder rate moved by the MP for Pointe-a-Pierre, Dr. David Lee.

The fact that there is a private motion on this subject due for debate in some two months does not invalidate nor negate the prevailing urgency of addressing the crime pandemic in the highest forum of the land. Is the House telegraphing to all of us that it cannot allocate 60 minutes of its time to focus on the unprecedented inhumane carnage that has reduced T&T to a killing field?

How insensitive is the House to the ubiquitous grief, trauma and agony being borne and suffered by parents, loved ones and all T&T from so many young lives in their prime being prematurely snuffed out! The Parliament cannot accord even a cosmetic signal and indication of its empathy and concern by including the issue of the 58 murders committed so far in 34 days in its Agenda via a 60-minute DMUPI Motion.

But FATCA that is exclusively the business of the US can commandeer months of Parliamentary time while the loss of so many precious lives of the young and promising, according to the reasoning of the Speaker, does not qualify to be regarded as definite, urgent and of widespread public importance even though the front pages of the three dailies and the prime news of the three television channels are daily and incrementally littered and emblazoned with corpses, bloodshed and omnipresent undertakers.

The hat-trick denial of motions (DMUPI) on the crime pandemic by The Two Presiding Officers of Parliament is a blatant miscarriage of justice and arbitrary exercise of exclusive powers over the business of Parliament.

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  1. Take it easy Stephen… I have come to the conclusion that, everything has a reason. It may be all part of a ‘Keeping T&T from Exploding’ strategy. Somethings are better not brought up in that ‘fragile’ society;…

    Anyway, this article brought me to that conclusion Stephen…

    *The murder of a doubles vendor …WHO WANTED RAMESH DEAD?

    The picture is clearer today. Ramesh Jacob was not a victim of a robbery. He was the victim of a hit. But why? Was his killing as a result of his doubles business? Was it because of his business as the owner of Raj Wrecking Service? Was it because he was very friendly and helpful to people in the Barrackpore community? Or was it because of jealousy? Was it because of his role as a State witness against six police officers charged with murdering three people in Moruga?…..

    She added, “My husband only had time to put out two coolers when two of them pull up in a car, the driver and a fellar in the back seat. The car was dark, dark, dark. The fellar in the back seat jump out and this little Indian fellar, he could be my son, he shoot my husband. Oh God, this little Indian fellar let me down. I should not be an Indian again.”*


    I don’t know why we have not seen that ‘reported’ video of the slaying of Moruga 3?

    I guess it’s all about keeping the State Safe…

    1. Hey,what do we know folks,but Mi hermano RamK ,is getting warm,& just might be on to something here,isn’t he?
      Put differently-Sometimes ,’there is more in de Motar ,than just the Pestle,’as we like to say on de streets.
      These stupid ,fake narratives ,as often regurgitated ,by some fans ,phony intellectuals,pseudo journalists ,and well paid ,online media comedians, of opaque ,Victimized Indo trini citizens,at the hands of dem more savage, Afro Trinis,& their corrupt police , are all getting quite stale,if you ask me.
      Here is de deal people:-Indo Trinis,just like their Afro ,Syrian,Chino,Jewish,Euro,Latino & all these other hypernated Trini citizens , are responsible ,for the precarious crimes situation ,in this country.
      It will therefore require all hands on deck ,to first ,honestly appraise the situation, then secondly ,seek ways to set things right.
      You want to rip off/double cross people,& naively believe you’ll get away,because you brought a home in less volatile Tobago,or rather , because you have 10 pitbulls,along with hundreds of underpaid ,undocumented ,illegal alien immigrant Jamaicans / Guyanese /West African security guards -as protection- for you and fam ,in your 20 room,electronic fence mansion?
      Ain’t happening.
      You want to bring in containers, laden with drugs ,& chicken , but only claim the chicken as yours -while hiding behing the smelly peticoat/ baggy sliders ,of your Political benefactors in /out of power.
      Don’t worry ,for there is a price to pay too.
      Your business container is laden with illegal currencies,& legitimate products,but you only wish to admit that the latter is yours.
      Don’t worry,your time is comming too. So that uentionable anti Fraud -Financial Forensic , all talk but do nada ,Kamla political appointee bozo , can sit on her rear end ,& blame everyone for not solving her sister,Dana Setahal murder quick enough,but we know why T&T ,is now percieved as a crime den .
      White color banditry is the norm,& surprise,surprise ,so is violent , Blue color criminality.
      You marry a woman ,who is a supermarket hieress,then proceeded to date her underage daughter -your stepdaughter -in almost exact ,Woody Allen/Mia Farrow fashion.
      A group of illiterate ,high school drop out, mental degenerate criminals ,were encouraged to kidnap her,which they did right in front of your eyes,as you in turn ,did nada to help.
      Realizing that the heat was on/your weenee waa stuck in a zipper ,you then attempted to bribe DPP officials ,to prevent them from charging you as an accomplice,then went on to the Courts,& cried crocodile tears ,on how you loved your late wife ,Mrs Gopaul. Yeah right,Mr Xtra foods.

      98% , or perhaps more ,of the murders that are committed in T&T,are done with illegal guns brought into the country ,via our customs /immigration entry points subpar stewardship.
      Don’t only pontificate about Police corruption,do a purge of those 2 areas ,I just mentioned,for the proliferation of drugs,weapons,& deaperate illegal elements, emanated via the actions of greedy business weasels,cuddled by corrupt ,selectively outraged politicians.
      Am I right ,or am I right people? Need I say more to Rammy de ram goat lover ,of Rangerover/Prisongate fame,& his former misguided PM, who scrapped the OVP border patrol ship deal ,for their now obvious -own ,nefarious reasons?
      Your destructive ,morally repugnant ,neo tribal politicians ,in their quest to benefit from criminality ,has politicize our Police service ,via Commissioner appointments,adinistrative micro management, systematic,quetionable,foolhardy purges ,in favor of tribal minnions ,while symultaneously, flooding same,with thousands of border line criminals,called SRPs,yet act surprise today ,such has a negative impact on overall moral,& the Service brand. Go figure!
      Basdeo Panday tried to change the rules,so as to let ex Police Commissioner ,Noor Kenny Mohammed, remain in his post,’me think,’ until he was 70.
      Let’s just say,I knew Kenny Mohammed ,since he was an insignificant ASP ,& also know fully well,why Hindustani Chieftan Basdeo, would adore him.
      2 seconds into her job as PM, Kamla forced out DCP Philbert,and 80% of his experience crew.

      We all know that both Smart,& Paul ,were two yellow belly/spineless creatures,who helped overseer ,the down grade of the Police Service,butlet’s ignore that for a bit.
      She Kamla, then forced in a White Canadian ,named Richard,then tried to manipulate him,but ge invturn , ran off like a bandit with tqxpayers dollars ,after giving her ,& QueenMaker ,Jack-FIFA- Warner ,the middle finger.
      The audacity of these political clowns ,to introduce a State od Emergency,without first, informing their Commissioner of Police-waiting until the man was out of the country ,on some conference.
      She then allowed his replacement Uncle Willow ,to act for all 5 years ,witout confirmation,hoping he would pack up and leave in disgust.
      Hey Kamla , de man went to the same law school as you did ,& knows his rights.
      Yeah T&T,the chicken has come home to roost,hmmmmm? You want to end crime?
      Well ,the solutions are obvious.
      Well done RamK.
      Stay vigilant T&T!

  2. Crime is everywhere, where I live robberies is a weekly/daily occurrence. The difference is the police response. They are on the spot within minutes and they catch the criminals. This is important because small crimes lead to larger crimes. Catching them early helps to break the cycle of criminality.

    The problem with crime is policing, plain and simple. When Ria was kidnapped, Viper One hit the air 2 hours later. There was no urgency to stop the criminals. In the case of Nadia, the family went to Quarry village making inquiries and her body was found by some hunters. Why didn’t the police quickly follow the lead that was there when everyone knew of the man in whose company she was in. Then there was the case of man missing and found in Blanchisse forest. He had his cell phone and with tracking devices today they could have pin point his location, instead he was found by hikers.

    The police only act in haste when it is one of them or someone close to them. A police woman was raped by a ph driver, the next day the man was caught. So many young girls have disappeared and no one is being caught. Their bodies either show up dead or never seen again. Then the elderly have become victims of deadly attacks.

    To fight against crime by TnT police have to come into the 21st century. The police website has be change or another website setup up that profiles criminals and give the public information. This is the 21st century with mass media and mass communications.

    Today a thriving business is “hitmen”, they abound, you can hire a hitman for a few thousand dollars. They sometimes come around looking for “work”. Disputes are settled by the barrel of a gun.

    The police have to do their job in an efficient manner and the crooked ones dismissed immediately. That is the only way to bring crime under control.

    …Spends over US$1,000 per capita in region with little bang for $b bucks

    1. Definitely no returns on this investment. Then the dialogue on the culture of policing has been exhausted to no end. What was the criteria the last government used to call a SoE and should one be called now

  4. I am in favour of a totally decentralized, more accountable police force. Here are my thoughts.
    (1) 2 police commissioners, one for northern division and another for southern division. In case you are wondering all major cities have police commissioners. And suburban areas have their own police commissioners. This would aid in a more efficient policing system because the commissioners will have more time to work with the police stations under their jurisdictions. To ensure accountability.
    (2) 2 police complaints authority to deal with police attitude, response time, people complaints, disciplining of officers. For a population of 1.3 million, it is absolutely necessary to weed out the crooked officers. South is quickly descending into the abyss with certain officers involve in human trafficking, they are a law unto themselves. The public must regain the trust of police department. That can only happen when they are dealt with…
    (3) A DNA lab in central Trinidad along with a DNA database. All criminals once convicted must give a DNA sample. Those tied to a crime must submit to a DNA test by court order. Once the evidence do not connect that DNA sample is erase. If it does then it enters the database. The use of this lab comes under the jurisdiction of the Special investigations Unit which is set up under parliamentary law to work with the various divisions.
    (4) The setting up of a police website controlled by the S.I.U. that will profile criminals, provide information including video evidence of crimes being committed.
    (5) Prisoners must be given the opportunity of “plea bargaining” so as to speed up case backlogs or go to trial if they choose to do so.
    (6)term of office for the Chief Justice for 4 Years, term of office for the DPP for 4 years, term of office for the judges in the industrial court for 4 years. The appointment of these office holders to be based on support from the judiciary and strick public scrutiny by a joint select committee. Of course term can be extended for an additional 4 years based on performance reviews.
    (7)Consideration for two ombudsman to deal with citizens who feel they were not treated fairly by the policing system.

  5. Mambo, if you want to post your so-called opinion, go on Times of India and say something about Hindu child rape.

  6. “How insensitive is the House to the ubiquitous grief, trauma and agony being borne and suffered by parents, loved ones and all T&T from so many young lives in their prime being prematurely snuffed out! The Parliament cannot accord even a cosmetic signal and indication of its empathy and concern by including the issue of the 58 murders committed so far in 34 days in its Agenda via a 60-minute DMUPI Motion.”…..Stephen Kangal

    How condescending an argument, to complain that the Speaker did not allow ‘D Opposition’ to discuss crime. At the outset, I can imagine a million reasons to support the Speaker in not allowing showmanship to upstage the real fight against crime. Crime is NOT an issue where those who speak most about it win the affection of the people. Kamla and her gang had five years and three months to address and find a solution to the scourge of crime. A case can be made to show that what she actually did was to facilitate the means to encouraging it instead. Let us start with one of her first act: 1) She fired, yes fired,
    the foremost intelligence specialist in the form of Col. Joseph and replaced him with the girlfriend of one of her UNC parliamentarian colleagues. She did not even have the experience to be considered incompetent; a total misfit for the job. 2) She disbanded the purchase of the OPVs which would have have been a deterrent to crime on the high seas before reaching our shores in Trinidad and Tobago. 3) She Interferred with the natural positioning of command management in the Defence Force and Police Services to ensure Indians are placed in positions of influence, instead of allowing the Services to Pursue their normal flow of command changes and replacement.

    The resources to challenge and combat crime were for there for the taking during her years of governance and she failed miserably. Dr. Rowley inherited a totally dysfunctional country and is expected to reform it to some degree of noramalty.
    That is a very hard task without the necessary income to support
    the money required to effect those changes. Crime is at the top of that list and speeches in parliament is not one of the required changes we want. We want a permanent Police Commissioner that Kamla fails to support. Governments do not fight crime, the POLICE do and you start with having someone very compitent as its head. Kamla will not do that unless she is sure the incoming Commissioner of Police is Indian. I am not sure that that is a constructive recipe for good crime fighting.

    The UNC Opposition need to act as responsible nationals of this country and act as patriots who care about this country first and not only the advancement of the Indian race first, then deal with what follows after. Kangal’s diatribe does not help either because he supports the same kind of race first attitude towards management of this country. The fight against crime is not just counting numbers. The numbers are indicators of the many ills of the social fabric of this society. If I were a young urban child growing up in this country, I would think that my future lies in how well I can wine my waist, rather than how well I can use my faculties towards building a better character of myself.
    I say this because the airwaves are filled with commercials that tells me where the next fete is. There is never a commercial that tells me how to take advantage of an opportunity. This kind of public behavior builds into the lack of motivation of the idle minds we are building. Crime does present an opportunity to some of these idle minds because it creates an opportunity to own a gun as the Opposition Leader suggests. We need objective sociologists to interpret the numbers behind the crime scourge and not Opposition politicians who hope they can capitalize on them.

    One more thing about the Opposition’s failure to be positive about FATCA. The government is placed in a position where it’s best chances are legislate passage the U.S. sponsored bill. Were the people of Trinidad and Tobago to reject that offer, we will end up paying 30% more on the U.S dollar. This will make the price of goods and services more costly than if we were to pass the FATCA bill. In this respect, Kamla and company are playing loosely with our future and only thinking about their own personal selves. They have a lot to hide at the expense of all of us and they don’t really care about country but is willing to have us believe that Rowley and company is being unfair to them by not allotting more time in committee. What that means is that whereas we are paying $6.75 for one U.S dollar, if Kamla fails to help pass the bill we can end up paying $8.78 for the same dollar. That is dangerous and we must hold her responsible.

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