No more take home laptops for students

By Rhondor Dowlat
August 27, 2016 –

LaptopPupils who will be entering Form One in secondary schools in the new school term, which opens on September 5, will face disappointment as they will not be receiving free personal laptops from the Government.

Instead, the Government, in revamping the laptop distribution programme, will seek to equip 50 high-quality laptops per school.

This was yesterday revealed by Education Minister Anthony Garcia during a press conference at the Ministry of Education, in St Clair.

Garcia said that the new policy was a major departure from the practice of the former government—the People’s Partnership government—which a study conducted showed was wasteful and counter-productive.
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    PUPILS who enter secondary school, for the first time as First Formers in the new term in September, will not be given a personal laptop as was the case when the People’s Partnership (PP) was in power. Instead, each school will receive 100 laptops which will stay on-site for use equally by all students of Forms I and II, Education Minister Anthony Garcia revealed yesterday at a news briefing at his St Clair-based Ministry.

    Kamla: A backward step
    The decision to discontinue the laptop programme is a retrograde step by the Government says, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Under the People’s Partnership government led by Persad-Bissessar, every pupil entering secondary school was given a laptop which they were allowed to take home.

    Tim calls it ‘betrayal’

  2. Very good move by the minister of education. He is taking away pen and paper also, soon he will take away any money to do repairs. When I went to school nobody gave me anything, schoolbooks, pen and pencil my parents purchased, I had to pay the school bus fare and I refuse school lunch because it was for poor children (we were not rich by any standard). Also school repairs were done by fundraising such as bazaars and parents volunteering time. Giving laptops will kill businesses who sell these items. Let the parents of the children spend their money and buy laptops then they will understand the value of it.

    Laptops are necessary to do homework and to socialize. Nobody uses pen and paper anymore. But under the PNM plan homework could be done with pen and paper, writing skills are slowly being lost.
    There are 4 laptops in my home, we have had those for many many years in good condition. We recently upgrade my son laptop for the work in university. No we did not get those free or gifted. It was purchased and so should others do rather than depending on a handout.

  3. Was education the real motive in her decision to give every pupil a laptop?

    Who were the contractors and at what price did the government pay per item?

    Was a discount given and how much, if so?

    What was the cost of such giveaway?

    What was the value for the money spent on those laptops?


    1. Yes I would like answers to the Brian Lara Stadium. Why is it costing $19 million just to power wash. I powerwash my backyard stones for free. Why $19 million? Is it a $1 million per 3,000 feet, that is smaller than my house. Who got that juicy contract. I see the thieves are out in their numbers whilst there is no medicine in the hospitals, URP workers not getting paid on time. If you not red and ready your job gone.

  4. The problem with Mr. Garcia, Minister of Education, is not only related to the Laptop change in policy, but also to the barrage of regressive policies ushered in since the PNM victory.
    He began by falsely parading a public relations stint disguised as a public forum on education, which turned out to be a series of public announcements by the PM and others to rationalize the devious and regressive changes which he was planning to introduce as new policy. No opportunities for public input were ever provided at any of these forums.
    The first stumble was the major mistake of eliminating the continuous assessment program and the removal of physical education, music and creative arts as legitimate programs and criteria for entrance to secondary schools. He claimed that he had the support of parents and teachers. In fact, this regression made teachers’ jobs easier and satisfied the rote learning with which middle class parents are so enamoured. This traditional move sent the education program decades backwards.
    Next, the Gate program changes which are going to affect the education goals of a significant percentage of the population were draconically imposed. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. The termination of full funding of tertiary education for new students, students already enrolled and senior citizens will deprive many of an education and create a legacy of student debt, a problem which many countries are trying to resolve.
    Now we are faced with this new announcement of the discontinuation of the laptop program, probably the most regressive and ill conceived step. The advantages and benefits of providing laptops are well documented worldwide. Numerous research and experimental projects have collectively and emphatically provided evidence of the positive benefits of laptop computer use in secondary schools and classrooms.
    The Minister’s rational and justification for his decision are the most contentious and disappointing aspects of his tenure so far.
    He made the following false and uninformed claims:
    Laptops are ineffective.
    Most schools do not have internet access
    ICT support is not present in schools.
    There are no computer labs in secondary schools.
    HP and Lenovo laptops are inferior.
    All of these claims are false.
    The Minister does not stop here. He goes on to terminate needed school construction and to freeze the establishment of early childhood education centers.
    Minister Garcia was once an educator in times gone past. He should resign or be fired.

    1. “You can’t make bread out of stone,” is what I like to refer to as Pearls of wisdom , from my late , extremely wise ,Tobago Granny- which incidentally , is most apropos , to counteract this over de top, bellyaching / whining ,re the subject of education , by the Country hating , neo tribal – Siamese Twins , TMan, and Mamboo.
      Hey guys , we survived those two , agenda driven- Anti -education-political bandits , in fake Tapia House agent , Boe Tewari, and Dr Gopiesing, and so we sure will , Mr Garcia.
      Last time I checked , oil , and gas prices – on which we as a country , are chiefly dependent – was still tumbling, so give it a rest , re these ostentatious,political request , you are demanding from the State, for it ain’t happening.
      Sorry TMan, your Canadian Track star daughter , has to pay for her education, and so should all Trinis.
      If you and tribe ,don’t like it , then there is Cuba, and China , where the State pays for even the underwear everyone wears- from the high end Doctor, to the peasant , prancing around Beijing , and Havana. In the interim, the Internet / Social media ,is closely guarded, one can get arrested , and experience lengthy jail sentences, if one only ‘pass wind ,’near a statue of Mao, or Nepotistic Fidel,Y Hermano Raul, or dare to question, any state policy.
      So you guys naively think that your leaders, government , and party , was some bastion of education , for citizens ,huh?
      You seriously believe,in your twisted Souls , they really cared about poor folks ,from de tribe-much less, dem warlike / low IQ ,Uncouth -savages,from ‘Afro Kinky Head – Nation,’ehhhh?
      You believe they had concern for business folks in this country as a whole, that are not from the tribal clan ,correct?
      Ok , then let’s roll de tape , shall we , and look at de evidence – for or against such naive notions.
      Perhaps one of the most dangerous roadways – in terms of safety,for T&T travelers-can be found between the junctions of Valsayne / Valpark entrance, and Grand Bazzar , along the CRH.
      It is an entry point for countless citizens , attempting to obtain, used car parts, at establishments, and regular lower middle class nationals , that are located in the Bamboo Settlement vicinity.
      It is the entry point ,for two major popular Malls.
      It is the resident entry point ,for some of the numerous elites of T&T , with houses – running in the high end millions bracket- that can rival, many jet setters, in far off places , such Hollywood Kalifornia, and Palm Beach Florida.
      It is the entry point, for workers of the Globally stella , Nestle Company,and for our particular purpose of discussion- ‘education,’ it is an entry / exit point ,for Students, staff, visitors,and regular workers , wishing to do business / study/ work, in Cipriani Labor College.
      On any given day , you can find folks, scaling the dividing – barrier walls ,along the roadway,sometimes walking long distances , to save a few bucks, or paying servicing Taxis,the extra fares , simply because they wish to get safely to their destinations.
      Why is this the case you ask? Well ,I’ll tell you, since main stream media Editors,from the likes of Newsday, Guardian, Express, and the million and 1 ,TV , and Radio Stations, won’t – until another citizens life is maybe lost to RTA , in that area.
      As part of my 3- 4 year , subtle Ethnographic Studies project, I have had a front seat , to observe ,decipher, a certain segment of La Trinity, while attempting to find a difference making niche, I can be involve in.
      The DESPERATE folks of Cipriani Labor College, do not have a walk over ,and safety luxury , like that of UWI , COSTATT, USC, and UTT students.
      The insignificant folks from the Bamboo, who are diehard COP/UNC /PP fans/ supporters/ voters, are not that important ,like the elite ,Foreign Used parts dealers , who finance the competing political parties, and so unlike the latter -who can drive out with their expensive foreign made SUVs- the former in contrast , has to repeatedly face the dangers I’ve alluded to.
      Unfortunately, the Nestle company ,is not located in the future Capital of T&T, ummm …Chagurnas, and so, they won’t get a walk over , but Chagurnas got two constructed by Kamla , and her political Brigade , during her 5 year reign- when oil was still $300 per barrel,si?
      Promises have been repeatedly made , but- as we like to say on de streets-‘to no avail.’ I have had various conversations with disgruntled folks- traveling to ,& fro – from all three affected areas , but even as their frustrations ,are reaching boiling point,typical Trinis as they are , many choose to brush off the problem,with escapist claims, that ‘it’s all politics,’ of which most have little public interest.
      Now least we all forget folks, these two political parties ,were built on the back of the Labor Movement.
      The PP , was once the United Labor Front,(for a reason) and so OWTU stalwarts George Weeks, as well as his then relevant- protege – Errol Mc Cloud, played a pivotal role ,in it’s development. Fast forward to 2015 , and that fat cat , self loathing -Afro eat a fooder/ National Award recipient -Errol ‘ Mack Loud,’headed the PP team , that contributed to the beat down of the national Labor Movement. Need I also mention Valsayne North’s own , UNC- big fish , in Wade -MBA – Mark,also a one time relevant Labor bloke , who gain power ,due to that fact, but then extended the middle finger, to all and sundry,if they demanded a few crumbs, from his party regime, while he was a glorified Speaker?
      With post Howard University/ Oxford -Papa Defy Eric at de helm, the PNM likewise , was able to become the stalwart Party it is today , because of support for labor struggles, and national political Rights,as played out on the grand stage ,against the neo Imperial massa,by Grenadian born ,Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler.
      Cipriani Labor College is considered a premier Labor Studies Institution in the region, people.
      It has perhaps one of the best/ most popular OSHA programs in the country. If I spoke to 100 students , over the past 3 years , 90 of them were studying for that degree. Think about that.
      In like manner , Nestle , I was reliably informed , has an excellent internal Occupational Health & Safety Service apparatus in place.
      Now here is the big Irony , folks. Both organizations, does not see the need to make this neglected ,external issue, a priority, and that’s a sick tragedy! In short Errol Mc Cloud as OWTU representative for Nestle , back in the day , saw safety as a priority for this company, but that’s where it ended , as he acted as PM , during his PM Kamla , foreign shopping tours , and Health upkeep , check ups.
      As for Dr Kwame Nantambu , ok ….we’ll leave it at that, except to add, the parking spot ,for his Mercedes, is still there, as those less fortunate students, navigate their way to his classes.
      Well… at least the Cafeteria , is finally up and running, some like their non confrontational Student Union President might exclaim , between sips of his Ritual Ice teas , & soon to be added- Starbucks Latte. That’s ‘swell,’ we can add!
      Tell you what,I’ve made repeated promises , to folks at all three areas , to speak up for,and attempt to initiate some action ,on this subject. This is just a first -tentative – step.
      Sadly in T&T, many folks firmly believe,that politics ends ,with voting at the polls, and hence the real reasons, why numerous ,elected politicians, tend to kick them around , once in power- be it ,if they are from the surrounding , mosquito infested , dirt poor -lagoons,’South of de Caroni,’ smelly Betham labasse,NNW of de East Dry River, or many -of Rowley, and London’s Tobago -neglected , crab hole enclaves,from Bethel,Mason Hall, and Lambeau. .
      Advocacy is the key!

      Now that Ian Alleyne is looking for a job, maybe I can inveigle him to aid me in getting Znend -Hu-SAN off the ground. Znendrii Human Security Advocacy Network.
      Ain’t this something people ? We have comedians , on Trini Center Nation ,going off on a stupid Rants, about Lap tops , student loans, and governmental life time grants,for 55 year olds , and upper crust elite students, while our country, 7 miles away from a Spanish speaking fiefdom, and encircled by Latin America,yet 99 % of dem ,can’t utter a word of Spanish.
      Make me Minister of Education in the morning, and I’ll make a decree, that no student in any of institutions of higher learning , gets a degree, that ain’t fluent in a foreign language – especially Espanol.
      Think of the cross regional Socio economic opportunities, people!

      Nation building an’t an easy proposition, and all hands are needed on deck- be it on crime,women empowerment, child abuse/ neglect , elusive Sustainable development,environmental degradation, immigration affairs,and socio- economic justice, for poor, disenfranchised communities.
      Together we created the mess we are presently in,and I for one, surely don’t need some lifetime Senator ,in Social Psychologist / Criminology expert -Dr Deosaran,or Political Scientists, such as Dr Hamid Ghanny, and Dr Selwyn Ryan ,to tell us ,dat only together, we can fix same,si?

      Like Pax America ,our T&T , por ejemplo , is grappling with the ugly fallouts, from gun violence, and what on the surface might correctly be described as -sup par law enforcement.

      On both sides of the Global North/ South equations, limited discussions are done with respect to the prevalence of deadly GUNS!
      Additionally, like many across the globe , we too have become dependent on political handouts, and possess a mindset of fixation on obtaining opaque , Educational Credentials, with no real ‘end game.’ in sight.

      There is obviously much work to be done, but the optimist in me say ,while echoing the words of Black Stalin, “we can make it , if we try.”
      Solidarity matters!
      If you ain’t part of de solution, then you are part of the problem, some much wiser than yours truly say, and who can doubt them, hmmm?
      I Luv dis land, Y tu?
      Long live de Republic of Toaba… oooops , lo siento, T&T!

  5. “When I went to school,…” blah blah,blah. Mamboo.
    Hilarious stuff indeed.This Mamboo guy,is attempting to convince us-and obviously failing miserably- dat he ,and his still psychologically traumatized ,35 other siblings-made by an oppressive alcoholic Papa, and sadly , a depressed Mama,before she reached the ripe old age of 35-actually received an education.
    Yeah Right! The late,great John Agitation,Auntie Beulla,Bill Trotman,Sprangalang,Tommy Joseph,or dat Fabian guy,ain’t have nada on you Mamboo.
    Who is he kidding folks? Certainly ain’t us, de more astute blokes, on dis here Trini Center Nation,more acquainted ,with his opaque ,feel good /neo tribal, illogical ideas,and incoherent,Anti African-psychobabbles,si?
    Tell you what, if the repeated diatribes you Mamboo,have continually regurgitated,on a daily basis ,for the benefit of long suffering readers, on ‘dis here Information Highway,’ emanated from the brains of an educated creature,then your teachers,if still alive,should be dragged out from their TT $10,000 per month nursing homes, and beaten to within an inch of their lives,and their pension checks confiscated,for failure.
    Seriously , it is time Trini Center create the Trollogian Award of the week , to honor de likes of cyber comedians , such as this Mayaro fellow.
    Interestingly enough , folks like Yours Truly,and mi Progressive , ever Patriotic / Non partisan Hermanos , in Kian, and Yoruba , won’t stand a chance of winning ,even one such, but we can live with that reality,and why?
    Nation building ain’t an easy proposition, and we know our individual, and hopefully, collective roles , in striving to be part of the solution/ budding difference makers-which includes the following , via our digital advocacy forays:-
    1.Holding leaders -in ,and out of power- symbolic hands, to de fire.
    2.Demanding proper stewardship, and accountability, by all power brokers.
    3. In the face of our comatose, complicit, main stream media , and worst yet, growing callous ,self serving ,cross tribal elite,we shall strive to play some part, in being a voice for the weak , socially maligned , and economically disenfranchise-be they poor women, children,or exploitable immigrants.
    No , none , Neyet nah,nah , we don’t really care if it’s a 9, 10 12 , 14 or 16 year old , forced married Indo Trini kid, trying to hold off the sexual adventures, of her fake religious 40 year old, South of de Caroni, pot belly husband.
    We don’t give a hoot if it’s one of thousands, unmarried Afro Trini underage girls, deprived of love, who naively think, that making another baby for a simi educated, unemployable , slave thinking -gangster, will give her, de love she sort from an absentee Papa.
    We could care less , if it’s a Venezuelan , Columbian,or DR desperate , Latina , non English speaking Chica, trying to earn some dollars, to feed the awaiting family back in their Pais. We don’t give a rats rear end, if it’s a Yardee, Guyanese, Tobago bound English/ German tourista, or Nigerian immigrant, hoping to earn piece of de T&T economic pie,peaceful paradisio.
    We’ll stand up to speak for them all.
    Unlike what comedians such as Mamboo,his Siamese Twin TMan , or similar selectively outraged, unmentionable , non patriots , may claim, we have no allegiance to race , tribe , party , or region.
    Our main concerns are for the welfare of all 1.3 million plus citizens,and the myriad of others, who wish to make here their home.
    As an Agnostic Buddhist / Pragmatic ,Neo Progressive -Global Humanist myself , I hope to see suffering ended ,for all sentient beings.
    Brother Yuroba preaches a neo spiritual philosophy ,of self love , and aim for liberation of a misguided people ,somewhat Historically confuse people, via reeducation.
    Bro Kian is that much needed ,sound , steadfast , logical ,moral voice , that hopefully, will’ keep us on the part ,’ and thus save many ,from destroying themselves.

    “We recently upgrade my son laptop for the work in university.” Mamboo

    For those of you still curious as to why , our T&T remains a backward , underachieving ,unwholesome cesspool , laden with clueless, country hating ,social degenerates,simply waiting in the winds, to sell out , and destroy their country, then look no further.
    This guy has kids, who were forced to listen to his…. ummm…. wise councils. Pity the Professors, and fellow University classmates, who have endure attempts at healthy discourse , with Mamboo Jr.
    However ,I digress. As to the subject at hand , the eradication of Kamla’s UNC dominant/PP-break down every other week-pay for your own repairs,and expensive , unreliable internet service-laptops?
    Maybe this is a step in the right direction.Who knows?
    This is what democracy entails.
    If voters were that enamored with such technological gifts ,’me think,’ they would have voted Kamla, and her agenda driven party, back in power.
    Come the next Local Election-or is it Marginal seat by elections for a disgruntled / maybe Appeal court victorious PP-they’ll get their chance soon enough ,to test the mood of the voting public , for the PNM Socio- economic – com political -fat trimmings / beat downs,when money is now allegedly a serious problem.
    Let’s wish our people-as a collective – well, shall we?
    Ain’t life a thing of beauty ,folks? Just imagine for a moment , if Lennox Phillip, aka Yasin Abu Bakr ,the former Horse police / Football goalie ,turned Coup leader, had a forum such as this ,when he return from Canada , fresh from his Islamist indoctrinations,and trying to find his way in La Trinity, hummmm?
    Stay Vigilant T&T, & most importantly,remember – Love Humanity/ forget de tribe!
    Failure so to do , can have dire consequences, hmmmm?
    In de Interim , stay tuned for the Znend- Hu-San .
    Znendrii Human Security Advocacy Network.
    Your influence counts , so use it folks!

  6. Brother Neal, there are those who think that their tasks is just to write in contrary terms to you, Yoruba and myself especially when the subject of race is muted, explicit, mentioned or implied. It is sometimes important to mention race when the subject matter is relevant but the “recalcitrant minority” are only interested in protecting the interests of the “recalcitrant minority”. They believe that effectively running a country is to ONLY HAVE those who look like them in the management of projects. They believe that the Indian Policy is the only way they can stay in power. They do not believe that we have the intelligence to decipher their narratives. With an idiotic AG like Ramlogan, a misguided PM as Kamla, a hired hand Finance Minister like Larry Howai, a loud mouth Sports Minister like Anil Roberts, an entrepreneuring Housing Minister like Moonilal, a questionable integrity chairman as Zainool, a host of unqualified heads of state enterprises and a five year mandate of five years and three months, they believe that they possess leadership qualities to govern with impunity. It must be so with our erstwhile friend regurgitating the performance of the UNC/PP regime. The ghost achievements are of course ONLY for the books, the same way Nigel Henry hood winked us into believing the 30 percent of the country had no favor with either party. We continue to see the fallout from their presence with a questionable judiciary whose rulings questions their allegiance to law or party. A medical fraternity that is more interested in sustaining their fraternity than the health of the country.
    A civil service with UNC ‘plants’ placed in strategic places to make sure the policy of the PNM government does not succeed. A law enforcement staffing that features recalcitrants, unqualified
    professionals and political hacks to ensure their message that crime surges under PNM rule.

    When Mamoo triumphantly regurgitate UNC/PP performance he is saying that this is where they still hold power.

    1. Kian wrote”A civil service with UNC ‘plants’ placed in strategic places to make sure the policy of the PNM government does not succeed. A law enforcement staffing that features recalcitrants, unqualified
      professionals and political hacks to ensure their message that crime surges under PNM rule.”

      You don’t have to worry about PNM success, nor do you have to worry about catching criminals while you sleep comfortably in your dingy Brooklyn apartment.

      The facts will soon arise like a colossus as TNT sink in all direction. The happiness index indicate that things are bad, just 11 away from being the most unhappy nation on the planet. Even Afghanistan, Venezuelans with terrible food shortages are happier than Trinis. One year ago unemployment was an incredible 3.5%, in less than a year 10,000 jobs disappeared with more to go according to economist. The true financial state of the nation remains a mystery.

      Yes VAT on all items, tax on gas, no more take home laptops, no more scholarships, back to secret scholarship programs, soon to be implemented a tax on how many toilets and Windows you have in your home called property tax,tax on luxury vehicles, Point Fortin highway closed, Several of the 19 kidney dialysis centers set up as a private public sector arrangement by the PP Govt closed. Kidney dialysis patients to scrunt,highway medians to South have not been cut since September last year. Grass in some places over six feet,. Minister of Public Utilities announces that TTEC and WASA rates to be reviewed upwards
      Gas and diesel prices were already increased in last budget. Expect another in September.
      Car park prices at Water taxi terminal almost doubled and you encouraging people to park and use the water taxi
      WE IN Charge so we don’t have to maintain the Chaguaramas Board Walk. That was a UNC project. Let it be destroyed.

      This is how the balisier brigade thinks..
      When they increased Fuel by 15% they told you is no big thing you would only have to pay $120 more per month to fill your tank.
      When they increased VAT by 12.5% they told you is no big thing you would only have to pay $50 more per month in grocery bill.
      When they increased Mortgage Rates they told you is no big thing you would only have to pay $300 more per month in mortgage
      Now they telling you Property Tax is no big thing you would only have to pay $120 more per month in Tax..
      Well, if you add up all the “no big things” you are going to get “one big thing” $590.00 more per month and that is using their “no big thing” figures. It’s actually a lot more than that.

      Yes folks criminals will soon be living better than hard working citizens. We like it so, we red and ready.

    2. Well said Brother Kian. I could not put this better- the problem we are forced as a nation to grapple with moving forward.
      We de more politically savvy, can well remember the fable of ‘The dog with the bone,’ hmmmm? He lost it all, due in great measure , to similar selfishness, and obvious greed. Since ‘Race matters,’Let continue to play a role in assisting our fellow folks , in elevating their game, by simultaneously , not hesitating to look out for ‘the other.’

      On a more pertinent issue , I find myself over the past 4 years of doing my subtle ,ethnographic studies of fellow La Trinity Piazannos , pondering a line , found in John 1:11 ,of de stolen King James Bible, and it reads as follows:- “He came unto his own, and his own received him not.”

      I’m beginning to see more merit /an urgent need, to push some win/ win program / drive / initiative,that will focus on, and aid in a positive way , Immigrant,and refugee , starting of course with our T&T ,aka Baby America.
      The past 20 years we have been saying our population is 1.3 million, but I am almost certain ,a real check would also reveal at least 300 thousand immigrants ,have flocked to our shores, and the majority , might be illegals- doing heavens knows what to survive.
      The level of abuse ,and exploitation , by our greedy Business leaders, who have capitalized on this anomaly , is obvious. The social neglect , and clear ignorance of our politicians , and influential Public Service agents/ officials -on both sides of the so called divide – on addressing this issue , is staring at us, and we are paying a price, from Lavantille, to Chagurnas, Mt St George to Carnbee, Marabella, to Carenage.
      I am yet to see a coherent foreign policy , that’s focused on getting skilled immigrants – starting even with say Jamaica.
      Since 1976 , and Don Curry, our Yardee cousins,has successfully accumulated ,about 300 medals across the globe,while our T&T ,since Hasley, less than 25. Bring in some darn Yardee Coaches , and emulate their sports system.
      T&T , is an alleged , trans shipment point for drugs , deadly weapons , amongst other -sexually enticing – unmentionables ,from Latin America, but that negative by product ,ain’t all our neighboring Latin cousins, have to offer. Of this I am certain.
      Oh yes, another extension of the Chagurnas, and Mausica Indo Expos, is de way forward.
      Let’s give another 100 thousand licenses, to more Chinese nationals, to start unhealthy foods eateries,and rum shops-only because they built a NAPA events center , that broke down in less that two years, or some opaque hospitals in Tobago, and Couva. Let them open a new Supermarket on every corner , and due to non regulation, allowed to import , and ,sell expired products for don’t give a darm citizens, only to finally ship every penny of profits back home, then we can stupidly wonder aloud ,about non existent FOREX.

      If there me any merits re my concerns, get back to me on the subject.
      As I’ve repeatedly said to you and my fellow progressives, wasting useful energies on happy go lucky citizens,who sees the end game as only voting PNM / UNC , and jumping up in boorish Carnivals, Independence jams ,and Pagwah / Jose extravaganzas , are getting us no where.
      Time to make a real difference , where possible!

      PS,on a lighter note , please tell Bro Yoruba, dat pretty soon , I’ll explain to him (re his question) in greater detail ,my fondness , for interspersing my discourses with sprinkling of ….. ummmm… pigeon Espanol..- if such exist.
      In ending , let me add, that we need what American President G .H .Bush , once refer to as “The VISION THING,” in underachieving T&T.

      ‘Where you at,’ people! Still willing to wallow in mediocrity ,as your competing tribal leaders ,while doing nada, pretend to work together , to confront urgent, yet neglected political issues , and worst ,ugly ,socially debilitating problems, that are affecting our society, and Trinbago Brand?

      I’m talking of course about, Sub par Health Care Service, runaway corruption, and escalating Blue / White color crimes, abuse of women, neglect of kids/ elderly, a stagnated overdependent on oil/ gas economy,State centrist,low end job policy, as opposed to private entrepreneurial initiatives ,for willing / enterprising , neo Credentialism / Purposeless education- to name a few.
      I luv this land, Y tu?

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