T&T’s new 21-member Cabinet

By Sampson Nanton
August 19, 2020 – guardian.co.tt

PM Keith RowleyTwenty-one ministers have been sworn in to for the new Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago, with most returning to their regular portfolios.

The Prime Minister has also opted to create new Ministries, including the Ministry of Youth Development and National Services, to be headed by the Fitzgerald Hinds.

In addition to the 21 Ministers, there are nine Junior Ministers.

Dr Amery Browne will return as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Pennelope Beckles has been appointed to Housing and Community Development.
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7 thoughts on “T&T’s new 21-member Cabinet”

  1. …A. Hotep…I see
    *Land & Agriculture
    *Local Government
    *Works & Transport

    1. Inconvenient
      You forgot National Security, External Affairs (married to an Indian), Agriculture x2, AG x2. Also , if you count the Mixed Ministers, there are very few pure Africans in government.
      This is taking race to ridiculous extremes!
      ….only in the eyes of a devout racist!

      1. Lol
        Waitaminute..Who bawlin’ so loud? Like ah big stone land in somebody garden and hit them!

      2. Tman,
        Ironically, as i have pounted out before, african history invalidates any claim to uniform ‘pure’ blooded african ‘race’. You cannot tell with certainty, if someone is pure blooded african or not. Did i say anything about race in my post? Why are you so hot, sweaty and sticky? Is it possible that you are projecting your issues unto my post? Is it that you see an unjust imbalance, that EXCITES YOU, and instinctively want to protect from analysis?
        Just a thought!
        🙂 🙂


      3. Tman said “You forgot…”

        Tman, if you think i forgot anything in my post, you aren’t nearly as perceptive or intelligent as you think. Read again!

        1. Inconvenient
          You need a hobby.
          Consider Indian classical dancing. It will bring you serenity,joy and peace.

  2. OWTU: TT still ‘painfully straddled’ with ‘modern-day massas’

    Ancel’s History!
    The irony of that statement! Listen to the same ahistorical garbage leaving the mouths of adult male african ‘leaders’ about THEIR peoples history! According to ancel roget, 1970’s BLACK power movement, was about african AND INDIANS coming TOGETHER to dismantle colourism and overt racism in T&T!…
    Goodness, gracious me! This man is attributing an african movement to indians,who according to a brahman-ist historian were a handful. Look:
    East Indians and the Black Power and the Black Power Revolution

    Also, Ancel Roget the “wise”, equivocates the enslavement of Africans with Indian indentureship, describing BOTH as ‘inhumanity’. Why not portugese & chines indentureship as well? They both existed BEFORE indian indentureship! African people were kidnapped, and shipped like animal cargo, naked and chained inside the HULLS of ships. Indians, purposefully signed up for indentureship in india, as an escape from persecution and oppression from other indians. They planned, and packed their belongings for a sea voyage, fully clothed, as human beings, and PASSENGERS, NOT ANIMAL CARGO!The seafare for indian immigration to T&T, was paid for by TAXING AFRICANS! Every single indentured immigrant labourer (chinese, portugese and indian) ship ticket was paid for out of the pockets of african trinidadians via ‘special’ taxes! Indians arrived in T&T as human beings, bound to a contract, to work for pay until the agreed time period they signed (5-7 years) was over. Indians benefitted from africans’ humanization of the island by fighting against their enslavement on moral and spiritual grounds. The government of india and the british, had assigned representatives to address whatever grievances indians had. Indians had LEGAL FULL HUMAN STATUS, AFRICANS WERE LEGALLY 3/5 HUMAN BEING (ANIMALS)!!! Also, as an incentive to stay and chant all lives matter, indians were GIVEN A CHOICE , to stay and recieve free land denied to africans, or return to india by ship fare paid by taxing africans. What type of individual of african descent, would equivocate the two? Is ancel roget a PNM Minister? Or a PNM? and yet the pseudo history flows from his lips like ALL african politicians on african history, in order to appease other ethnic groups. Really ancel? Indian trinidadians tried to END colourism and racism in T&T??? The same indians who, in the article provided, up til present day DENY being black?? The same indians who oppose the taking down of statues of slave owners and imperialists??? That keep saying ALL LIVES MATTER??? African people are starving for genuine representatives of conviction and group integrity! SMH!

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