Every Cook Can Govern

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
September 19, 2016

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeOn Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of this week, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival shall premier “Every Cook Can Govern: The Life, Impact & Works of C. L. R. James,” a film that was produced by Worldwrite, an English non-profit or charity organization. The producers describe this documentary as “The world’s first film on the life of a fearless and uncompromising revolutionary.” There is much truth in advertising here. “Every Cook Can Govern” is a well-crafted and informative film about one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most distinguished intellectuals and Marxist theoreticians.

Ceri Dingle, the director and major force behind this production, is an English woman of revolutionary stature. I have grown to know Ceri over the last five years. I can testify to her commitment to this project and the many years she has given to see her dream come true. The making of this film is further testimony to Ceri’s commitment to documenting the lives of revolutionary figures and her deep respect for James’s work.

“Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible,” was Ceri’s first foray into the making of documentary films. In 2011, she examined Sylvia Pankhurst’s life as a revolutionary and suffragette. Pankhurst, an Englishwoman, was imprisoned many times for her tireless campaigning for the rights of women’s suffrage.

Helen Pankhurst, granddaughter of Sylvia, said of the film: “Brilliant film—I’ve read and seen a lot about Sylvia—This ranks right up there! Many thanks for bringing my grandmother to life in this way.”

A similar observation can be made about “Every Cook Can Govern.” Through the use of archival materials and the perspicacious insights of knowledgeable scholars and erudite laypersons who worked with James, Ceri captures the vitality of James’s intellectual life.

I asked Ceri what made her interested in James. She explained she read The Black Jacobins, James seminal work, in her twenties and “was bowled over” by James’s acute understanding of the importance of always “taking people into his confidence and allowing them to speak their truths.”

James’s political method, she says, contrasted with “the politics of ‘behind closed doors’, which was imposed upon people at that time.” His criticism of William Wilberforce “amazed me as we were all taught at school that Wilberforce, the British aristocrat, was the great liberator of the slaves. From James, we learned with such force, that this was a lie.”

Determined to document the life of this great man on film, Ceri and her crew assembled materials on James’s life before she began her project. She says, “We arranged an open crew meeting and discussion of Black Jacobins and drew up a book and article list. With 11 books and 834 papers and articles by James, it was clearly not going to be a short affair.”

Ceri and her volunteers took five years reading, attending conferences on James, and talking to experts before they were able “to suss out” James’s life. Just to get it right—and that’s the nature of Ceri’s productions—they needed another 200 volunteers to assist in the production of this path-making film.

Gathering the materials was one thing. Raising the necessary cash to produce the film was another matter. After a year, they received grants from the British Heritage Lottery Fund, the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Trust for London.

This generosity was not sufficient to produce the film. So, they did what any charity does when it is determined to achieve its goals. Endless fundraisers became the order of the day: “Many, many individuals chipped in with £5 or £10. We ran 2nd hand book sales, did cake sales and ‘readathons’ and other such events to raise the necessary funds.”

It cost Ceri and her company $2 million TT to produce the film. Although she is still in debt, eventually she hopes to raise enough money to pay off the remaining balance. Her faith in her project remains.

But what is her greatest joy? She says: “We hope the film will inspire new generations to read James and consider his ideas. That makes it all worthwhile to me.”

Ceri will be in Trinidad this week. It’s her first visit to our island. She is dying to see James’s grave in the Tunapuna Public Cemetery; the house of which James speaks when he wrote Beyond a Boundary; and can’t wait to taste rice and peas, James’s favorite meal.

Trinidadians and Tobagonians can pay Ceri the greatest compliment by making every effort to view her film. It’s the least we can do. In the end, all artists want to share their creations with their audiences.

Ceri would love to know if she did justice to a man who is now acclaimed as one of the leading intellectuals of the twentieth century. We, in T&T can let her know if she did.

18 thoughts on “Every Cook Can Govern”

  1. It is unfortunate that we no longer have men like the late C.L.R. James around anymore. We no longer have the capacity to depend on men of that calibre who were so fastidious in dealing with matters of politics, race, government and the common man. We appear to have been relegated to scandals, bacchanal, crime and punishment in the course of our daily lives. The media appear to be void of meaty and substantive discourse on matters dealing with the affairs of the State and the importance of how they affect us in our daily lives. Take for instance the new FATCA Law being implemented by the Federal Government of the United Sates of America. FATCA means – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. This tax is being imposed on all individuals and institutions dealing with U.S money. All such people are to report taxes on income or property earned by them to the IRS.
    One does not have to be of U.S nationality to be so covered, as long as you are the earner of income in U.S dollars, you have a right to report such income and taxes to the I.R.S.
    As stated by the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley recently recently, citizens with bank accounts and or property in the U.S and elsewhere, who deal in U.S. dollars are duty bound to report such earnings and taxes.

    The U.S have signed Agreements with nations all over the world, doing business with the United States to report such earnings and taxes. Dating back to the year 2013, the then PP Government under the leadership of the then Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar accepted the Agreement with the United States and promised to formalize it by the end of September of this year.
    When the Bill was brought to the Parliament recently, the now Opposition Leader who was the same Prime Minister promising the United States that it will be part of the FATCA community, refused to vote in favor of the Bill because, as she claimed the Finance Minister will be privy to peoples’ financial business.

    The Bill, as presented to Parliament was exactly the same one that she gave consent to and agreed to with the United States. Yet, she is now claiming that the Minister of Finance will have access to. As Dr. Rowley stated, the country of Belize in Central America had the same idea as Kamla, not to accede to the wishes of the I.R.S. The penalty they are paying for such recalcitrance is thirty percent on every U.S spent on behalf of the people and tax payer of Belize. Yes, that is a penalty penalty of thirty American cents to be paid on a single dollar, if Kamla and the UNC refuse to support the bill before the Parliament. Are our banks, investment companies, retirement funds management, foreign exchange commissions, financial institutions, parents of students studying in the United States, purchasers of good, retailers and wholesalers prepared to pay such heavy taxes on the U.S dollar, if Kamla and company do not support the Bill before September 30, 2016?

    This is a serious matter that the media, as usual may term “Rowley’s bill” or “PNM’s Bill” or other such trivialities relating to the politics of the matter. But this is not just politics. If Kamla and Company do not support the bill, it is very likely that we would go the way of Belize and will have to pay 30% U.S on every transaction dealing with U.S dollars. If that is not reason for concern, then I don’t know what is!!!
    Where is our comatose media on this matter? Are we so naive as to believe that this is just “Rowley’s problem”? Are we that unconcern as to believe that this is just another political matter? Or are we going to wait until the reality of this FATCA tax issue hit us deep into our pockets?

    Where are our Chambers of Commerce? Where are our Security Exchanges? Where are our mutual Funds Managers? Where are our Retirement Fund Managers? Are they all asleep, so as not to understand the implications of the UNC’s non support for this bill? Of course there are political implications but it not as serious as the financial strains it would put on the Foreign Companies doing business in this country and need I mention those who depend of money coming from the United Stated States to maintain our lifestyles here. Are we that politically naive, that we do not understand when a matter as serious as this, has to result in good political actions, so as to provide the best possible answers to our financial stability?.

    Of course there are political and possibly legal consequences that the UNC may have to endure as a result of the signing of this Agreement. But it pales in comparison to the financial burdens that may be placed on the average person doing business in U. S. Dollars and the daily banking transactions internationally. The Political consequence for the UNC is that they may have to get the best accountants in the world to show what they did with over $400b TT dollars. As long as they can show that there was no hanky lanky with the people’s money, they have nothing to worry about. But if they don’t? then ‘corbeau smoke they pipe’. Procedurally, it provide a means through which all our international spending is accounted for. It lessens the means for corrupt practices and bad intentions. It demands honesty and transparency in our financial institutions when using U.S dollars and it allows a better government to government transparency in the transfer of money.

    For me personally, I am deeply disturbed by the way Kamla Persad Bissessar, Sat Maharaj and the UNC officials have attacked the U.S Ambassador on this issue. I feel that he was attacked because he is a local black man from Laventille. It is the contempt that he was treated by the UNC that irks me. Our many conversations about hindu castes and the caste systems appear to rear its ugly head when they so willfully attempt to treat an Ambassador from the greatest country on earth with such vile courtesy. These are the same people who ask for our respect.
    Respect is not naturally given, it is earned. So, if members of the hindu community want respect, it first must understand that they have to show and honor that respect for which they seek.

    It is still my hope that the media will give this matter a fair hearing for the public to understand its seriousness and the nature of effect that not dealing seriously with it, can can on each and almost every one of us. This is not an Indian matter or African matter. It is not UNC matter or PNM matter. It is not a sectarian mater and it certainly should not be a partisan matter, for when it comes to our money almost all of us only see ‘green’.

    Those of us who have the power to should implore Kamla and company to please support FATCA for the good of us ALL.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNUJtz7GpbU

    “It is unfortunate that we no longer have men like the late C.L.R. James around anymore.” Kian

    Therein lies the tragedy Brother Kain. A CLR James, Nelson Mandela, Dr Kenneth Kaunda,Stokley Carmichael, Steve Biko, Dr Walter Rodney, Malcolm X, Dr MLK, Maurice Bishop, Dr Julius Neyere ,Dr Eric Williams , George Padmore,Toussaint Loverture, or Marcus Garvey ,ain’t walking through those symbolic doors ,anytime soon.
    Here is de clincher , mi Hermano- Even if they could , neither should they, or better yet ,should we sit idly by, and expect them to.
    We know the deal – a relay race , cannot be won, with only one runner from beginning to end. That baton , must be accepted , then handed over to the anchor , who will eventually tip the finishing tape , so that we can then collect our prize.
    These guys as listed , were all creatures of their times,and so ,served their purpose, but now is the time for prudent activism, less obsessions with opaque religious / political ideologies , and an embracing of a win/ win ,pragmatist spirit , under the umbrella of a redefined end game , capable of producing better dividends.
    We do not need a Phd from LSE, Howard, Yale , Oxford, Cambridge ,, Harvard ,Columbia, or Princeton, to recognize ,that so far , what we have ain’t working,
    Sorry to disappoint some, but escapist prays to ‘Blue eyed , revengeful, sky gods ,’ alone won’t bring social justice to the maligned ,and needy, whether they live in Pax Americana, Anglo /Franco Caribbean , Latin Americana,Europe , or the Virgin Continent,called Africa.
    Christianity , just like Islam , are invasion religions, which contributed to the rape , and plunder of the lives, and resources of Africans, still scattered across the globe.
    There is therefore , a need for a new dispensation.
    To your direct concern , let me add the following:- Dr Keith , and his government, knows exactly what to do , if they wish to force the hands of the ‘do nada, but obfuscate UNC dominant PP Opposition ,’ to do the right thing ,as far as enhancing our National Interest.
    Take it to the people!I don’t care if it’s the question of barbarian , anti Human Rights/anti Children ,dehumanizing , neo statutory rape -underage marriages as practiced in La Trinity , chiefly by the tribe, this FACTA Tax matter – which incidentally ,is over the heads of most- don’t give a hoot, if Good Friday ,falls on a Monday – Trinis. or eradication of the anachronistic, Mama Britain, Privy Council-where White old men , decides our national legal fates, even as the CCJ languishes.
    If they are failing so to do, while allowing Kamla ,and her ultra Unpatriotic , tribal Goons ,to control the national agenda, then it’s fair to say, they are just blowing smoke in de wind,si?
    We too have a choice,and here it is :- Sit on de sidelines,and lament on how evil Sat Maraj is- as if he cares-waste our energies trying to convert , paid operatives, such as TMan, and his Siamese Twin Mamboo, or step to the plate,to be difference makers.
    In de interim , sing with me and Brother Valantino . Life is a stage, and we are de actors.
    Oh , and for de record Mi Hermano, unlike some, I do not subscribe to Predestinations.bit think that we decide the goals ahead,and the part that should be travelled. No one , dead or alive can ,and should be our Savior.
    No one dead or alive , can convince me , that Slavery , was God’s way of punishing African folks.
    However ,another subject for another occasion,si?
    There is work to be done.
    Your call!
    Stay Vigilant folks!

  3. Neal! FATCA is a sign of the times. From many points of view, it is just another form of colonialism, if we are to be moralistic about it. But we have to be objective in every thing that we do and have to deal with in this twisted world we live in today. In times of yore, nations of the North fought for fame, fortune, monarchs and securing their place in history. Today, after gold and diamond, the American dollar reigns supreme. It is the currency that the world do business with and as much as we might despise it, it is the business tool of choice. That being the case, the United States does have a monopoly in the world of finance and business. So those who pretend to invoke high morality about why the United States is calling the shots, are only fooling themselves and those whom they seek to convince. This is a selfish world and every nation is for themselves. The U.S.A is rich and mighty but many of the rich are getting away without paying their fair share of taxes. So, no one should be amazed that Uncle Sam is demanding his fair share.
    Similarly, those who feel that they can hide Uncle Sam dollars without being accountable, are now being asked to pay up or show up.

    As for our heroes? Unfortunately, there are none. Men like Stockily Carmichael, Marcus Garvey, C.L.R James, Uriah Buzz Butler all fought for cause and love of country. Now men who want to be counted fight only for their purse. For the sake of comparison, lets compare these people and you tell me what is vastly different about them:

    C.L.R James vs Gypsy
    Stokley Carmichael vs Wayne Sturge
    Dr Eric Williams vs Jack Warner
    George Padmore vs Rodney Charles
    Uriah Buzz Butler vs Wade Mark
    Lloyd Best vs Bill Munroe

    There is no doubt that the group on the left have made history that we as a people can be proud of. They have worked to define our strengths, strengthen our dignity and build our hopes. Those on the right have not only worked to erase our past but were politically active in taking us to the back of the line where we can only identify with times related to our history of slaving for our masters in the cane fields. Where there was pride, those on the right worked unmask our weakness. Where there was hope they worked to replace it with despair. Where there was progress they worked to retard it. There is no wonder our people are so lost that they have no faith in anything or anyone in the quest for economic and political power.

    Looking ahead to whom we may want to have confidence in, we see no hope either. Can we look to the judiciary as an institution that will protect our constitutional rights? NO! Can we have faith in the Chief Justice as a man of substance, and one who holds his position to build the quality of fairness? I’m not sure. While we look to the PNM as a party of fairness and development, we are not sure that they will work assiduously to recover what we lost so precipitously in the last six years.

    It is sickening to listen to people who, six years ago, were asking for financial help to send their wives and daughters to school but now own houses thats worth over $30M. After running the Treasury dry, they shamelessly complain that the new government is spendthrift and incapable of leading. These same people who are now saying these things, are products of PNM educational policies and christian philanthropy, but that does not deter them from being disrespectful to our values. They make demands and expect to be heard and attended to. It is not
    by mistake that we see, with today’s sitting of the Parliament, a former Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition party, being asked to leaver the House, because of her lack of respect and courtesy for the rule of law and respect for the process by which the democratic process is exercised. It is not the process that she wishes to disrespect. Her wish is to disrespect the people whom she sees as running the process. And that is troubling!
    We see these same people showing gross disrespect for the American Ambassador. We do not have to look far to understand why this is so, because many of us were compliant in the strengthening of what we now see as total disdain for our leaders, only because they are black.

    Neal, that is troubling and it can only get worse.

    1. ” It is sickening to listen to people who, six years ago, were asking for financial help to send their wives and daughters to school but now own houses thats worth over $30M. After running the Treasury dry, they shamelessly complain that the new government is spendthrift and incapable of leading.”

      You must be talking about yuh Prime Minister. Where was he getting all that money as Opposition Leader? Who own him in Opposition? Now he saying they thief, well thief must know thief….Take a look at the money he spent.
      For a man who claims he lives a humble life and maintains the same status as before he went into government, these are some real accomplishments. Whey he ghe the moneey Kian? You self righteous pig.
      2002 – $175,000 Car Loan for a BMW SEDAN

      2003 – $500,000 for LANDATE 20 Acres of land
2003 – 2005 – $3 Million to develop LANDATE

      2005 – $160,000 Car Loan for a KIA SORENTO

      2007 – $300,000 Car Loan for a MERCEDES BENZ

      2010 – 2011 $2.12 Million for Condo at One Woodbrook Place
2012- $350,000 Car Loan for a BMW X6
2013 –
      2015 about 20 overseas trips Avg $50,000 each = $1 million 
2014 – $350,000 Car Loan for a BMW X5 SAV
      TOTAL = $7.85 Million

      1. “Whey he ghe the moneey Kian? You self righteous pig.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………Mamoo

        Now tell me folks, is this guy of sound mind and sincerity?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I seriously doubt it. He is obviously a paid propagator willing to do and say anything his handlers ask of him.

        Nuff said. Adios Mamoo!!!!!!

        1. Hey Bro Kain,I feel your pain, but remember de rule of thumb, for traversing on dis here Information Highway,and here it is Otra Vez:- ‘Don’t feed the troll!’

          Not saying ,I didn’t occasionally fall into a few well placed traps myself, but my general rule of thumb , is always to ‘flip de script ,’on these , not too savvy bastards , by using their boorish, comedic commentaries/over the top responses,to help advance/ bolster my own , more pertinent point. Comprende?


          1. Si! Mi amigo and well said. My rule has always been not to nourish his ego but his obnoxious behavior always invite a rudimentary response. I must discipline myself to ignore his crudeness in the future.

  4. “Neal! FATCA is a sign of the times. From many points of view, it is just another form of colonialism, if we are to be moralistic about it. “Kian

    It was former American President , Teddy Roosevelt , who once said, “speak softly, but carry a big stick.”
    As usual , a brilliant commentary Brother K, and yes, one that can stimulate even bigger discussions, for the more Globally savvy -like ourselves – who occasionally ,traverse on dis here , Trini Center , Information Highway,si?
    Hey Kian , you know there are the few intellectual midgets , who still naively believe ,that Jack -FIFA -Waner fell from Kamla / UNC grace ,or became ‘persona non Grata , ‘ solely because, his elevated Queen was merely an ungrateful bozo, fearful of an African Coup by Jack.
    What folly!
    Here is de deal:- Kamla , got her phone call ,at 3am , while asleep in her 20 room mansion , with the ‘weed head boy toy ,’next door, and de instructions were quite simple ,and I paraphrase- ‘we want Jack,’a request to which she to some degree acceded to. However Jack , like party pals Ish, & Steve has long pockets ,and can delay the inevitable.Am I right , or am I right,Brother Kain?
    The audacity of this guy Jack, to think he could rob Both America, and England ,of their money, en financial jig and dances ,with Qatar , or ultra corrupt Russia , and live forever to spend it.
    We ain’t care how long it takes, but you are going down Jack,unless your business pal , Donald Trump , replace Obama at Pennsylvania Avenue,si?
    As as we like to say on de streets – ‘He who hath ears to hear, let them hear, & eyes to see, let him see,’ or is it Matthew 13:9-16, of de Stolen King James Bible?
    Sorry for my paltry attempts at humor , but no blaspheme intended , Bro Yoruba. It’s just dat , ‘me think ,’ some of us take ourselves too seriously on this forum. In addition, there are bigger , Brand building -win/ win plans ahead, so stay tuned ,as sometimes , your prays can be answered , in quite unexpected forms.
    Nuff said.
    To your point Kian, the facts are what they are.
    Weather International Relations Gurus think so or not , Post Cold War America , is still the World’s sole remaining Superpower/ global Policeman, and Hegemonic force, and if it weren’t them , it would be …well, heaven’s forbid ,Communist USSR.
    The American , overdependent EU , like most regional/ wider global political groups is useless,and essentially dead ,since Brexit.
    Political upstart, and undemocratic , fake capitalist , emerging economic power China ,has her many gullible fans, but will never become that necessary cohesive power , that America is , ‘Soft Power’ charades , and glorified,P5- UN Security Council Seat , notwithstanding.
    As for undemocratic , closet KGB Putin, and his Russia? Well, they are trying to regain past glories, but megalomanic Putin, does not have the gravitas to excel , beyond idiotic blind support for similar undemocratic , war criminals, such as Assad Syria.
    That once more leaves America , to push her vital / self interest agenda-irrespective to if it’s a simi coherent, Quasi Educated Neo Con, called G.W Bush ,invading Iraq , or Afghanistan, or Libyan invading , Nobel Peace Prize / Warmonger – Barrack Hussain Obama, telling your still clueless PM Kamla ,what color Petit Coat ,she should choose ,for her Regional Conferences, or which Latin Regional leader, to schmooze with. Y, Chao Raul!


    Translation:-In essence, in 2011 , Pax Americana ,can pull out said “big stick,” and have Kamla cower in fear, as she symbolically wet her … ummmmm.. ‘Pantaletas ,’ in the Hilton bathroom, but fast forward to the year 2016,and things have changed drastically , si?
    When it’s deemed fit , modern day,Power Elite forces, can help bolster Barrack’s tenuous legacy ,to be a difference maker, re overtures towards Cuba, and few if any, can dare halt it – unless obviously sick, 69 year old , exhausted, Hillary Clinton, decides to ‘not stand up again for the count ,’after another of her numerous ,well documented fainting spells, experiences- thus giving The Donald, the Presidential Prize.

    Nuff Said.


    “C.L.R James vs Gypsy
    Stokley Carmichael vs Wayne Sturge
    Dr Eric Williams vs Jack Warner
    George Padmore vs Rodney Charles
    Uriah Buzz Butler vs Wade Mark
    Lloyd Best vs Bill Munroe.”Kian

    That’s an interesting list , you’ve laid out their Mi Hermano.
    Not certain , it’s the one I would use, since I generally like to compare equals,be it sports, or politics.
    Being de Socio- Political Animal ,forest, vs Trees hombre , that I am , I like to not limit my thinking to narrow tribal circles.
    As such , I’ll instead,match up two politically ambitious economist/ academicians, turned politicians , in Lloyd Best vs Winston Deosaran.
    In addition, because my concerns are more geared toward nation building, I would juxtapose the likes of a Gypsy/ Wade Mark/ Jack Warner / Errol Mc Cloud , Morgan Job, with say a Ralph Maraj/ Errol Mahabir/ Linda Baboolal, Kamal/ Sham Mohammed, or Criminologist / Social Scientist / Independent Senator, Dr Deosaran.
    It’s fun, but you might not wish to compare an Pan African activist such as Bro CLR James / George Padmore, or American based Civil Rights hero Stokely Carmichael , with politician wanabee, eat a food seeking / political neophytes , such as Wayne Surge.
    How about Wayne Surges ,and a Dana Seethal, or other political ambulance chasers ,such as Basdeo brother Shubas Panday, Madam Elder , and Israel Khan? Yep, de typical , Eat a food lawyers , who knew how to play both sides , yet come out smelling like roses.
    I’m already on record as saying that the best businessman, or Military bloke ,turned politician , is a dead one. I am yet to see , in the entire global history , one from either group , who has turned out half way decent.
    To put this in context , The Donald , just like Jack warner was , will be doomed as a political figure.
    Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussain , Idi Dada Amin, Hitler, Napoleon, Josef Stalin, General Musharaf, Zulfika Ali Butto , Ike Eshinghower , Saddam Hussain, Manuel Noreiga , Quadaffi,and the all talk no authentic results against Boko Haram savages , in clownish General Buhari , who presently runs Nigeria , were all failures ,and the reasons are obvious.
    Politics is a different game, that a few crash courses in Military Schools , will never prepare you to grapple with.
    Sorry Uncle Shah, sorry to rain on your pro military parades, but if you were the Commander in Chief in the 70’s , anda young misguided, idealistic , Dr Eric Williams, and say ,ANR Robinson , were upstart , young Sandhurst Coup school blokes, who attempted similar stunts ,as committed back then,we know what would have been the final results, si?
    Both you , and Comrad Rex Lassale , would have ordered them both to die , by the Firing squad- Court ruling or not, Y Por Que? Well, you weren’t a savvy Politician like Papa Eric Williams, and it just ain’t so, Military blokes roll. Well , even on the subject of wars , a great thinker Georges Clémenceau, with a better understanding of ‘real politicks ,’ once claimed ,and wisely so :-
    “War is too important to be left to the generals”
    Just saying.
    Again, I enjoyed the list Kian, but as I said in a previous blog , these great heroes , were creatures of their time, and so it’s unfair to match them up too closely with modern folks.
    Back then , White evil Massa , was still the culprit. Today , it’s quite difficult , to attack folks that either looks like you, or worst yet , can deftly , sidestep attacks, since their peoples, suffered their own adventurous traumas, and so feels no obligations to aid in improving the social realities of citizens outside de tribe- even if very dependent on said folks , for political survival.
    Translation:- An Indo Trini leader cannot cry out for racial equality , when out of power, then once in the drivers seat, push a neo tribal- “dis is our time” – agenda, then when the backlash , inevitable takes place at the polls, one term later, flip de script otra vez, and claim ,’WE WAS ROBBED!’ , or rather, were victims of partisan- tribalism.
    So when is dat possible Elections recall , Appeals court ruling again Kain?
    Let the false narratives begin folks!
    I luv this land.
    Stay positive mi Hermano, and thanks for your thoughts.

    1. I applaud your comparisons Neal. It might become necessary to do that from time to time, depending on the circumstances. But you are right with matching them by professional standards.

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3lev9BvepA

        “Is 5 to 1 , in de Hospital, but we can’t hear a word from Health Minister Kamal!” Ras Shorty I
        Remember when – prior to the Basdeo Panday government – Kaisonians were fearless , and weren’t like Kamla’s prospective Nephew in Law , in Marshall Montano ,aka Double M , solely obsessed ,with making 200 grand per year ,playing in feats , or winning Monarch titles,and Road March , Bro K?

        I definitely had fun with this , and certainly agree with you- that we should do this occasionally.
        My main concern remained that of showing how – especially in La Trinity -‘members of the tribe,’ can Prudently lie in bed with neo appeasing African blokes,and still advance the narrow , self interest of their tribe.
        In contrast , African politicians , seems incapable of doing the same .
        I am talking about working with ‘de other,’ while simultaneously ‘throwing a bone,’ for their own folks. Now , as you and I know Brother K, that isn,t the worst part.
        Here’s what it is :- Said neglected peoples , when they embrace a neo progressive mindset (as was done just recently in 2010)and lend support , while expecting some returns in the process, sadly, they are given the middle finger , while being asked with a straight face from the likes of a Basdeo,and his female Protege , Queen Karma- ‘what de hell are you people looking at us for..’, or ‘didn’t your leaders , not run this country for 45 , out of 54 years?’
        Just think about the possibilities Bro K, if we can have a no holds bared, non politically correct forum , to confront these ,and similar neo racial / tribally tinged / ethnic / class , and cross cultural issues.
        I personally find it boring the repeated , stupid , escapist debates , about UNC / PP/ PNM Party nonsense , we are forced fed everyday.
        Take art and Culture – por ejemplo!

        In 2016 , Best Village , and Parrang is dead. Chutney Soca artist, and competition , makes more money/ is on the same level with – if not surpassed ,fast dying Carnival, Panorama, and various musical competitions-Africans slaves Grand Pickaneys, still hold dear, Y Por Que?
        As for Brazil , post Slavery Samba ,is a National Brand , that has placed that (still)emerging power ,on the Global Map.
        All their millions of CITIZENS , proudly embrace this art form- even as they support to various other sub- cultural experiences
        A small backdrop story is in order Bro K.
        In 1980 , as an young 18 year old, fresh out of High School with 6 Cambridge O’Levels,I got my first State job at then ,recently opened ,( state of the art )Mt Hope Maternity Hospital.
        Just like the much touted , Chinese financed , recently constructed Couva Children’s Hospital, this obviously needed Institution , was opened with much fanfare- to de delight of citizens.
        Pregnant women , were coming from far ,and wide , to deliver their babies , Bro K, and it was a thing of beauty.
        Here is de punch line however,mi Patriotic Pizanno.
        The Hospital was only opened as a pre election gimmick ,by the then PNM power structure- just as was done by de Kamla led , UNC dominant/PP blokes.
        See where I’m heading with this? PNM gone/ PNM dey, or in de words of my late , extremely wise , Tobago Granny – ‘6 of 1, & 1/2 ah dozen of the other,’si?
        Put differently- same difference , ideologically. Ride the backs of poor people, then once in power , open the floodgates to further the interest of business benefactors, and cronies. Pontificate profusely about runaway crimes, and corruption as committed by the other, but once on the drivers seat.., well, ….’me think, ‘you can end that sentence. However , I stand corrected ,as we like to say on de streets.
        However I digress!
        to continue my ,’cyber anecdote.’
        A major question for you Bro K,and here it is:- Care to guess who was the Minister of Health at the time, back in 1980, when for almost 3, to 6 months , unsuspecting , desperate, simi traumatized women , had to be driven to POS Hospital ,to deliver their babies some with frustrated hombres in tow?
        You bet.

        The recently departed , Kamaludin Mohammed. Yep, the same one who was passed over in favor of George Chambers , for the PM big chair, once overworked ,Papa Deffy Eric ,suddenly died while on the job.
        Now having a Political stalwart like Kamal on board , wasn’t a crime , or was this a bad thing, for Deputy PM Kamal , just like Errol – Japanese Garden – Mahabir ,were hard working leaders, as well as , extremely patriotic , spiritually conscious , community , and family men, who were quite loyal to their party , and it ‘s then head – in Faddah of de Nation , Pappa Deffy Eric.
        What is most revolting to yours truly however, is to read/ and or listen to the phony intellectual/ talking heads / 4th Estate Gurus, disingenuous , pro revisionist Historians,and those barrage of rabid ,Anti-African people cyber yappers, as they do those comparative analysis between the tribes – with the hope of trying to convince the gullible ,about opaque noble stewardship, by Party /Tribe A,vs Party/Tribe B.
        My point is that ,folks like Kamal/ Sham Mohammed, Errol Mahabir, Linda Baboolal, Ralph Maraj, were Indo Trini citizens / Politicians who likewise played a significant role within the PNM government , and aided our country’s development/contributed to it’s negative image , and state ,to the same degree that a several Afro Trini folks , likewise played a role in the UNC / PP brand of government.- and should be condemned , or praised where warranted.
        As I have said before , the PNM could not have won 95 , out of 100 elections , since 1962 , without the support of voters from both sides of the tribal line.
        In like manner , every political success, that the ULF / UNC ever received in this country , came about ,when their leaders, choose to throw away ,the ugly, tribal play book, in the run up for elections , and embrace de other.
        Need we say NAR Alliance , Basdeo Panday 1st victory , and Kamla’s fake Coalition/or more so , power grab ,in 2010, via the PP?
        To conclude – the ugly , seemingly pathetic, socio economic/ com political challenges ,we are facing today , did not evolved by Magic.
        Is there a fall out from having a a non diversified / totally dependent on oil economy?
        How should typically greedy , selfish ,country hating , non job creating , paltry investment , pro off shore bank accounts leeches , calling themselves business people , with absolutely no sense of Social Entrepreneurship , mindset whatsoever, be viewed? Your guess , is as good as mine.
        Well, they are the same ones ,who would bring in the poisonous drugs, and deadly small arms / guns,into our porous borders, often under the watchful eyes of corrupt Customs officials, then , angrily point fingers at the Police , for not halting escalating crimes.
        They are the ones who today , has our FOREX in such a precarious state. They are the ones who has continually financed these competing neo tribal parties, then demanded their -Merchant of Venice like-Shylock -pound of flesh, close to the symbolic heart ,once said politicians , are ruling de Political roost, si?
        Hey , Bro K,Are those two UNC financial supporting , White Color Business bandits,Ish, and Steve , still appealing their extradition to Pax Americana , or waiting to see what the PNM government ,will do with de other UNC business crook, Jack -FIFA -Warner, before making their move?
        Here is de deal folks:- We all as a collective , contributed to our present day quagmire , our nation , unfortunately , appear to be stuck in.
        Yep, that erie , almost incipient feeling, of social malaise,brought on by ever encroaching , individual /collective hopelessness , that not even a belated ,strident, forceful, Republic Day speech ,by our media pummeled , somewhat agitated President Carmona , can roll back.
        For all the idle talk by proponent, our major 3 prong religions, have all failed , as they too are part of the problem.
        If leaders – in charge of glorified NGO- in this case, religious institutions- are prepared to take their 30 pieces of silver ,from respective politicians, with not too subtle promises, of luring desperate fans, to the voting boot, they in turn loose credibility , when it comes to holding said leaders , symbolic hands to to the fire,si?
        Where you at Mr PM? We can’t keep looking over our shoulders like Lot’s wife, unless it’s to finally press charges, convict, imprison, and where appropriate, confiscate some hidden , stolen assets, of culprits, from the near, and or ,distant past, hmmmmmm?
        How about you Madam PM in Waiting,in Auntie K? Are you going to spend the next 5 years, prior to another elections, attempting to defend the monstrosity , that was your PP regime , or worst yet , that abomination, that was so called excellent Stewardship , on your part, or instead, own up , where appropriate, then show support to win/ win initiatives, that would advance our underachieving Nation,along the part of elusive Sustainable Development?
        Remember Auntie K, if you do not present yourself as a viable alternative , then Dr Rowley, and his party is destined to remain in power , perhaps for the next 2 decades- by which time ,your once well travelled Grandson , would be ready to throw his hat into the political ring , to take over ,de Maleka Panday Party- which by then, would have lost 3 or more elections, si?

        We know dat during Papa Deffy Eric’s time , money weren’t a problem ,especially if your name was O’ Halloran.
        It definitely weren’t 5 years ago , when Antie K , inherited an economic surplus , upon elevation to the Political throne ,for if so, she would not be able to embark on the myriad of White Elephant projects , and or neo tribal -free for all , she became famous for. The question is-what about today,with oil prices at what 25 dollars per barrel? Just curious.
        Yet some naively claim ,that Nation Building , is an easy exercise- even in this Calaloo/ Jambalya , toss salad ,Social Rainbow , we have here Bro K.
        To those we’ll say -tell dem , that’s a lie!
        Always a pleasure Mi Hermano.
        Let’s continue to strive to be Difference Makers,in some form , or fashion, si?
        While we are at it, a bit of optimism won’t hurt.
        Oh , and by de way Bro K , rumor has it dat another budget is due soon.
        One can only wonder , if Mr Divider will/ can still in the words of Black Stalin, “run something,?”
        As citizens flee for greener pastures ,violence/ protest sores, or activist preach upheavals , let warn these politicians ,dat said neighboring , totally mismanaged, borderline ‘Failed State ,Venezuela ,’ is only 7 miles away, and they have 1000 million more cubic feet ,of oil, and gas, than we can even dream of- most of which was stolen from our T&T! Think they are aware that our untapped/ vastly neglected ,Human resources , are just as vital, as that fast depleting ,underground, natural resources? No se!


        I love this land, Y tu?
        Long live the Republic of Toba…. oooops… Lo Siento, T&T!

  5. CLR Black Jacobins demonstrated the class struggle that was the main instrument of power by the colonialist. This scenario was played out across the world. The house negroe closer to massa and therefore more loyal to massa was used to control the field negroe. Or the mulattoes differences from the slaves accentuated to keep them apart.

    This drama was played out in “Hotel Rwanda”. The lead actor is driving at night he hits something stops and discovers in the mist a mass of dead bodies hacked and lying on the road. It is a compelling scene of people caught in the mass murder, systematically planned and the resulting 800,000 slaughtered in a matter of days, bodies in the churches hacked to death. Nothing so profane has happened and the stories are endless. But what started the scab of venomous hatred for fellow citizens? Neighbours who ate and drank together suddenly turn on each other, as the lower nature of sub humanity took over. One only have to look into the colonial past where the Belguim colonialist came and to control the masses created two races, broad nose Hutus and narrow nose Tutsis. Folks it was that superficial.

    The same colonialist went into Shri Lanka and imported Tamils from southern India giving them government jobs. The Sinhalese being the majority felt disenfranchised. Soon independence came and the colonialist departed, the majority Sinhalese took charge and started replacing the Tamils. For twenty years a conflict arose that saw thousands slaughtered in the most brutal way. In the dying days of the war the Tamils were rounded up with their hands raised the order was given to turn them into “cannon fodder”. The blood flow was enormous and the pain inflicted was heartless.

    These things are never taught in history books but it was good of CLR to discent the inner core of the plantocracy and exposè the divisions…..

  6. CLR James was midway between my grandfather’s and my father’s generation. So I’m well connected with that generation of Israelite –(read “Negro” or “black”)– men scattered to the West. I know their hopes and aspirations from having been raised upon them.

    As a people, we have been struggling to come to terms with that scattering, and the captivity that went along with it. There have been better doer-activists. Marcus Garvey springs immediately to mind, even his one-time protege and later party leader, Eric Williams. But I doubt that there were any better thinker-activists than CLR.

    CLR was the intellectual’s intellectual. Despite having no professorial chair, or perhaps because of it, CLR somehow was able to put out a body of work of protean range, from the socio-historical tome, The Black Jacobins to a book about cricket, Beyond a Boundary, with Minty Alley in-between.

    As diverse as these books are, and others that he wrote, they are all really different ways of viewing the same subject: who really are we, the Israelites? And why are we in the condition that we are in?

    Black Jacobins attempts to address the question the way a university don might: it is “history”, or “historiograpy”. But unlike much of what passes for history in the Academy, CLR’s effort is based on first-hand research, that goes to original sources. Eric Williams later did similar kind of “real history” with his Capitalism and Slavery. He does not merely regurgitate earlier historiography, massaging egos thereby, but not necessarily taking us forward.

    Beyond a Boundary is impossible to characterize. It is a book about cricket in only a by-the-way way. It really is rather a social commentary about the encounter between coloniser and colonised, cricket being merely a stage, as well as a spectacle, where that drama could play itself out. CLR lets us see the drama in a new light. There is a certain audacity in the way CLR illuminates that drama.

    He is in no way hostile to the English, rather even describes himself as made in the mould of the “public school” boy. He is in some ways more English than the English, yet is subversive of the great enterprise –Empire!– that was spawned by the British class system and more specifically by the public-school boys, scions of aristocracy, who learned whatever they learned on the playing fields of Eton, Harrow and other such places, replicated in the colonies by places such as QRC in T&T, minus aristocratic pretensions. CLR James saw himself as an English “public school” boy in that tradition.

    But as scattered Israelite of the seed, it was perhaps inevitable that CLR should ultimately be subversive of that identity.

    In one sense, the subversion was direct. The colonised took on the coloniser in the game of cricket. It was the one theatre of an ongoing war where “we” could “beat them at their own game”. George Headley and those of his era gave intimations of West Indian greatness on the cricket field. Frank Worrell and Gary Sobers, Ramadhin and Valentine provided the consummation, beating the English in England, and indeed at Lord’s, the very mecca of cricket and Empire. What Calypsonian Lord Kitchener immortalized so well, the intellectual CLR could ramajay about in book-length essay. In a way, it is a scholarly victory dance. But it is far more. Here is one of the colonised laying down the gauntlet: what do they know of cricket, who only cricket know? There is so much more to the game, when it is set in historical and sociological context, whether in the home country, or in its far-flung colonies. When the delineation comes from a colonial subject, the subversive effect, intended or no, is plain.

    In a political sense, CLR’s subversion is plainer. For he became a marxist-leninist. It remains a mystery to me how one could see oneself as a “public-shool boy” and a marxist-leninist, both at the same time. But then again, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess and other scions of British aristocracy ended up spying for the communist Soviet Union and thereby committing treason, not only upon their own country, but also their own class. It is at least debatable whether a colonial subject could commit treason upon the Empire that grinds him down. Kenyatta and his Mao-mao, and Mandela and his “spear of the nation” come to mind.

    The idea that “every cook can govern” surely emerges from all of that thoughtful ferment. It is a worthy idea, but wrong, unless carefully re-stated.

    God took David from the sheepcote and made him king over all Israel. He indeed went from simple shepherd-boy to king, albeit not in one easy step! Likewise He took “house-negro” Toussaint (the cook? or was he butler?), and made him victorious general. God can do that. It doesn’t mean that He would do so with “every” cook, given the chance. He saw qualities in David that qualified him. Such qualities may well be found in mere cook, or mere shepherd. But it hardly may be found in *every* cook, or *every* shepherd, or indeed every “bright-boy” with a certificate. Certainly many of the latter have failed us miserably when given the chance.

    Be that as it may, I give honour to CLR James. He posed questions that we the scattered Israelites must answer. His generation, regrettably, did not have the answers.

    But their work was not wasted. It is for our generation to take the key, hitherto missing, and open the final lock. That key, precisely, is that we, the “Negro”, –the wretched of the earth (Fanon), or the meek of the earth (Yeshua),– are indeed the ones not merely to subvert the Empire and to puncture its pretensions, whether at Lord’s or at Whitehall, but to rise to rule. As 18th- and 19th-century schoolboys of Eton and Harrow rose to their destiny, whether for good or for ill God will surely judge, so shall it be that Israelites of the ilk of CLR, but a later generation, will rise to rule. When we do so, it will be a rule of righteousness, and under Yeshua. That is written. So shall it be.

    In the meantime, it is enough to honour CLR. Let us neither lionize him, nor idolize him. And certainly, let us not follow him in the idolatrous folly of marxism-leninism. I doubt *every* cook can govern. But as to the Israelites, every one of us must stand ready and be prepared, should we be so called.


    “And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.” (Revelation 5:10)

  7. “In a political sense, CLR’s subversion is plainer. For he became a marxist-leninist. It remains a mystery to me how one could see oneself as a “public-shool boy” and a marxist-leninist, both at the same time……..In the meantime, it is enough to honour CLR. Let us neither lionize him, nor idolize him. And certainly, let us not follow him in the idolatrous folly of marxism-leninism. I doubt *every* cook can govern. But as to the Israelites, every one of us must stand ready and be prepared, should we be so called. ” Yoruba

    Again, great stuff by our esteem Professor , Dr. Cudjoe, and as usual, a masterful response by you Mi Hermano ,Yoruba.
    Some years ago, and long , long ,before the internet / Social Media , was in vogue, I listened with amusement ,to what can only be described, as an honest answer, that was given by a young , Afro American female, to-‘me think’-a reporter , after the viewing of that Box office Hit Movie, entitled, MalcolmX, as so brilliantly portrayed by Oscar winning Actor, Danzel Washington.
    ‘What’s your special take away, from this movie ,’ she was asked? To which she responded-“by any means necessary!”
    Still crack me up , for I am almost certain,she was only thinking , guns and bullets responses , as many of the recent violent responses , we are observing , against American Police Officers , by disgruntled / exasperated ,Afro American Citizens.
    Ok, but we know ,how that worked for armed, Black Panther blokes , back in the day.
    In the pro Activists struggles you have alluded to , Bro Youruba, proponents , must respond , in the best way they deem fit. We can have a whole major , History/ Sociological, or Political Science Semester, on any campus across the globe , on reasons why some struggles succeed, while others fail.
    It is in this context,one must place the CLR James,Dr Eric Williams,Marcus Garvey,Malcolm X, Dr MLK,Winnie Mandela,and her iconic ANC hombre,Nelson,Murdered SA Activist ,Steve Biko,Black Liberation Theology Guru,Rev Wright, and his protege,South Side Chicago activist,turned US President,Barrack Hussain Obama,Tanzania teacher , turn politician ,Dr Julius Nyerere,Dr Walter Rodney,Rev Desmond Tutu,Franz Fanon,Boxer ,Mohammed Ali,Haitian Agronomist , turned Radio Journalist / Activist, Jean Dominique,CUNY Professor ,Leonard Jeffries, Nigerian Nobelist Wole Soyinka ,American Nobelist Toni Morrison,Grenadian Politician Maurice Bishop, Dr Maya Angelo, and the list goes on.
    I am talking about folks,who aspired to be difference makers, that likewise understood the need to use whatever skills, talent, and opportunities that they possess, or were at their disposal, to effect changes, across their varying social milieus, and where feasible , the wider global community.
    Many have become martyrs for their causes ,as their families payed a short, and long term price , of pain and suffering ,for their efforts.
    Others, were ridiculed by detractors ,and dismissed as, non pragmatic idealists,yet persevered.
    Some were fortunate to have family ,and friends,who kept their hopes and dreams alive. Still a few , in their life’s journey were able to start a spark in some soul , which eventually evolved into a flame.

    The question for us today is not whether these many heroes were noble,but rather , are we prepared to take up the task of continuing their work- since many of the Socio – Economic – com Political issues/ Problems,they were prepared to grapple with , back in their times , are still with us- as sadly others ,( across the Color Lines) have joined the ranks of dehumanizing perpetrators.


    Yep, Malcolm X instructions, were correct. Change must emerge ‘by any means necessary, ‘ but a bit of prudence is also necessary.


    There is that distinct possibility , that the young lady who answered the question, some years ago, is perhaps one of the 3 founders of this Black Lives Matter Movement, or rather , was influenced by MalcolmX, to be a difference maker, in some other context,si?
    ‘Where you at T&T,’aka Baby America? Any modern day CLR James in the making? No activist figure of the stature of a Dr Walter Rodney, was murdered in our T&T, as was done in the 80’s Guyana , under Forbes Burnham- but as my late , extremely wise , Tobago Granny, would often admonish yours truly , back in the day-” what ain’t reach you, ain’t pass you.”
    So be vigilant!
    On one of my visit back to La Trinity , a few years ago, I was fortunate to hear a speech in Belmont , by the late, great , once exiled , former Howard Student , of Dr Eric Williams , in Stokley Carmichael, during his – me think- first visit home , upon de death of Papa Deffy Eric.
    In it , he urged his listeners , to” Organize -” an advice which is most apropos , especially today.
    Organize for Peace, equal justice, empowerment of the weak/ disenfranchised,and neglected,for good governance, transparency in business, and leadership.
    Remember , Solidarity Matters.
    Where are the difference Makers?
    Let’s make it happen!
    Love Humanity People!

    1. Neal:

      …on reasons why some struggles succeed, while others fail.

      Gracias mi hermano for a very thoughtful ramajay, and your kind remarks along the way.

      But Succeed? I don’t think our struggle has yet succeeded. At best we may have won a few battles along the way. Allow me that more-than-quibble.

      Some of the “successes” are in fact failures … red herrings, carefully disguised to lead us astray. Black Lives Matter is one of those. The NAACP is another. To prove the matter, just check to see from where comes the funding. If you have a nose grounded in Scripture, the sulphurous scent of Lucifer and his synagogue of Satan will be unmistakeable in these organizations. Do the research. Two words will suffice to close the case: George Soros.

      Be that as it may, Yahweh in His mercy has sent us quite a few black shining princes, like all of those you mention. It is a way to remind us that He has called us, as a people, to be a nation of kings and priests; Exodus 19:5-6. Some of us don’t even know that that in some sense is exactly what we are, despite ourselves and despite having thus far failed in the struggle. I see your Linton Kwesi Johnson, and raise you one of our own pan “missionaries”, specifically starting around 4:00. He is becomingly modest, one of the “meek” of the earth, but a prince in essence all the same.

      CLR was on to the importance of “nation”, qua seedline, in that sense. Somewhere in Beyond a Boundary, he examined the Gentlemen vs Players dichotomy in the way English cricket developed. I lost my copy of that book due to flooding after Hurricane Katrina passed through New Orleans, so I can’t check, but I think he went so far as to suggest that there was a palpable difference of seedline involved. Labour vs Tory still today represents that faultline in British society, not to mention differences of accent that also run parallel to class lines. But CLR wasn’t buying it, he was more observant than that. The differences are not mere class differences, but differences of seedline.

      A reading of Scripture would assure us that his suspicions were correct. But then again, the plain word of history detailing how and by whom the British Isles were peopled would quickly tell the tale. The trouble though would still be to organize and interpret the story. That is where Scripture lets us know what’s going on.

      In a nutshell, there are the “Gog and Magog” folks that rule the Crown, aka the City of London folks of whom George Soros is seedline brethren. Those “synagogue of Satan” international Jews (I do not yet have to mince biblical truth) are the real subversives, for they had taken over the British Realm as early as Cromwell and the regicide of Charles I. The British Empire was theirs, as Disraeli was slyly to boast in his novel, Coningsby: “So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” T&T was and remains a “Crown Colony”, the latest proof of that being FATCA. Come to think of it, the United States is ruled also by the Crown, through its branch, the (private) Federal Reserve System. Pax Britannica morphed into Pax Americana, under Crown control. In Scriptural terms, this is the rulership of the synagogue of Satan, more specifically Gog and Magog in seedline terms, but behind the scenes, not out in the open.

      But the original British aristocracy back to James, I of England and VI of Scotland, who unified the kingdoms that constitute “Great” Britain, are a mixed Edomite and Israelite seed, with Edomite in the dominant by paternal seedline. The British imperial enterprise was financed and controlled behind the scenes by the aforementioned Crown, but the face of Empire was an Edomite aristocracy, aided and abetted by Israelite officers and men, of the Israelite seed of Ephraim. They are the ones that became the prophetic “battle axe” of Empire; Jeremiah 51:20. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Britain by seedline up to about World Wars I and II.

      Much of course has changed since then, much of it due to the machinations of biblical “Gog and Magog”, which intends to bring down Pax Americana and the remnants of Pax Britannica. According to prophecy, China will emerge as pre-eminent superpower but only for a short time, not long enough to establish anything comparable to either Pax Americana or Pax Britannica before it; Revelation 17:10.

      Gog and Magog seek to establish what could be misnomered “Pax Judaica”, but in fact rule by the synagogue of Satan out in the open. They hope to do so by igniting a third world war in which the contending powers of the G-8 or G-20 or whatever it is will destroy themselves. They are the ones behind ISIS and the mischief recently wrought in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. They are pitting Russia against NATO, and they are fomenting race and religious war in the US, UK and Europe, pitting Israelite black against Israelite white, and Ishmaelite Arab against everybody else. Black Lives Matter is part of that agenda. Muslim proxy invasion of Europe also is part of that agenda. Obama, Hillary, and Trump are all beholden to the Crown, and have in fact committed treason against the Constitution and people. The last non-treasonous President of the U.S. was JFK. He defied the Crown, and was removed. End of rebellion.

      When Eric and Capildeo signed our Independence document, there were private codicils that pledged our loyalty in fact to the Crown. Word to the wise: check out the insignia of our Defense and Police Forces.

      I am saying all that to say that the struggle continues. The ultimate enemy is Satan and his chosen, specifically Gog and Magog; some of this is hidden in plain sight. Satan is warring against all humanity of the seedline of Adam. His chosen are in fact not of the seed of Adam, but of the seed of fallen angels. They are at war with humanity as indeed was prophesied; Genesis 3:15. More specifically, they are at war with God’s Chosen, who happens to be us, namely the scattered Israelites of the seed, and even more particularly we the “Negro” who were scattered into slavery and captivity; Deuteronomy 28:68; for we are of the tribes — Judah, Benjamin and Levi — of the southern kingdom of Judah. Yes, we are the true children of Judah; Gog and Magog (Khazar so-called “Jew”), together with the Edomite Jews, have stolen our identity, and seek rulership in our name. When they make their move to rule out in the open, they will use Scripture to convince the world that it is in accordance with prophecy. The Christian Zionists have been hopelessly brainwashed into submission to and support of this agenda. Most of Christianity, including the Pope of Rome and his brainwashed “believers”, is going along with this agenda.

      For that to work, they have to destroy the true children of Israel. Scripture lets us know that no one can curse the children of Israel. We must do that to ourselves. And that we have obligingly done, to the benefit of our enslavers. Balaam the sorcerer taught Balak, king of the Moabites, precisely that lesson; Numbers 22. He let loose the harlots of Moab into the Israelite camp; Revelation 2:14. And we have been cursing ourselves since.

      If you are paying attention, this is the entirety of the struggle in a nutshell. Quite simply, all we have to do is to stop cursing ourselves. And to do that, all we have to do is return to, do and obey the Law of the Holy Covenant that God entered into with the children of Israel, and no one else.

      That is why your admonition to “luv humanity” is actually subversive of the very struggle you claim to advance. I do not say to “hate humanity”, but I do say to keep the law of the Holy Covenant. That includes rules about keeping the holy seed separate. Yes. God dislikes miscegenation by his holy seed, but in His mercy, has established rules by which the children may yet return to the congregation of Israel; Deuteronomy 23:7-10. Yeshua himself has such miscegenation in his lineage, through descent from Ruth the Moabitess. So while we are admonished to love thy neighbour, we are not without penalty permitted to mix indiscriminately with those of other seedlines, and especially not with those of the serpent seed.

      The matter is important. Marcus Garvey understood that well. His message was accordingly racialist: “Up ye mighty race, accomplish what you will!”. It was not however racist, since he did not advocated hate, nor the oppression of any other people. The only problem is that the struggle is not to be won by strength of will, but by obedience to our God. When once we return to, do and obey the Law of the Covenant, we –or at least some remnant of us– shall rise to rule. That is written; Daniel 7:18, Revelation 5:10, elsewhere throughout Scripture. So shall it be.

      That is the key that CLR, in his atheist and materialist marxism, missed, and all of our black shining princes, no matter how magnificent they all in their own ways, were. The closest was Marcus Garvey, which is why he was brought down, while the integrationists of the NAACP were supported from outside (the Crown), and such as MLK were lionised even more so by the white society than by our own. Malcolm X was co-opted also; they put his image on a postage stamp. Ask yourself why. Think twice and you’ll have the answer. Farrakhan breathes fire, but they leave him alone. Why? Because he is leading us away from our Power, which lies in obedience to the God that has made us our Chosen.

      The Crown knows who we are. They will leave alone any would-be saviour of our people who will only succeed in making us more confused. They will leave alone any one of us preaching Buddhism, and worse, agnostic Buddhism. Trust me on that. As a matter of fact, NWO one-world religion-for-the-ignorant-masses already looks very much like agnostic Buddhism, which is partly why the Dalai Lama is such a UN darling.

      I hope I have not caused offense by my plain speaking. I tend not to mince words at the best of times. When it comes to the struggle, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is much at stake. I’m in no doubt that we will overcome in the end. That is written. But even so, I’m sure you will appreciate the urgency that I, like all activists of whatever stripe, feel about this matter.


      “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” (Revelation 3:9)

  8. “CLR was the intellectual’s intellectual. Despite having no professorial chair, or perhaps because of it, CLR somehow was able to put out a body of work of protean range, from the socio-historical tome, The Black Jacobins to a book about cricket, Beyond a Boundary, with Minty Alley in-between.

    As diverse as these books are, and others that he wrote, they are all really different ways of viewing the same subject: who really are we, the Israelites? And why are we in the condition that we are in?”……..Yoruba

    “See where I’m heading with this? PNM gone/ PNM dey, or in de words of my late , extremely wise , Tobago Granny – ‘6 of 1, & 1/2 ah dozen of the other,’si?
    Put differently- same difference , ideologically. Ride the backs of poor people, then once in power , open the floodgates to further the interest of business benefactors, and cronies. Pontificate profusely about runaway crimes, and corruption as committed by the other, but once on the drivers seat.., well, ….’me think, ‘you can end that sentence. However , I stand corrected ,as we like to say on de streets.
    However I digress!”……….Neal

    One of the ironies of life is that the preceding generation always leave some “tools of life” which the succeeding general can use to further evolve. The challenge? Know what those tools are and how do we use them to further our development. In the case of us Africans, the tools almost always were not materials or materialistic. They were tools of wisdom, yes wisdom, even if they were used for mere survival to protect their skins from decimation by the tormentors of death and destruction.
    Our ancestors endured and survived the most cruel form of savagery man has experience in recent history. Yet, we came out of it, not just to survive but also to produce men of calibre like Dr. Eric Williams, C.L.R James, Marcus Garvey and others.

    What these men did was to provide us with intellectual content of the struggles of our forefathers. What we have to do is interpret the contents, not just for intellectual fodder and knowledge but, to use the intellectual tools to our advantage to make things work for our generation and the next to come. The Europeans made succession look easy so their descendants had all the tools they need at hand to progress. All men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Thomas Paine, the Wright Brothers and others had to do was provide the blue print and those who followed them continued evolving to where we are today.

    Our people are in no different condition today than those of our parents and grand parents. What is different is the landscape
    of how the problems exist and how they affects us. We no longer have men with the bravery of , lets say Butler. There are no Nat Turners or Toussaint L’Overture. We don’t even have men of the calibre of Eric Williams around anymore. There is a vacuum and that is what I read from the quotes of Neal and Yoruba. Both men are saying the same thing but put differently. Our peoples are still struggling but there is no Moses at the mantle with a wand in his hand, for us to follow. Worse yet, when we look into the horizon of hope, we see nothing as far as our eyes can envision. The only possible hope is probably Keith Rowley.
    What is wrong with such a hope is that he is a political figure and as such he cannot devote his time to our causes. So we MUST by virtue of our calling look somewhere else to pin our hopes, if we are to become relevant and keep in step with what is happening around us.

    Our enemies are not as easily identified as those of our parents and grand parents. They were foreign, white, brash, conquering, brutal and uncaring. Today’s enemies are much different.
    They come in the form of friendship, seemingly caring, seemingly logical, seemingly do-gooders, seemingly liberators and seemingly liberators. But their purposes are just as deadly and sinful.
    You know why? Because they come in the form of entrepreneurship.
    Because entrepreneurship is the device used for ‘development’ every Tom, Dick and Harrinarine use it to their advantage to come from the back of the line to the front of the line. And this is where the danger lies. Sometimes the people with such intent look and talk just like us. Sometimes, they even try to make us believe that they are really helping us. This is where the wisdom of Neal’s wise granny comes in. Neal’s granny would warn us that “you know book but you don’t know cover”. Meaning that you are so intellectually equipped that the simple things passes by without you even noticing the inherent traps set for your demise.

    If I were to mention the names; Camille Robinson-Regis, Bhoe Tewarie, Ansa Macal and original owners of land at Chaguaramas, it would sound just like a phrase taken from nowhere with absolutely no connection. If one were to take the actions by each of these people and put them into context, then we would arrive at a deadly poison of intent to see how our people are being screwed just by the machinery of state. The individuals may not be individually evil or even meaning evil intent. But when the word ‘entreneurship’ is put into the mixture of their intent, what comes out of it is for all intent and purposes – evil…………………………/continued

  9. ………./continues:

    Pre-American occupation, Chaguaramas was freehold land. Our former masters, the British usurped the land from its former owners – Ordinary black people. leased thousands of acreage to the U.S.A as pay back for some war machines, needed to fight its wars in Europe. Since they were the Lords and masters, they didn’t care what ordinary black folks think or mattered what effects it had on them when their lands were taken away. The only thing that mattered was that they had disposable land that they can leverage to fight their nefarious wars, to conquer more lands and precious stones for their monarchy. So Chaguaramas now belonged to the Americans. Dr. Eric Williams, knowing the history fought the Americans to regain that block of land from the Americans after Independence. The Americans relented and Chaguaramas was once again in the hands of Trinidad and Tobago.
    But who who first to benefit from the spoils of American occupation? one might ask! The relics of occupation and war leaves many valuable materials and goods that can be used for common good. And so, no other than Bhadase Sagan Maharaj came in as a scrap dealer and became a multi-millionaire from the spoils from that occupation. What cared about the original land owners? – Nobody!!!!!

    Fast forward to today. The CDA or Chaguaramas Development Authority came into being, with authority to overseer and ‘develop’ Chaguaramas. Under the watchful eyes of the UNC and its cohorts, the Minister of Planning and Development was tasked with this portfolio to ‘develop’ Chaguaramas. Without knowledge to the general public, our good friend Bhoe made deals that were are just beginning to hear about. Now, with the way things have gone, we have to assume that Chaguaramas belongs to The People. But deals were cut by the PP government that gave lands to people who shared no commonality with the ownership of the land previously. They now became land owners and entrepreneurs that gave them lordship and authority to do as they please. No consideration was given to the poor black people who were the original owners.

    With the ascension to power of the PNM, a lot of the secret deals are unravelling before our eyes as to how many of the deals were concocted. Based on what we read in the media, one can surmise that many important procedures were not followed in obtaining these precious lands. These businessmen have gone so far as to build multi-million structures, bought and imported exotic animals for their entrepreneurial ventures. The now Minister of Planning, Mrs Camille Robinson-Regis is on record as saying that even though these people did not follow the proper procedures to obtain their ‘loot’, it would be hard to prevent them from carrying on. This is where enabling the wicked comes in. What is the purpose of law and order if we are not going to enforce them? Why is it when the poor man breaks the law he is summarily a criminal. And when those with money and resources do the same, it becomes ‘nothing we can do to stop them’?. Is law just for the less powerful? Is following of the law only for those who are dis-enfranchised and an exception for those who have the means? Who are the real law-breakers here? What about those whose lands were taken from them? There still have their deeds in their hands but there is nobody to fight for them so that they can lawfully get it back into their hands.

    So brother Neal and Yoruba, this is the new fight, this is the new reality. This is the same fight, this is the same reality.
    Only this time we have to learn to delineate and identity them differently. What you and I are doing is what we can do. Hopefully, one might emerge from amongst us who can take it to another level that will accentuate and put it in an understandable form were the man-in-the-street can understand before actions can be taken. For now what you and Yoruba are doing is not in vain. We are in the initial stages of identifying the players and how they affect us all. In the meantime, keep on doing what you are doing. Maybe! just maybe a new Malcolm X might emerge, a new Martin Luther King might emerge, a new Eric Williams might emerge. This can only happen by continuing the fight for justice and FairPlay. We are talking about it now and just maybe some one might come along, maybe from Laventille, who can understand the fight and preach to us all as to how we can go forward with it. In the meantime all I can say is “que sera sera”…….. the fight continues……..

  10. “So brother Neal and Yoruba, this is the new fight, this is the new reality. This is the same fight, this is the same reality.
    Only this time we have to learn to delineate and identity them differently. What you and I are doing is what we can do. Hopefully, one might emerge from amongst us who can take it to another level…”

    Nicely put, Mi Hermano. ‘Me think,’ the key to life is to have a basic understanding on prevailing realities- be they domestic , or global- see your role within such , and try to contribute, so as to push the cause for Humanity forward.
    We cannot worry too much about the reactions of the audience , since that might be their own problem- locked in their socially unconscious prisons as many might be.
    What we can however do ,is tweak the message, or better yet , find a more effective medium ,from which to operate. Capiche?
    We must likewise do some occasional introspection , to see how others – across the board- might perceive us- re what we are attempting to convey.
    Here is the deal, that we often forget . Not only do you, I , Yoruba, and the myriad of well intentioned blokes , who aim to be difference makers , have our own narrow ‘self interest,’ in view, but likewise , those we wish to inveigle to change ,or advance, in a particular direction.
    Guys like ourselves , who have been physically out of the National scene ,for a bit , will be viewed as naive, over zealous , delusional , and unrealistic , even as they the prospective audience, try to latch on to a project proffered , all because of what can be obtained, on their part. Comprende?

    We must therefore be prudent, and cognizant ,about motives of those we attempt to engage- be they grand , or insignificant status.
    The past 4 years for yours truly, has been most illuminating indeed,as I’ve traversed the highways ,and byways of La Trinity/ & De Island Ward,observing, communicating , and probing, in ever so subtle fashion, with a view to assessing where our cross/ tribal people’s minds/ sensibilities , are, as a collective.
    My Perspectives have shifted a bit, and my ideological horizons elevated . If I decide to pen a book or two, based on my vast findings, I might just evolve into a Millionaire.
    As I have said before on this forum. I am reacting a critical point, and is ready to set things up a notch.
    The world is a much smaller place than it was 2 decades ago , before the Internet/ Social Media blew up. We must capitalize on it’s presence.
    Millions of global citizens , are crossing borders- some with economic means ,and enviable / much needed skills, others merely as desperate economic , or politically driven , refugees/ migrants .
    Our T&T , naturally, has been a recipient,as we are at geographical crossroads, coupled with the fact that overall peace, political stability , and not too shaky Democracy still abounds.
    That presents, mucho possibilities, and si, opportunities.
    Hope you are reading me , loud and clear.
    As fro your direct concerns about the ‘fight,’ and march forward. There is that old saying , dat you can’t put the cart before the horse.
    Unfortunately , no one would be tempted to come on board, with any of us , unless we are operating on a legally constructed Apparatus.
    Too many people in La Trinity, sees only two ‘end games.’ The first is , personal enrichment, and secondly,a long term goal of becoming a a Politician.
    Let me throw 4 names out to you, and you can put them under the microscope , to assess, and draw your own conclusions, as to their effectiveness, and reasons for political demise, once no longer useful.
    They are firstly , Mama Verna St Rose,a highly respected, Social Worker / Activist ,and former PP Minister , who became easy prey ,for members of de ‘use, & discard tribe.

    Secondly, there is Crime Watch guru, and former UNC candidate ,Ian Allen. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist , to figure out the reason for his demise, but most of us aren’t surprise, as we viewed him as a selectively outraged , opportunist creature, selling himself to the highest bidder.
    It’s one thing to protect a rich pal , with a penchant for physically abusing his wife , and terrorizing his kids,or go after low end Blue color criminals, but that’s where such ends.

    Third, was Transparency International High Priestess , Mary King, and need I say more? The lady has no clue as to what actually hit her as yet.

    4th , there is this once relevant ,anti Crime guy,Stephen Cadiz fellow, who prior to his ascension , as a glorified PP government Minister, was loud in condemnation of runaway criminality across this Country, but was silent , like a Chaguanas East Mouse , once he got a chance to look at de rear end,of his female PM, while seated in the Parliamentary Chamber, doing absolutely NADA!

    Not a single initiative on his part ,to curtail crime, while galavanting , around the corridors of power,like a high price Peacock, but one can be almost certain, this immoral , political comedian , would be front and center again , in 2016 , demanding action, by the new regime, re this problem. Pathetic!
    Last , but not least Makandal Dagga . Spent his entire life , preaching Africa, and Africans, only to spend the last years of his live as a Political joy rider – touting the virtues of a neo triumphalist , ungrateful tribe -even as his people suffered like low caste gutter rats , in a sewer located in Bombay.
    Enough with the typical PC Bullcrap!
    Unlike many on this site , who are apologist for foolishness,I personally don’t give a rats behind, as to how much Yoruba , or Kiswalli , Dagga spoke, or how lovely his African prison gabs were. Tell you what , if a hell truly exist , then this guy should be given a choice place in it , for his racial treachery , to all Africans , dead or alive in this country.
    I’m not too certain, many young people , NNE of the East Dry River , from Lavantille to where ever … in T&T,would be emulating anything this Activist did, while numerous ,will be lining up, from across the competing tribal wall, to follow the lead , of Sat Maraj, Y Porque Bro K?
    I’ll tell you. He had a clearer understanding of the End Game, and yes, delivered, while never serving as some glorified Politician.

    There it is ,5 local figures , who made their bones , as Socio – Political Advocates,then blindly jumped into politics, and proved useless, thus contributing to the growing CYNICISM towards political action ,as a channel for change , and or leaders as a whole.
    If my memory serves me right Bro Kian,one of the harshest critics of Marcus Garvey , was none other than Harvard’s 1st PHd recipient , and NAACP Founder , in Prominent American Sociologist / Scholar,Dr Du Bois,who helped orchestrate , the banishment from America of Marcus ,much to the delight of White folks,Y Por Que?
    The Caribbean Giant, and back to Africa/ Black Star Line /Pan Africanist visionary ,was stealing too much of his shine,on de grand stage.
    The bigger irony to this situation is, that Du Bois – in apparent disgust ,over limited positive changes in racist America-, eventually packed his Yankee Doggy bags , and ran to ancestral Africa ,to spend the rest of his miserable days.
    In like manner , troublesome/ Thorn in de flesh , CLR James, was kicked out of America , for his dangerous , Pro Marxist thoughts, but worst yet ,kept away from his land of Birth , by Papa Deffy Eric , and we both know why.
    Yep , de Man rat syndrome. Can’t have more than one living in de same hole ,si?
    Well ,…. that’s what White, evil , conniving Massa , will have us believe.
    More ironies- Teacher banned by student, then student became a teacher , who eventually banned his own student Stokley Carmichael , from his own country.
    Nuff Said.
    Being an Agnostic Buddhist myself ,let me leave you Brother K,with a few verse from de Stolen King James Bible, that I am almost certain ,will put a smile on the face of a surprised Brother Yoruba,and here it is:-It comes from Luke 5:5-8

    “5.A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.

    6 And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.

    7 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.

    8 And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

    Translation:- An Eric Williams could not evolve into who he was , without a CLR James influencing him /playing some role in his life,via scholarly works, and likewise Stokley Carmichael, would have taken up a big Scholarship, in any of the numerous , lofty,Higher Educational Institutions across America,that lured him at the time, but instead,opted for Howard,and isn’t Black America happy for that?
    Without this T&T Immigrant, Afro Americans, would still be living in Segregated districts, send their kids to similar schools,eat in said Restaurants , sit at the back of the bus, while being terrorized daily by the KKK.
    Sometimes as sowers , that’s all we can do , sow, and let things play themselves out.
    Put differently- No Rev Wright= no Barrack Hussain Obama. No Pat Chokolingo = no Uncle Shah,or progressive TriniCenter Nation Editor in Chief.
    No Papa Deffy Eric Williams -= No Sandhurst Coup school heroes , Uncle Shah, or Rex Lassalle.
    Tell you what , I am a full fledge Vegan today , in part ,because of Radio programs I listen to , that were conducted by Health Guru , Ex Lt .Rex Lassale , decades ago. I’ve always had a fondness for the media , and who knows what role the Sun, Bomb, Blast , & T&T Mirror played in shaping same.
    Just saying.

    There is work to be done yet, so let’s keep throwing seeds of hope , as we strive to cultivate patriotic , neo Humanistic, difference Makers , si?
    The real catalyst for authentic changes today are Civil Society/ NGO’s,working hand in hand , with progressive Business leaders, not necessarily government, though the latter ,has a significant role to play.
    Good prudent activism , entails learning to navigate in all three circles ,in efforts to satisfy competing interests , and so produce win . win results for all.
    Now that’s politics in a nut shell, and trust me when I say, none of the intellectual midgets , that are masquerading as learned blokes within local Campuses, while in actuality ,they are simply destroying the minds of our students in UWI, COSTAT,Cipriani Labor College , UTT, or USC,with their ancient theories,and doom, & gloom ideas, would be able to spin it any better.
    Speaking of teachers ,and students, here is an excellent Buddhist quote we can all chew on:- “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”


    Your influence counts , so use it!
    Love Humanity.

  11. Kian, Neal:

    I wrote a longish contribution last evening, pressed Submit, and then saw… nothing. It appears to have disappeared into cyber-space, lost for all eternity. This evening I’m pressed for time, and will be I think until the weekend. I may do a reprise of that attempted contribution. But for the moment, as we are on this general topic of “shining black princes” that at the least inspire, whatever otherwise might be their shortcomings, let me mention our own recently deceased Prof. Tony Martin. See this video of his.

    He is in the Garvey tradition of self-reliance, and like Garvey, both brave and brilliant. His very sudden passing looked to me suspiciously like a “hit”, and by the masters at that sort of thing. One thing I’m sure, he would have looked askance at the “Black Lives Matter” movement, purely on the basis that it is financed by such as George Soros. He like Garvey opposed the NAACP, and for the same reason. I do too. The principle is simple: we must do for self, otherwise we’re spinning top in mud. We should have no such slogan as “luv humanity” when we’re not yet able to do for self.

    Until I have more time…


    “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18)

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