Do Black Lives Matter in Trinidad?

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe
July 06, 2020

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeWhile the world has been impacted by the Black Lives Matter movement, none of the political parties of T&T has issued a statement on its relevance to black people of this country. Nor, for that matter, have they told us how they will deal with the impoverishment, unemployment, alienation and miseducation of our black youths.

Necessarily, black youths from these under resourced communities have reminded us that black lives matter and that there must be an accounting for past wrongs and present grievances. Predictably, there will be more clashes between the police and the youths of these deprived communities if things continue as they are going.

It is not accidental that simultaneous disturbances occurred in Morvant, Belmont, Port of Spain, Laventille, Barataria, Arima and Maloney. Given the deep sense of alienation among black youths, future clashes between the police and these citizens will be more intense, better organized and just as sophisticated as scenarios we see in the favelas of Brazil.

Minister Stuart Young says that these youths were recruited and paid by criminal elements. He described them as “gangsters” who were recruited “to perform orchestrated acts, including blocking roads, confronting police officers and even shooting at them” (Express, July 1). The Prime Minister added to this simplistic formulation on Thursday.

Minister Young also said theirs “was a well-orchestrated plot by certain gang leaders” who hoped “to get national support, when they commenced their plan to cause mayhem, fear, and destruction throughout the country.” He assured us that TTPS has the full support of the Defense Force “and they will not hesitate to do all that is in their power to keep the peace.” In this rendering, the execution of Allen Mosely, the accidental killing of Ornella Greaves, and the shooting of Joel Jacob, Noel Diamond and Israel Clinton had nothing to do with the disturbances.

Eric Williams, the leader of the PNM, represented the underprivileged communities of John John and “Behind the Bridge.” De Wilton Rogers, PNM’s first education secretary, reminded us of PNM’s close association with these “criminal” communities.

At the party’s inaugural meeting at the University of Woodford Square in 1956, Williams outlined the party’s fundamental principles to thousands of its supporters. He told them that the PNM “begins its life on earth by listing [he might have said ‘listening’ to] the needs of the community….

“To stimulate and promote the growing feeling of nationalism, racial consciousness, religious zeal, all members of the various sub-cultures essayed to meet on common ground” (Rogers, The Rise of the People’s National Movement).

The members of the community trusted the party leaders and vice versa. The party leaders grounded with community members who reciprocated by protecting them. I wonder if Young, Faris Al-Rawi, Colmn Imbert, Rohan Sinanan, Franklin Khan, Terrence Deyalsingh, or Kazim Hosein showed (or could have shown) their faces in the affected communities during the crisis.

I am not sure if those in the leadership of the government have read or studied the original objectives of their party or took time to find out about the national and international struggles of black people. It was not for nothing that Williams wrote The Negro in the Caribbean and Capitalism and Slavery. At Howard University, he worked with E. Franklin Frazer (author of The Negro Family in the United States), Alain Locke (author of The New Negro), and Ralph Bunche, the first African American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The sanctity of black lives was close to Williams’s heart.

Sometimes I wonder if the people who lead the PNM know anything about the evolution of black people in T&T or empathize with the challenges that black youths face. Although Williams was not always successful, he strove to understand the behaviour of those he chose to serve.

Although PNM does not bear the full blame for the deteriorating conditions among our black youth, the entrenchment of brown and white power at the helm of business and government grows inversely to the suffering of black people. Moreover, the government’s abnegation of its responsibility to its major constituents has only added bitterness and gall to their social isolation.

Black people have been, and continue to be, shortchanged in this country. When young black men and women rise up in righteous indignation, they do so because those in power refuse to see them and/or hear what they say.

Any organization that forgets its original mission is likely to become a caricature of itself. The US Republican Party, under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, led black people out of slavery. Today, the Republican Party is a symbol of reaction and its leader is one of the most racist leaders the US has ever seen.

Black youths shall continue to confront the police verbally and militarily. If things do not change, they will make more coordinated attacks against the police which will cause greater mayhem. They will see that their problem is not so much about the police but an unresponsive and uncaring political and economic system. If PNM is not careful, it can turn into its antithesis as money, rather than ideas and principles, control its actions.

The selection of seven people to address the problems of “at-risk communities” is nothing but a plaster on a deep wound. The manifestos of both parties must outline a well-laid out program, as a part of their national development plans, to deal with the problems of black people. Black development must not be seen as incidental but central to our larger economic and social goal. It’s neither a psychiatric nor a psychological problem.

Black lives will continue to deteriorate unless each political party presents and implement a national plan that addresses their condition. The sanctity of black lives must matter particularly in a black country.

38 thoughts on “Do Black Lives Matter in Trinidad?”

  1. Hasan Minhaj, a young, indian american, and host of his Netflix series titled “Patriot Act”. He recently aired an episode titled
    “We cannot stay silent about George Floyd”. In this episode, minhaj confessed to the deep seated hatred for blackness and anti-african-ness within his community. He detailed haw indians harass, abuse and ostracize, even family menbers who have dark skin…one term he sais indians use to offensively mock a dark skinned (black) indians, is to refer to that person as…Get this
    “Kaloo” ! This should raise eyebrows in the caribbean, because, the indian community has always maintained that they are not black (complexion/race reference), that they are Indian (Geo-graphic reference) but…”Kaloo” is a very commom surname within the indian community of Trinidad and the caribbean. OOPS!

  2. Is T&T a Black country? Or is T&T a multiracial and multicultural country in which the largest minority is of Indian descent?
    Does this statistical fact, however inconvenient, justify the line up of Indian and non-Black PNM ministers listed in the article?
    None of this takes away from the central thesis of the article but create a major and unnecessary distraction which appears to be racially tinged.
    Why is the PM striking a committee to investigate a problem which has been studied to death on multiple occasions by multiple governments? The problem is already known to the PM and the country. Take action now to arrest the deterioration of people in at risk areas all over the country.

    1. Trinidad, is OVERWHELMINGLY populated by BLACK SKINNED people, of which one ethnic group has straight hair and facial features that differ from African. The population census of trinidad, is not biologically derived data, but aquired by asking citizens what they SELF-IDENTIFY as, and observing their PHENOTYPE! The largest group of SELF-IDENTIFIERS are “indian” followed by the second largest group of SELF-IDENTIFIERS as “african”.The third largest group of SELF-IDENTIFIERS in Trinidad’s population census is the nonsensical, ambiguous term “mixed”, of which a MINORITY is Indian+African descent! Now, because of the unique history of “Africans” as an ethnic group in the americas, the caribbean and the transatlantic slave trade, africans in these territories, have NEVER had any delusions of genetic “purity”. Their ancestors were systematically raped, producing tens of millions of “mixed” offspring, who further mixed with europeans, native peoples, and chinese people, all BEFORE a single indian arrived in 1845. MOST africans in the americas and the caribbean ARE (GENETICALLY) “MIXED” and have been with at least european and native/indigenous american peoples before 1845. According to documented history of trinidad, Africans were alongside the native peoples of trinidad, fighting against the spaniards in 1537, 300 years BEFORE indian arrival! ALL of the so-called “caribs” (native peoples’ descendents) are OBVIOUSLY and not so obviously of AFRICAN descent, but they SELF-IDENTIFY as “Carib” or “mixed” (Native, European & African). The MAJORITY of Trinidadians are of African descent, with no Indian ancestry. A MINORITY of Trinidadians, are of indian ancestry, but have no african ancestry. The only accurate population census , would be to determine how many people are african, with no indian ancestry and indian with no ancestry…THEN tally up. However, many factors overwhelmingly point to africans, with no indian ancestry, being the VAST MAJORITY.
      (1) Because of Trinidad’s racial hierarchy, in which “pure” african is BENEATH “pure” indian, whereas Trinidadians/Caribbeans are INCENTIVIZED to ADMIT/BOAST they are of indian ancestry, Indians are not, and likely to HIDE/DENY their african ancestry.
      (2) Historically, indians, freely intermarry with mixed-race africans, who have dominant european, chinese or native trinidadian ancestry, ignorantly thinking they are NOT of african ancestry, and the offspring of these marriages believe that they are not of african ancestry and SELF-IDENTIFY as indian (especially if the have the surname).
      e.g. 1 Former president, Anthony carmona (indian wife) SELF-IDENTIES as “mixed” (european, native american and african)
      e.g. 2Former president Maxwell richards (Also indian wife), who was visibly of african descent (phenotype), is referred to on Wikipoedia as ONLY of chinese and “carib” (native trinidadian) descent. More than likely, his chinese and native trinidadian families were mixed with african.
      e.g. 3 Ricardo Bharath-Hernandez SELF-IDENTIFIES as “Carib” with indian ancestry, BUT, He is VISIBLY of African descent and more than likely, as typically, his mixed race african-native trinidadian parent, married his indian parent.
      eg. All the “Venezuelan”/”Colombian”/”Latin Americans” in trinidad are of african descent…. ALL! (Native American, European AND AFRICAN)
      It is typical in trinidad, to deny african ancestry (if you can “pass” as white, chinese, “native”).

      Trinidad is a MAJORITY AFRICAN DESCENDED country (no indian ancestry)

      1. It’s amazing how they manipulate the census and Africans in TT and the ‘educated class’ eats it up like bubble gum.. And Dr Mohammed keeps insisting that Afro-Trinis are a helpless minority on the ‘wine on a big bam bam’ radio station.. It is a conspiracy… Anyway, shouldn’t Black Academia be defining or rather, re-defining, BLACK in TT, in this BLM age..
        It’s chilling to see ‘indigenous’ Blacks profess their Blackness all up in Australia, Taiwan, Philippines and more.. and we still have these Black Kolis running their scam in TT..

        Just one visit to TT by Suraj Yengde will put Massa Burnley and this madness to rest.. Hello Steven Kangal..

        BTW… disclaimer..

        Wiki: The Koli people are an ethnic Indian group in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka and Jammu and Kashmir states.

        1. My Goodness Ram K! I am pleasantly surprised to hear you know about Suraj Yengde. I’m pleasantly shocked!

  3. There are people littered all over the rural areas of T&T who are suffering with the same impoverishment, unemployment, alienation and miseducation which are affecting Black youth in the areas of POS.
    They do not reside in clusters but they exist. In devising a plan to lift Black youth out of poverty, an examination of the improvement strategies used by rural populations might be beneficial.

    1. Rural populations that are CASH poor, are always rich in fertile LAND\Agricultural resources. This is a geographically inherent ADVANTAGE over those poor urban populations. To omit or deny this, while posturing as though indians in rural areas are simply more inherently resourceful, is obnoxiously dishonest, despicable, typical, and racist

      1. I know now that all people hunger for a noble, unsullied past, that as sure as the black nationalist dreams of a sublime Africa before the white man’s corruption, so did Thomas Jefferson dream of an idyllic Britain before the Normans, so do all of us dream of some other time when things were so simple. I know now that that hunger is a retreat from the knotty present into myth and that what ultimately awaits those who retreat into fairy tales, who seek refuge in the mad pursuit to be made great again, in the image of greatness that never was, is tragedy.”
        ― Ta-Nehisi Coates

        1. “Cruelty, yes: it was in the nature of indian family life. The clan that gave protection and identity, and saved people from the void, was itself a little state, and it could be a hard place, full of politics, full of hatreds and changing alliances and moral denunciations. It was the kind of family life i had known for much of my childhood…”
          – Sir V.S. Naipaul

          “Actually, we owe a great deal to those british officers and men and scholars who went deep into our literature , to translate the texts which the brahmins didn’t want known outside of their own coterie.”
          -Sir V.S. Naipaul

  4. The government depend on the Defense Force to keep law and order but there are Ex soldiers did-not get their gratuity can the relevant pay the ex soldier as for instance 4039 ex corporal Bonaparte J from Maloney Gardens don’t want to join the protesters

  5. Do black lives matter to Dr. Cudjoe…MORE than Indian acceptance??? After the People’s Parnership (UNC)’s return to power during 2010-2015, Dr. Cudjoe’s behaviour took a strange 180 degree turn…he started softening his stance on indian racism (in and out of politics) He laundered Satnarayan Maharaj’s horrificly racist career in anti-african racism into someone comparable to MLK. That was the last straw for many, but i had been observing his switch even before he wrote the article “Is Sat really a racist” , where Dr.Cudjoe actually downplayed the violently racist Hindu Apartheid ideology as merely akin to “colourism” among african people.
    Painfully, I can no longer trust Dr. Cudjoe or take him seriously after THAT…Gaslighting your own people to LAUNDER Sat Maharaj’s racism?? Satnarayan Maharaj, right after Dr Cudjoe first laundered his legacy with that 2016 article, Satnarayan Maharaj DEFAMED Patrick Manning by dishonestly labelling him a RACIST!!
    Even after that, Dr Cudjoe Laundered Satnarayan Maharaj’s legacy! No european jew would launder the legacy of a NAZI, just because they were on good terms personally, or because the Nazi was old…because his PEOPLE are more important!
    In this article, Dr Cudjoe says “…none of the political parties of T&T…told us how they will deal with impoverishment, unemployment, alienation and miseducatiom of black youth” He refused to mention RACISM, as one of the issues political parties should address.Why? because, the main perpertrators are indian, and he desires their acceptance…more than justice for black lives?
    Racism is a torture in life is WORSE than death itself!

  6. While the term “Black Lives Matter” should be observed everywhere, I do not agree with the sentiments ascribed by Dr. Cudjoe as it relates to how it is construed in our country. In Trinidad (maybe not Tobago), that term should not be considered just a slogan, its meaning has depth that transcends race, wealth and posterity. It means respect for self, pride in self, cultural acceptance, love for self, love of ancestry, cultural and generational growth. There were once a time when it felt good to walk down High Street in San Fernando and felt good to look at Calendar’s with pride knowing that the owners looked like me.
    Johnson’s and others presented the same aura. But something went wrong with black pride when some (especially the well-to-do) started sending their off-springs to places like England, the United States, Canada and other developed countries. Those enlightened off-springs never returned to the mother land. Those belonging to the higher echelons in our African population never returned to maintain the mantle of pride and leadership in our communities. At the same time, emanating in our neighborhoods was a lesser prepared youthful cadre of individuals emerged without skills and prowess to uplift their families. Case in point, our beloved leader Dr. Eric Williams had for the most part, kept his children overseas and only vacationed in the land of their father. Indian people did the opposite. The educated their kids and brought them back home to practice their professions.

    The difference between black lives in Trinidad and that of those in the US, is that the sons and daughters of our master have left our shores, whereas the recipients of black labor in the US continue to keep their “knees on their necks”. We can chart our own future in Trinidad but our brothers and sisters in the US have to ask the permission of the slavemasters’ children to help speak for them.

    1. Black Lives can never matter in Trinidad, as long as africans keep practicing “Indian acceptable” pro blackness! Africans in Trinidad, tip-toe and tap-dance around the 85 foot hanuman statue in the room…Brahminist/Hindu and Indian racism.

  7. I would like to address the comments made by Inconvenient Truth.

    1. Each individual has a natural right to self identify as to which race they belong.
    2. Quoting phenotype and other scientific jargon does not justify the erroneous arguments he is trying to make.
    3. There is no before slavery and after slavery privileged society. Every citizen of T&T have equal rights under the Constitution. It doesn’t matter whether you are descended from the original slaves who came with Columbus or were born yesterday. By the way, a little known fact is that Columbus had some gypsy sailors on his first voyage and the gypsies in Europe originally came from India.
    4. Unfortunately in some cases the genuine BLM movement is being highjacked by people like inconvenient Truth into a Black Supremacist Movement which probable excludes a significant number of the Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

    1. Thanks for exposing yourself “tariq”. Please…don’t pretend to care about BLM…don’t insult everyone’s intelligence.
      First of all, the sailors on board with columbus were AFRICAN spaniards, not “Gypsies”! African muslims ruled and cultured spain for 800 years before columbus’ first voyage!And if they were, what is tariq’s point? Ohhhh, Tariq, like many Indian trinidadians, have grown accustomed over the decades, with downplaying and ignoring the fact that they arrived in an african dominated society, with 300+ years of seniority over them. Tariq, then tries to crowbar in the existence of “Gypsies” on colombus’s ship to offset that politically inconvenient truth.
      Furthermore, “Gypsies” are descendents of black untouchables , who are Slaves of Brahmin-ism (Hindu-ism)….they ran away from india (just as with indentureship), to escape racism in india because of their “race” they were MORE black (african descended) than other indians. 90+% of muslims and christians in india, are former untochables, escaping racist enslavement in brahmin-ism (Hindu-ism)!In india, and specifically hinduism, there is no ‘indian’, there is the brahmin race, the ksatria race, the vaishya race like Gandhi (all uppercaste races) and then you have the lowercate Shudra race which are the slaves designated to the uppercaste races. Finally, you have the untouchable race which in hinduism is beneath all others and ascribed the colour black, and are NOT CONSIDERED HUMAN BEINGS! The Jarawa people are according to science the indigenous people of india.. “indians” are a mixed race african descendents!
      “Black Supremacy” is a racist, white supremacist, gaslighting myth, used to abuse african people who challenge the white supremacist status quo that is the core foundation of world taught history and politics. Unfortunately, indian society, has ben white supremacist for the last 3,000 years via Brahmin-ism (Hindu-ism).
      Lastly, according to “Tariq”, the mere existence of Trinidad’s constitution, means that africans, syrians, chinese and europeans , are all treated equally. This means that tariq believes the same is true in the US and india….which means that africans globally and in india are protesting for nothing!

    2. I await tariqandalus’ list of my supposed self justified “erroneous” statements.

      1. I am not inclined to engage in a pissing contest regarding who is more knowledgeable of ancient history some or all of which could be false based on the agendas of the writers.

        World history is littered with incidents of entire nations/ethnic groups being enslaved by their conquerors. For example, the Jewish Nation was enslaved by both the Egyptians and Babylonians and most recently in the 1940s almost wiped out in the Holocaust by the Nazis. They are doing quite well today.

        A key point in my previous comments is that it should not matter how long your ancestors lived in Trinidad & Tobago or who suffered more, today in the year 2020, each and every citizen should receive equal treatment and rights under the laws of the land.

        A further point I would like to make is that the sooner we see ourselves as one people the sooner we will be able to reach our collective potential. The past is dead, let us live in the present where we accept and enjoy each other company as friends, neighbors, and fellow countrymen.

        1. All i’m hearing is you cannot substantiate your criticisms of my post, so you’re deflecting into nothingness. You are not comfotable with the points i made because it rubbishes the popular bigoted psuedo history that the unc circulates…Like accusing the ebc of illegality in 2015 because kamla lost… Why not 2010 when pnm lost?…to align with the mudslinging on the elections organisation n Guyana!…Inter-national ethnic coordination against african leadership in plain view.

          1. If giving equal rights to all Citizens nothingness to you then obviously you are way past redemption in your elitist views. For the good of the country, I sincerely hope not too many other Trinis share your opinions.

            Maybe you should revisit the National Anthem especially the line that says “Where every creed and race find an equal place” and reflect on how your thinking and actions aligns with this.

  8. Tariqandalus please…eh?..Don’t pretend as if you care about “the” contry, as you did with the BLM movement! My views are the anti-thesis to the philosophy of “the elite” in the caribbean.

    1. Mr Inconvenient Truth unlike you, I do care about my country and my countrymen,and I am old enough to remember when it was almost a paradise where you could travel freely to any place in both Trinidad and Tobago without the fear of being molested or assaulted. This was before it was totally f-up by power hungry politicians and their greedy supporters.

      My sincere hope is that the youth of country will realize what a rich legacy they have inherited and make a serious effort to turn things around before the country deteriorates into a refugee camp run by private militias and criminal gangs.

  9. To describe something as being black and white means it is clearly defined. Yet when your ethnicity is black and white, the dichotomy is not that clear. In fact, it creates a grey area.

    Meghan Markle

    1. Ohh, so we’re picking our bi-racial philosophers are we? Tman quotes Meghan Markle, a bi-racial woman, who is famous for her acting career and being married to european royalty. How is it, that Tman didn’t Quote Barrack Obama, who is also bi-racial, but more famous for being Harvard educated and the first president of the U.S.? Is it because he is internationally known for identifying as african-american? It is an african social, political and historical issue. Genetics does not make you who you are, but how you are socialized. Meghan Markle is now infamously being ill treated by the royal family as well as the british citizenry…Is it because THEY SEE her as African and not ‘mixed’? How’s her identification quotations working out now? Is she african now? Maybe, Barrack Obama is wiser on social and political issues than the actress?
      However, how did the coversation get here? …Oh, yes…I had pointed out the dishonest, non-sensical politicization of the population census and implied demographics. My point, is that Genetics, not self-identification is what the census implies. 39%indian, %38% african and 20% mixed (of which 7% is african-indian) is GIBBERISH! Barring the social and historical factors in determining who self-identifies (Markle & Obama), what TYPE of “mixed” are the other MAJORITY 13% of the 20% self-identified?
      As i pointed out, the census implies genetics…If an attempt at who is the largest ethnic group is to be made, it would have to look at how many persons, regardless of what they choose to identify as, are: african descended (with no indian ancestry), and indian descended (with no african ancestry….Well, since 1845…) Why does this logic ruffle feathers so? Because the lie squeezed out of the census is a triumphantilistic superiority crutch for many indians!
      This unfortunately, is my last comment to this site, because in response to Tman’s disingenious, out of context, inappropriate posting of a quotation of African american Tah Nehisi Coates, i posted a far more appropriate in context quote from Trinidadian novelist, Sir Vidia Naipaul.Howeve, my comment was never posted, while Tman’s was allowed to be shown and only removed after my comment was blocked. Is it rational, to block quotes from a book “India : A million mutines now”, which is on bookshelves and homes throughout Trinidad, and from Trinidad’s most reknowned writer?
      This ignorant cherrypicking of comments, is a slippery slope i won’t slide on. It also justifies my suspicion, that this website’s comment section was intentionally disrepaired, to muzzle commentary on certain articles and issues, like Satnarayan Maharaj’s passing and the avalanche of criticism of his legacy of Anti-African racism, racist antagonism and incitement. If only Patrick Manning was afforded the same courtesy.
      Farewell (Unless both My and T-Man’s quotes are posted)
      T&T is not Cuba!

      1. FYI…. Barack Obama started his campaign for president by not attaching any label to describe his “race” or “ethnicity”. In most campaign speeches he introduced himself as the product of an African father and a White mother. He wisely knew that he had to gain White votes to win. He minimized the concept of race. It was the Black population who proudly began labelling him as Black, as they did with Tiger Woods and other famous bi-racial folks in the US. It was only after Obama won the second term that he openly embraced the concept and showed pride in his blackness.

        1. You are such a despicable liar. All the way around the mulberry bush about his campaign and blah blah blah to lie and deny the fact that Barrack Obama’s documented self admitted ethnicity is african american from day ONE since his time as a senator.Unlike T&T, the race games played there are irrelevant in the U.S. and the U.K. I’ve followed your venemous posts, and am well aware of the opportunistically deceptive, malice in your heart and minds for African people…your circular logic will never work!

  10. Injecting Black supremacist views into the Black Lives matter movement will contaminate the cause and discredit the movement. All the good will created for a legitimate cause will quickly vanish.

    1. Tman, an obvious white supremacist, is accusing others of the fictitious “Black Supremacy”. White supremacy, evidenced in Tman’s mindset, is a globally recognized, studied, institutionalized reality that can, and has been quatified by international scholars for decades. “Black Supremacy, again, is a fictitiously materialized ‘thing’, used pathetically and immaturely by white supremacists, as a deflection and gaslighting tactic to shelter White Supremacy from critique and analysis. There is not a single country on planet earth, or the universe for that matter, where an intelligent person can observe and quatify “Black Supremacy”, because it has never existed as a reality. However, globally, everywhere single country or continent where one may go, and examine scholarly, scientific studies on societies, White Supremacy is institutionally entrenched and can be observed, felt and quantified. India, despite being the blackest skinned populated country on earth, is the eldest and most violently white supremacist nation in the universe, with 3,000 years of institutionalized white supremacy (racism) via Brahmanism (Hinduism).

      1. An inconvenient truth is the fact that 13% of the population of the US is Black.
        It might be inconvenient also to research how such small minorities are treated in African countries and in many other countries as well.

        1. Eh-heh…what and which percentage of the U.S. population: *Was enslaved for hundreds of years?
          *MADE THE U.S. the economic, social, and political powerhouse, that is the most powerful nation on earth, for over a century?
          *Is solely responsible for the civil rights movement, which produced the immigration act of 1965, allowing non-whites (Indians) to migrate to the U.S. and enjoy the very rights and freedom’s fought for over centuries?
          *Popularized non-whites being pround of their heritage despite european imperialism?
          Eh?? Eh Niala?

        2. It might also be inconvenient to research how indians, as an immigrant minority in states across africa, have behaved in their host societies. Here’s an advance on your research efforts: Mohandas Gandhi, is well documented, as openly racially abusing, socially and politically undermining the native peoples in South Africa. He volunteered himself and the male indian migrant worker population of south africa to join the british army’s oppression and war against the native Zulu peoples ( The Bambaatha Rebellion). Gandhi was awared the title of Serjeant Major for his despicable role in that war on the native peoples on whose land he migrated to!Inconvenient Truth…Always remember THAT, when bemoaning Idi Amin’s indian expulsion of 1972! What was the percentage of indians in south africa then? How africans treat minorities in africa?
          Research South Africa’s ” Zuptagate” scandal! Billions of AFRICAN taxpayers enriching a parasitical, minority, immigrant group there.Or the Gupta south african wedding scandal of 2013, where native south africans were banned and ONLY non-native africans were allowed…the native african employees at the hotel where the reception was held, were banned and given soap to bathe before re-entry. How africans treat minorities??
          Research the song titled “Amandiya” (Indians) by a south african artiste called Mbongeni Ngema, who told of the obscene, obnoxious, hateful racism that native south africans suffer from the indian immigrant minority there!!…it tells of how indians in south africa, are EVEN MORE (much more) racist to native africans than the white south africans! What an inconvenient truth! Research the upcoming south african double wedding of atul and ajay gupta, and tell us how africans treat minorities (indians) there.
          But wait…What about Fiji?… again….same thing…indian immigrant workers (minority), infamous for racially abusing, socially and politically undermining the NATIVE, (AFRICAN) Fijians. They don’t want to go back to india, don’t like the native peoples of fiji, but want to enslave them and want to fight them for their own blasted country! How africans treat minorities in their countries? Why not research india’s treatment of african people for the last 3,000 years? Research an article from ” The Hindu Business Line”, titled “The Colour Of My Skin” (2014), which interviews Quincy Kendall Charles, an african trinidadian, who moved to india a decade ago to study classical (brahman-ist “Hindu”) Kathak dancing. Quincy, ended up in the indian media, because of the racist, dishonest and violent abuse that indian society, ritually targets africans and dark skinned people with! Research THAT!

          1. What’s motivating Inconvenient Truth to obsessively fixate on Indians ?
            Why do Indians seem to affect his psyche to such an extreme extent?
            Inconvenient’s strong advocacy for his people is admirable, but he seems to believe that in doing so, he has to put down others, presenting his version of history. He is entitled to that.
            His response is predictable and to some degree, quite amusing. It must be so inconvenient to carry such a burden through life.

    2. On the subject of Census statistics, there are two quotes from my school days I would like to share.

      1. Statistics are like a lamppost to a drunk, for support not illumination.
      2. Lies, damned lies and Statistics.

      Whenever you read something with a lot of statistics be suspicious.

      1. Exactly my point, except statistics are not necessarily lies, but comparable to an abstract painting to the mathematically ignorant!

  11. Sedition and other Nonsensical Colonial Laws | Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

    “From the beginning, the African ethnic group readily embraced this Eurocentric view and attempted to luve out its reality. The indian culture was seen as inferior as indians were less likely to adopt these new sets of values as readily as Africans. The superior vs inferior conflict is still being lived out today as manifested in the racial divide in T&T.”

    What’s motivating Tman to obsessively fixate on slandering africans with maliciously pseudo historical lies?? Oh, that’s easy….racist hatred!Tman, is your psyche burdened burdened by feelings of inadequacy and inferiority taught by your religion? Perhaps you project these feelings unto africans with pseudo intellectual posturing?

    The veneomous lies that you peomote on this forum, and undoubtedly teach to impressionable indian children, are not commendable at all, but rather despicable! It’s an inconvenient burden to any human being.

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