The case for a local police commissioner

Acting Commissioner of Police James Philbert
Acting Commissioner of Police James Philbert
By Tony Fraser
June 23, 2010 –

Finding a new Commissioner of Police is not merely about recruiting the man with the right skills-set and experience, and if that individual be a foreigner then so be it. A Commissioner of Police is one of the principal officers of the State, at the helm of the main institution of national security. Having a national in that position is about the society demonstrating the capacity to govern itself 48 years after having achieved political independence. If the argument is that there is no one within the service with the capacity to successfully perform the job of commissioner, that would be an indictment not only on the senior officers in the service but on the political and administrative managers of the service over the period 1962 to the present.

So too if there is no one with the capacity to be CoP it will be a mark of planning and foresight deficiency on succeeding Police Service Commission, the senior officers and second division associations. Not without responsibility is the wider society, which in different ways would have allowed the service to grow-up without nurturing the kinds of individuals to effectively manage the Police Service at the very top. The media, the judiciary, the Law Association, the business community, the religious institutions, the labour movement, the political parties and every other institution of significance must also share in the responsibility if indeed we do not have an adequate leader in the Police Service. However, it is far from a proven fact that there are no officers amongst the ranks with the ability to effectively carry out the job of CoP, and this is distinct from the fact that the Police Service has performed badly in interdiction. But it cannot be that the entire responsibility for the criminal madness must hinge on the Police Service and the CoP.
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PM, police talk top cop
Trinidad and Tobago Police Social and Welfare Association president Emrol Bruce yesterday met with Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to discuss the fourth extension of the term of Acting Commissioner of Police James Philbert.

Saddled with uncertainty
THE nation was taken aback when on Monday came news from the Police Service Commission (PSC) of their temporary reappointment of Acting Commissioner of Police (CoP) James Philbert for yet another extension to act until September 30.

No more extra time for CoP
The circumstances that have led to a fourth extension of the term of office of James Philbert as Acting Commissioner of Police are quite regrettable.


Careful deliberations needed in top CoP role
Guardian’s Editorial – June 21, 2010
The People’s Partnership has been batting a straight line since coming to power, gently tapping at each of the urgent issues coming its way with one eye on their campaign promises and the other fixed on the failings of the government they replaced in office.

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  1. Excellent article Tony.It is good to see that someone from the recent cheering 4th estate is finally willing to speak up and indirectly expose the new government’s attempts at deception to the general public.Every member of our society,if conscious ,even those that belong to the Blind Association,knows fully well what Madam K ,and her clueless crew,are really concern about,and wish to do.
    This European foreigner obsession,is simply a compromise ploy,as they are quite aware that dragging some incompetent,tribal upstart from within the UNC narrow enclaves, to promote them over more senior members of this service that via service , and experience,earned the right to do the job ,would not sit well with our savvy African population.
    If the rank and file of the service sits silently ,and allow these conniving,condesending jokers ,to force any outsider upon them-be they military,foreigner,or racially skewed puppet,I too would loose faith with them as well,as the nation as a whole-just as occured in crime haven Jamaica,and Guyana.
    Do I have a right to speak forcefully on this,after giving a decade of my life to the organization?I think so.
    Love nation,over tribe folks.

    1. Why would afro-trinis object to the appointment of the best qualified person to be CoP? Are we all tribalists/racists?

      Look, as I said, a while back the days of “PNM till ah dead” and ” rum and roti” politics are dead and gone.

      The new Trini thinking must be focussed on what’s best for the country..not the vested interest groups with their narrow, tunnel visioned agendas.

      This little country of ours could become a shining example to the rest of the world if we were to put the general good of the population ahead of out bigotted interests.


  2. Neal, you should try reading the article again. Your comment is totally inappropriate considering the content of Tony’s article.

  3. Good article Tony. But, the more important itemis the Cosnstitution and reform. Unfortunately, if we do not amend the Constitution we will be facing this same problem every time we need qa new CoP. Why? Because the Piblic Serivce Commisssion get its authority and juris diction from Chapter 9 of our Constitution. That means that PSC is in charge of hiring and firing the CoP. That has to change. The CoP must come under the jurisdiction of the PM or the Minister of National Security. If we are to address the senseless murders and runaway crime, then we need Constitutional reform NOW.

  4. Don’t need to T-Man.I stand by all I ‘ve said,and make no apologies.Tell Madam K,that this deAfricanization,rice and sugar paddylike, slash and burn,purging operation policy with respect to the public service is doom to fail,as it did under her mentor Panday.
    Tell her instead to get down to the task of attempting to deliver on a few of her electioneering promises that were made during her rush to power.
    You remember them,I believe? Begin with jobs creation,and equitable distribution of the economic spoils of the country. Closing down the La Brea smelter plant ,to give it to cousin Jagdeo’s Guyana,or stopping a long ovedue ,traffic easing,railroad construction,in favor of opening up the PBR ,for every Tom,Dick,and Bridgelal,does not a job create.Breaking down squatters homes located within the enclave,without allocating some wasted government lands for home construction ,is not the way either.
    Referring to equitable land distribution,as gerrymandering,because you still think that your indo tribes people are the only ones entitled to state property,is not the ways of change agents-even if Jack Warner,Gypsy,Errol Mac,Speaker Wade,and George Weeks reincarnation ,David Abdullah,now thinks so,due to acceptance of 30 pieces of silver for their silence on matters affecting the struggling masses. Overseeing the highjack of 100 acres of prime lands in Tobago for construction of Hindu temples for 15 members living in the island ward,ithen sending your frontish,upstart,Minister of Health to chastise them when they enquire about a long over due non existent hospital,is not the way to repay a people who gave you their vote.Most importantly,non of these neglects,can put a dent on crime.
    Hey Wilsibo,Connstitutional reform,PSC,and Commissioner of Police, are all smoke screen,pie in the sky shinanigans,when it comes to crime erradication in T&T.
    Not a kidnapping was ever solved or prevented under the PNM with foreign Scotland Yard blokes in charge of our demoraliseed locals,neither would Kamla,and Jack foreign/militeristic/racially dominant overtures create confidence in the organization,by numerous victims,across the nation.
    No my friend,putting useless puppets in charge,and micrromanaging the service is not the way to curb runnaway crimes. One way is to developing some code of ethics,for the many unscupulous lawyers that are overrunning our nation,and ensuring that many never hold higher office.Remember,former CJ Shama,AG /HUman Rights guru Ramesh,Chief {cat cut u tounge)Magistrate Nickolls,and former Justice Volney?
    Encourage your government to give the police the tools,and leave them to do the job.
    Talk about a morally repugnant,and dishonest bunch.Lament about foreign doctors,nurses,contractors and construction workers,as it affected the tribe,but
    hellbent on muzzling the police,because they wish to justify the lies that they are lifetime victims of some phantom genocide,and police prosecution,since white massa departed.
    I wish you well.

    1. Dear Mr Selwyn Neal Cudjoe…You sound so much like him, you must be him!

      You sound like, and are part of, the small hateful,racist minority of Trinis ( both PNM and UNC) who must now crawl back under the rocks from which they periodically emerge. Hopefully for forever and a day!

      The current conundrum of who should be CoP would not exist if for the last 50 years those who ran the country had the foresight/ common sense to implement a succession planning system, not just in the police services but acroos the gov’t.

      I have no problem with gov’t appointing qualified supporters.But take a good look at what has been done over the last several decades…does PetroTrin ring a bell?Udecott, maybe? Guanapo? I could go on but even a hate-blinded person such you must get my message.

      Remember when the “Old Man” said ” together we aspire, together we achieve”? Whether it was just political rhetoric , it was valid then, just as it is valid today.

      I know it will be tough for you, but I hope you have a nice day!


  5. Do we Still have a problem here? How come these Locals Ex- Police cannot get high post in Large Metropolitan Cities, such as The US and Canada. But the Ex- from these places can in T&T.

  6. I never heard about a Commission being set up to investigate Run away Violent Movies, Violent Video Games, and Violent Songs. Who is Laughing and who is Crying Here? Police books should have Deep Common Sense.
    To much planning and no Drastic actions.Let Common Sense Prevail and not only theories that suppose to work when tried out. Remember -Anaconda- Rapid Response- All the Plans-A,B,C,- etc. We want Justice and Action for the freedom of society.

  7. No Local Top CoP
    Three foreigners nominated for Police Commissioner

    PSC chairman: Change law on picking top cop
    Chairman of the Police Service Commission Christopher Thomas has said maybe the time has come for Government to change the law regarding the selection process for the role of Police Commissioner.

    Top cop nominee now under probe
    Canadian Neal Parker, who has been nominated for the post of police commissioner, is now at the centre of an official investigation. This stems from Parker’s reported involvement in the selection process for the commissioner of police some two years ago. Police Service Commission chairman Ambassador Christopher Thomas said yesterday that the matter was brought to his attention, after which a probe was launched.

    Parker: No Conflict

    Rowley, Kamla meet to discuss new CoP
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley are scheduled to meet today to discuss the selection of a Commissioner of Police (CoP).

  8. I recommend that the government hire an ex TTDF military man to run the police service. It is done all over the world.

    I mean a real soldier like Col. Hugh Vidal who is Sandhurst Trained and is a field soldier not a barrack room one.

    No foreign heads should be recruited.
    Thank you,


  9. No Vote for Parker
    The People’s Partnership Government and the Opposition PNM have agreed to reject the Police Service Commission’s (PSC) nomination of Canadian Neal Parker for the position of Commissioner of Police (CoP) at the first sitting of the Tenth Parliament today.

    Govt, Opposition talks ‘fruitful’ says Moonilal
    Talks between the Government and Opposition over today’s motion in the House of Representatives to appoint a new commissioner of police are to continue today.

    Senior Counsel: Law does not allow foreigner
    The Parliament seems to be heading for a long night and an uncertain outcome as it debates the motions on the nominations of a Police Commissioner and three Deputy Police Commissioners today.

    Khan: Foreign CoP against law
    Senior Counsel Israel Khan says Government cannot appoint a foreigner as police commissioner.

    Sandy cancels trip to deal with selection
    NATIONAL SECURITY Minister Brigadier John Sandy missed out on his first official overseas assignment after he was asked by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to cancel his trip to deal with the issue of the selection of a new Police Commissioner.

    Putting our own in key posts

    Kevin Baldeosingh: Total local loco

  10. No , No Depeza O, none of that military Sanhurst coup school crap. The Jamaicans tried that nonsense, and look at what it got them.When I want strategies on how to defend the country from outside interference, I call in my well trained military personnel . If I have a sudden chest pain like former Justice Volney, and need an emergency bypass surgery, I want the best surgeon on the job not a computer wiz. When I need teaches to communicate effectively with my failing students , I do not send out applications to unemployed engineers, or put a medical doctor, in charge of Ministry of Education, if serious.
    The Police Service must be run and controlled by local police officers. Make them accountable for crimes in their districts , offer incentives for arrest, convictions, and drastic lowering of crimes in their respective districts , and you’ll be surprise at the favorable long term result.
    If all this fails, improve training, or introduce an FBI styled unit with overall jurisdiction to take over cases, when it is felt regular police cannot fully deal with them, or are doing a shoddy job.
    The police must come to recognize that they are servants of the people , and need them on their side if the job of national domestic security , is to be done effectively.
    In addition , micromanagement, and appearance of political interference must be avoided by any regime, if the aim is to instill confidence on all side. Finally we must decide as a nation what we propose to be moving forward- not looking back like Lot’s wife.
    Hopefully, it is not going to be a bunch of law breakers , who continually offer bribes, cuddle criminals in our communities , and close circles, or conniving bastards, that are only prepared to have high paying , unscrupulous lawyers, resort to some of the most ridiculous arguments – including racial prosecution,, and phantom Human Rights abuses,as a defense , when all else fail to keep us out of prison.
    Much love to our country.

  11. I am not worried about whether the chosen was born in T&T or elswhere, he has to have proper management skills and one that cannot be bought by politicians, businessmen, criminals or community groups. He ought to be able to introduce a geographical style of policing where crime is accounted for by type, location and seriousness. The task of crime reduction must be measurable and the figures must be able to tell success or failure. We should look into policing as a means of increasing revenue because of the casual approach the population has towards the upkeep of laws. This can be achieved by levying fines on victim-less offences such as parking, moving offences, non-compliance of vehicle registration process, etc. Community policing must be high on the list of credentials that we ask for in our new commissioner. High on the agenda MUST be the purging of undesirables within the force and a greater deal of training and discipline be instilled to instill confidence in the public’s perception of the police officer.

  12. Top Cop Mess
    Once again, though on this occasion by unanimous decision, the Parliament has rejected the nominee put forward by the Police Service Commission for the position of Commissioner of Police. Two years ago, Stephen Williams was rejected by the People’s National Movement majority, with the United National Congress supporting his candidacy for the top cop position.

    Delay in naming CoP cost $8m says Kamla

    Doctor can be police chief

    Rowley: Hiring foreigner will demoralise police

    Opposition abstains on deputy police chief

    Reyes against foreign CoP

    Penn State: No conflict in foreign CoP pick
    We invited Canadian Parker to apply for job, says director

    The Top Cop debacle
    MUCH to the chagrin of a large body of national public opinion, the debacle over the selection of a Commissioner of Police for Trinidad and Tobago seems headed for the mire.

    Kamla: $m Mastrofski plan from same university
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday Prof Stephen Mastrofski, the man who was hired by the People’s National Movement (PNM) government to come up with a crime plan that cost $80 million, is affiliated with the university responsible for selecting the best candidate for Commissioner of Police (CoP).

  13. Bad law, bad mind, rigged process
    Kamla Persad-Bissessar is finding blood, among other detritus, on the floor of the citadel she inherited from Patrick Manning. In contempt of policy and practice, murders had only increased over the Manning years, and public despair is part of the bequest of the former to the new Prime Minister.

    Untangling the skeins of police leadership
    In a surprising political turn, the Parliament voted unanimously to veto the candidacy of Canadian police officer Neal Parker.

    Martin George: Stop CoP Nonsense
    It is high time that we, as a nation, put a stop to this tomfoolery in the selection process for a police commissioner, because while we are dithering and tittering and fiddling like the proverbial Nero, Rome is, indeed, burning, as the crimes and murders continue unabated. The entire way that we approach this process is flawed, and if the effect of the present procedure was to insulate the Office of the Commissioner of Police from political influence or sway, our history has shown this to be far from the case. Political influence has clearly played a role in the past, as with the exercise of the power of veto.

    Dana Seetahal: Selecting a commissioner of police

    Philbert outranked by ‘new’ deputies
    THE decision by Parliament on Friday to approve three nominees to be appointed to the rank of deputy commissioners of police will see them all being senior to Acting Commissioner of Police (CoP) James Philbert.

    Consultation is key word for new Parliament
    PRIME Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar set a new tone for business in the Lower House on Friday by continually emphasising the word “consultation” during the debate on the choice of a new Commissioner of Police (CoP).

  14. I would like to invite those who have never read “Cry The Beloved Country,” by Alan Paton. He covers two aspects of life in TnT that is relevant. The squatters who set up camp in what is now Soweto, were the desperate ones who came from the countryside to look for work, and could find no housing in a corrupt system, or were renting part of a bed. Their labour was wanted, but not them,so they got some boards and created a village. More than sixty years later, the squatter camp is still expanding.

    The other is a political meeting held by unionists who are Black Africans. The white policemen who have surrounded the meeting are listening for “dangerous talk” which in one case, was the applause given to one speaker, whom they decided needed watching. They were busy taking notes for future reference.

    The relevance of this latter to TNT is that white supervisory police officers see the other as inherently dangerous.Different is dangerous. My life in the US has taught me among other things, the attitude of race in policing. I call for a police officer, about a situation on my street. They want to know whether the potential perp is White, Black or Hispanic. My voice brings them in a hurry if needed, because I live in a fairly prosperous zip code, I do not sound like a minority person, and when they get here, and see who I am, they seem pleasantly surprised.
    Policemen in Britain, who grew up hassling young immigrants on the streets because of “Sus”, would not do supervising and directng TnT police Service. A Canadian top cop, who grew up believing that their indigenous “Indian” population, and our poor immigrants, are not equal to white Canadians, and whom they routinely refer to as Nigs and Pakis, would not be suited to run a police service in which Nigs and Pakis ARE the population.( They really do not differentiate between Indians and Pakistanis.) Add the recent tendency of some Trini women to adopt the Muslim veil, and the association of that, in the west with “terrorism” and you have volatile series of circumstances, that presage disaster.
    To those who say our police service is corrupt, I say that police corruption is worldwide. What is needed is a program designed to weed it out. What is needed is a program that sets standards for police behaviour, a system of community participation in policing, a system of dditional training and upgrading of service skills for officers, and a definite bar at pay grade levels,unless some additional skills have been acquired.
    When I was in UWI, an attempt was made to upgrade the police service. There were two Assitant Superintendents who went to class with me Fernandez, and Henry. That should have been the start of something, but I am not sure how much follow up was done, how many other officers got their skills upgraded.My brother in law acquired a master’s degree abroad, and returned to the police service, but so many obstacles were put in his path, he left, as soon as he could.( And his skills were confined to the Police Band.His mster’s was in music)

    In any case, with the history I have outlined, I cannot see how a white foreigner or any foreigner can be arbitrarily imposed on a service were loyalty of the “troops” is critical to success.
    I would write the same if the potential top cop was Jamaican, Nigerian, Pakistani or Indian. You cannot build a service where an officer has to be prepared to throw his/her body in front of the President’s or Primi Ministers, if the man teaching ths level of loyalty, is an import. A top Cop is a vital arm of security. He is not a car, a camera or the latest electronic toy.All the attitudes of his upbringing and trainin, his acquired baggage is coming with him.
    I will always love my country of birth, but I think right now, its being run by a band of newbees who have not carefully thought out their positions.

  15. Linda while I have deep respect for your thinking and your opinions regarding a foreign commissioner, I feel that there are many other considerations that more important than one’s “difference”. I feel that that can be easily overcomed by the reality that he/she has a population of mainly black/brown citizens to deal with so the coloring issue might be nullified there. Of greater importance are the issues of management, administration, training, pay and incentives. It is my belief that the main reason for corruption in the service is that of economics rather than professionalism. In order to be a good soldier or police officer one’s behaviour is tempered by responding intuitively by what he is trained to do and NOT his personal needs to survive. I am reminded of the case where the police officer locked up the guy whom he sold some cell phones to because the guy doubled the profit (corruption). In a professional environment the officer should not be made to feel that he has to compete with the subjects he is policing. In these areas I am of the opinion that a foreign commissioner may be better trained to impart such knowledge and training to the recruit or new police officer. The idea of incentives or geographical partitioning to manage effectiveness are not unique to our local habits and therefore might not be a priority for the local commissioner. All in all what is the big deal in one having to be born in T&T to be commissioner?

  16. I am beginning to think that this governmental apologist character kian , is some paid mouthpiece operative for his PP clueless party. Is there any policy that they put forward that he ever questions?
    These comedians led by loud mouth closet racist Goopesing , and his AG, were totally against anything foreign ,as advocated by the previous regime, especially when it was related to the medical profession, and Contractual works across the country.
    Now that they are in power they’ve become obsessed with micromanaging the police service, to suit their own interest.
    Why don’t they stop beating around the bush -as we used to say- and do what they really want to do? My former boss Kenny Noor Mohammed, would gladly come out of retirement and run the service , even if he might be around 75 by now. If that don’t work , then the PM can beg cousin Jagdeo to lend us one of those outstanding Guyanese officials that have been know to torture by burning 14 year old kids alive , so as to garner fictitious evidence, for politically motivated prosecution, as is the norm in that social dungheap, that our country is on a runaway express to become some day sooner rather than later, if allowed.
    Hopefully this is not the way forward , as this political blunder is a sure indication as to the tumultuous time ahead for this nation.
    It serve you African dominated Police Service members right , how dare you to conduct Rwandan , and Yugoslavian style genocides, against our extremely delicate ,and historically neglected, Indo Trini brothers and sisters- as claimed by Dr. Goopeesing in his run up to power?

  17. So, standards of expected conduct must be defined, and adhered to. What would be a checklist of desirable police officer behaviours, and how will we know if they are being met? When I used that system to set up a job planning, review and evalaution document for all managers and senior staff of a local state enterprise, that group’s productivity and service record jumped way ahead of others, and put it in a favourable posiion to be purchased by a British entity in a related field. I have advocated the same for teaching standards for years.
    The checklist of desirable behaviours can become the training and evaluation document. My brother in law and I did one for the police service as an intellectual exercise in the mid-80’s. The question then would be what equipment would back up the officer’s work, and what rewards would the organization provide for achieving the objectives.Few will consistently do excellent work is poor work is equally rewarded. Documentation will remove the criteria of “I ent like he head”

    You measure that aginst a background of my brother in law’s being offered a scholarship by the Juliard School of Music, and his being unable to accept it because the head of the police band had no prospects of getting a similar scholarship. My brother in law needed his job, so he declined. A few years later he was offered another by the Berkley School in Boston, and was allowed to accept that. That prospect, being a lesser well known school, did not threaten his boss.
    Stories like these are the real stories of corruption, but they can be overcome. When we give our people incentives to work at a higher standard, they rise to that standard. All people do, in organizations that value their staff inputs, but the farmer does not ask the donkey’s opinion. In TnT, most worker aretreated like donkeys.

    1. The checklist of desirable behaviours can become the training and evaluation document. My brother in law and I did one for the police service as an intellectual exercise in the mid-80’s–Linda. Apparently you did not do a good job, look at the state of the police service in T&T. If you call 999 at the other end of the line you would hear someone saying “we doh have ah vehicle available” or worst “let us know if anyone dead”. A friend of mine said they had to go to police station and bring the policeman in their vehicle to make a report on a dead man. He died of natural causes. Is this a 21st century police force or a pariah nation police force… It is time Linda that you ask yourself the question.

  18. WE did it as an intellectual exercise, no one was involved in it but us.Stop trying to put dowm whatever I say. A checklist of behaviours is a management tool that helps the employee to center in on what management sees as important, and prevents management from trying to manage by vaps, which seems to the preferred Trini style, ragardless of party.

    You bring a foreigner in who does not know the terrain- the service or the land. Think of how long it would take him to get oriented, whether or not his people work with him.Even the Prime minister should have a manageent team create one for her, if she has any sense.

    1. I am not a great supporter of a foreign CoP, however, under the PNM hundreds of Scotland Yard cops were hired for ridiculous large sums of money… The CoP from a foreign land can bring expertise that the local police does not have, so he could be hired as a consultant to the police force, tasked with reforming the police service. So I see it more as a consultative CoP position. However, all will depend on how well the locals work with him. As you know the police service is a brotherhood.

  19. It never ceases to amaze me how every Tomari, Dickshamaroo ,and Bridgelal,is now an expert when it comes to security affairs , and the Police in particular.Can you imagine real Police experts trying to tell Goopiesing that he and other doctors stinks to the high heavens , when they were prematurely proclaiming love lorn/ jilted ,Indo Trini suicidal patients under their care to be dead , then giving instructions that they to be taken to the San Fernando morgue?
    What again were the reason , the last two PM’s would never go to our local hospitals ,even for a gas pain , or headache? Now that madmen/women are in charge of the asylum , should we hold our breath in anticipation of where MP’s and PM’s will go when they need to get their tonsils and appendixes removed?
    We know that the leading bunch of the convenient political marriage ,have a love/ hate relationship with foreigners . Canadian Hart was bad, but Canadian Parker is fine. England the imperial kingdom is bad , but Britannia in all it’s manifestations is good, from Privy Council, to Knighthood, ehh?

    Since the 1970 traitorous acts of Shah ,and his buddy Rex,it took our country twenty years , and ex Police Bakr’s debacle ,to believe again that our military could do anything beyond look pretty come Independence Day parades, or occasionally beat up local civilians in St James ,and chiefly poor local environments ,after their rum drinking sprees at the state’s expense.
    In the interim, T&T Police, with very little logistical, and political support , have been doing nothing but keeping the peace in a growing lawless nation, or attempting to ensure that the thieving cousins of phonies like khain , and khem, are kept at bay. You the astute, knows fully well, the kinds I am referring to people. Yes,the white , and blue color crooks , and bandits, that have for short term quick profits, historically flooded our society with poisonous ,addictive drugs, and dangerous weapons via their business trade, or would attempt to bribe God to get to heaven , or rather to be reincarnated into a better creature than they are in this present lifetime.
    So how did these self loathing , country hating ,closet race-mongers, attempt to deal with crime when they achieved power? In 95 Chief divisive agent Panday, placed one Brigadier in charge of National Security, then quickly named himself as his successor when that questionable experiment failed.
    Talk about the fox in the hen house. Perhaps that’s how he Bas was able under the watchful eye of his then unmentionable successive AG’s ,were able to steal the country blind, while muzzling the police fraud squad ,then along with pal CJ Shama ,cry racial prosecution, and discrimination since , so as to elude jail.
    Today we have ‘Madame Petticoat,’led by her racist mongrels ,and ably assisted by a few grateful, suddenly timid , negro souls ,attempting to further denigrate black folks in this country, as they further dismiss their stellar contributions to the development of this nation,with stupid racially skewed innuendoes,and political jig and dance , as specifically played out via this Police Service manipulations -that mind you ,in reality ,has absolutely nothing to do with some white foreigner selection.
    Her first act was to select another Brigadier as National Security head , just like her neo -tribal successor Bas did.Now he plans to reform the useless, unworkable joint army police task-force work , that another Brigadier have in place.
    If this ain’t the blind leading the blind ,then what is folks? How can military heads run security , and instill confidence in an already overwhelmed, and growing demoralized Police , in a country , when they cannot keep the numerous , wife abusing,weed smoking , thuggish Tethron gangs in green, from breeching every law in this land of ours- starting of course in 1970?
    Stay tuned folks, as the complicit agent of the sleeping corporate 4th Estate,will never touch this and similar topics ‘with a ten foot pole,’even if a Pulitzer is there’s for the taking.
    I wish our country well,until relief arrives.
    Your humble voice of reason.

  20. I live in a place where the police system and medical system work.The water runs, the electrcity flows. I reported a light bulb blown on a street light, it is fixed the next day. When things do not work as they should I call the media in.

    I think I shall leave the idiocies of the present administration to stew in the folly of their own juices, and watch from afar, while praying.MAy the people wwho voted them in have a good five years contemplating how they were duped.

    In a long conversation I had with someone I love in TnT yesterday, we spoke of the oil gushing in the Gulf of Mexico- the life bloood of the earth pulsing forth from an open wound, unstoppable, and capable of covering the entire Gulf of Mexico with five inches or more of silky red crude. I pointed out to him, that BP, Shell and Texaco Chevron had done similar dirty deeds in Ecuador, Nigeria’s Delta region and so on, and those “small” voices were ignored in American and British profiteering . Now the oil is on America’s doorstep, and people are committing suicide based on thier way of life being destroyed. Suddenly, the chickens have come home to roost. As my son say’s, quoting some movie one liner “Karma is a bitch”.

    What is done to impose some foreigner on us, in a conspircy to raid the treasury, and import more guns and drugs into our beloved land, will come to light.

    I have had to remind people before, that I am not God’s outside child, but his first daughter.Let us wait with bated breath while these newbees go about making another mess of the country that Robbie, God Bless Him, tried to remedy when he selected Manning over Panday in the 18-18 split. He was voting for moral uprightness, not opportunistic avarice.
    Manning will be absolved. He stands in my book, as the man who, when the slime Dansook went to him with proof of his corrupting two cabinet members, sent the info directly to the police. Pigheedness was his mortal sin, but pigheadedness in the interest of a country he loved.

    Good luck people.

  21. From Independence to Colonial status
    We are into a period of national shame and disgrace, calling back the cork hat, the khaki-clad foreigner to lead the natives: Captain Baker on his horse, 48 years after independence, unable as our governments, the political directorate and the elites of the society have been to create a self-sustaining civilisation.

    How not to pick a Police Commissioner
    If ever we needed reminding that we are a Third World country, the second botched attempt at recruiting a police commissioner should confirm to us that our systems of governance are completely jokey.

    Police get new welfare head
    POLICE Sergeant Anand Ramesar, an officer with ten years service who is a qualified lawyer, was yesterday voted as the new president of the Police Social and Welfare Association.

    No problem with foreign CoP
    Newly-elected president of the Police Service Social and Welfare Association Sgt Anand Ramesar says he will support the appointment of a foreigner as commissioner of police.

    Questions over new Deputy Commissioner
    Questions are being asked about the appointment of the newly-selected Deputy Police Commissioner, Canadian Jack Ewatski.

    PSC meets on DCP promotions
    ON THE EVE of their last day in office, members of the Police Service Commission (PSC) met in emergency session yesterday to make official the appointments of three Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) who were approved last Friday by Government.

  22. The cop problem: Fix it
    By Clevon Raphael – Published: 30 Jun 2010
    But we are caught between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea in trying to restore our country once more into the safe haven it used to be. Secondly, I remain vehemently opposed to the appointment of any foreigner as Commissioner of Police unless that person comes with water-tight guarantees that he or she would get the job done—a drastic reduction in the number of homicides. T&T has wasted more than $60 million, and counting, on hiring sundry foreign security personnel over the last eight years, with nothing substantial to show for that large expenditure in terms of cost versus benefits. The large amount of citizens who want to see a foreigner installed as the CoP is indicative of the frustration we all suffer with the unbridled reign of the criminals, who are taking out whoever they want without let or hindrance. I am very much angry over the unseemly difficulty in appointing a Commissioner of Police when the murderous criminals are very productive in the prosecution of their nefarious activities.

    While the powers that be and the citizens squabble over whether there should be a foreign or a local top cop, we continue to be at the mercy of these people who have no time for exercises in time-wasting. They are getting on with their jobs in a most efficient and deadly manner. But we have to blame the last administration for putting us in the mess we have found ourselves, all because of one man’s love for “foreign” over his own nationals. No doubt he has been laughing keif keif keh keh over the current imbroglio. I am appealing to the PP regime to please hurry and rectify this situation as early as possible, even if it means amending the legislation to ensure a satisfactory conclusion. Time is not our side.

  23. Well, All I can say is if after 48 years of independence there are no suitable policeman in the country to hold the post of COP,then the country’s law and order is in a very very bad way.
    It also goes to show that previous governmements failed to administed proper law and order by having unsuitable or incompetent senior police officers to uphold law and order.
    A new start is now required,and this matter must take priorty over all other matters now, as the perpetual acts of all forms of lawless acts will continue to increase.
    The immediate problem is to find the right men for the posts without further delay.

  24. Manning never wanted to install a foreigner–all games!he kept the locals who went along with his personal agenda to plunder OUR Treasury!he knew that he’ll always have their support!

  25. Having spent some time reading through different aspects of the present commissioner’s problems in Trinidad.
    I have come to conclude that generally very few members of the force have any integrity or honest ambition and are if fact are not very bright.They are unable to speak up for themselves and cannot really defend themselves adequately.They allow themselves to be led by rouge elememts of the government admisistration.
    This seems more noticeable among the senior ranks. who over time have allow governrment ministers to persuade them to wrongly indulge in matters beyond their responsibilities.In some cases,encouraging corrupted practices which in the end has left a stain on the whole force.This has now create a lack of trust and confidence by the public in the police ability to deal with law and order in a justified manner.
    The more serious senerio is now the whole police system urgently needs a complete reorganisation to restore the public condfidence.

  26. I do not support the hiring of a foreign Commissioner of Police. Although this seems to be the sentiment of the PNM now, Keith Rowley and others voted in favour of the process to allow for such. They never had a problem with employing foreigners to head several of our key institutions. Rowley never spoke out against this until now. As a matter of fact, the only wrongs he highlighted after Manning fired him surrounded UDeCOTT.

    What about this other scandal?

    The Works Ministry has ordered the sale of a second-hand ferry acquired by the National Infrastructure Development Company (Nidco) which has cost the Government $64.2 million to repair, yet never been used yet.Works Minister Jack Warner who revealed the situation in the Lower House yesterday said the ministry had not approved the latest contract requested for the ferry, pending a review of the situation. He cited a number of questions surrounding Nidco’s acquisition of the ferry, the HSV Su, which was supposed to be used as a water taxi between Port-of-Spain and San Fernando.

    Warner said the ministry had instructed Nidco to cease any further repair on the 14-year-old vessel and to obtain an international shipping broker to sell it on the second-hand market. The catamaran vessel with 450 passenger capacity was purchased second hand, in 2008, by Nidco, at a cost of approximately (US)$3.29 million (TT$20 million) from Unal Caginer, a hotelier based in Cyprus, he said. This means that $84 million has been spent on the vessel. Warner said the vessel was inspected in Turkey and registered with a local Turkish classification society which was not a member of the International Association of Classification Societies. “Therefore the maintenance, repair and operation was not subject to strict enforcement of safety standards, characteristic of international classification societies,” Warner said.

  27. This person with the gender bending name claim the following:- “The more serious senerio is now the whole police system urgently needs a complete reorganisation to restore the public condfidence.”
    What’s your point grgmarquesx? Many of us also feel the same about our entire judicial system, health service, state of education, immigration, social service, financial institutions,and commerce department, entrusted with responsibility for monitoring the actions of our greedy business entities.
    What therefore is the short, and long term solution, for us as the nation , is it to remove the Permanent Secretaries , and heads of department , then replace them with foreigners, as was done by these square pegs in round holes, that professed to be forward thinking , new age leaders ,in charge of our country?

  28. Abstention from duty
    Like Pontius Pilate, the Opposition last Friday washed their hands of the Dwayne Gibbs appointment, distancing themselves from a process and law of their own creation and approval and freeing themselves of their responsibility in the fight against crime.

  29. I give very little credence to the asinine comments of people who hide behind pseudonymns.(Sp?. Can’t get to dictionary.) My family has given distinguished serice to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and one is still serving. The “problem” with the force is that it continues to act like a force, when it is supposed to be a service. A case in point- La Horquetta has an imposing looking police station. We are on the way to my brother’s funeral, at La Horquetta R.C. Church(2004). We cannot find the street. We see the police station, and I, having lived abroad for more that twenty years, briskly get out of my car and walk into the station to ask directions. The smartly dressed young man did not know. He asked another, who also did not know, but offered that there was some kind of church on a cross street down that way. We thanked him, and moved on. My son the cynic said, “See mom, they don’t know their a— from their elbow.” We are grieving. I do not respond. We contine down the main road where the station is located, scanning cross streets as we go. Sure enough. There is this church, and we can see many cars. We go down there, and are at the funeral of my beloved brother.

    Now, this church was not a mile from that fancy police station.
    My question is, when these officers were assigned to this station, were they given an orientation to the neighbourhood? Is there a map on their wall of the “Catchment area” they serve? Are they failiar with such a map?Is the Roman Catholic Church(they always seem to b the biggest building in the area) listed on the map? This is a major gathering place of people, and the police officers should have know where it was.My brother had been a twenty-seven year employee of T&TEC, and in tribute to him a whole set of vehicles like the one he worked from, had formed in procession, yet the policemen a mile away knew not a word! There was a fiery speech by a Union guy about the company’s uncaring attitude.In other eras it could have led to trouble. No policeman was even assigned to help with parking.

    When I think of police mismanagement I think of this.

    On the other hand, when I walked into the Morvant Police Station in 2006, from doing a volunteer reading program at the Russell Latapy school, and asked for a police officer to talk to our kids about staying safe for the rest of the “summer”, (My little Shane had expressed fears about the gangs)an officer was assigned for the next day, and he came,talked to the kids and met the parents.They knew they could call him if trouble started.
    Between these two situations, a number of policemen fall.
    The question is, when they are constantly bashed by all sides and hardly given any plaudits, where are they to find the motivation to do the dangerous work they are called upon to do, often living far away from their families, based on the job?
    Harris County, Texas is as big as Trinidad and Tobago. Police officers in this area may spend one night, at most, away from their families, at the station. Happy and comfortable families are an important aspect of police work. This is not an armed force stationed in some remote part of the world, but the colonial masters who set it up, gave us that, and we have never changed it. Its Time.

  30. Police Service Commission
    DESPITE being approved by Government as this country’s new Commissioner of Police (CoP), Canadian Dwayne Gibbs may have to wait for a Police Service Commission (PSC) to be appointed before he can be invited to TT to discuss his terms of employment.

    I Have Lots of Ideas
    NEW CANADIAN Police Commissioner Dwayne Douglas Gibbs said yesterday that he has a lot of ideas and thoughts on how to deal with crime in Trinidad and Tobago, but they will have to wait until he talks with the authorities to determine how to forge ahead with them.

    PNM U-turn on foreign CoP
    GOVERNMENT Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal last Friday accused the Opposition of having a new-found objection to the country hiring a foreigner to be Commissioner of Police (CoP), adding when the PNM was in power, it expressed support for a foreigner for that post.

    Abstention from duty
    Like Pontius Pilate, the Opposition last Friday washed their hands of the Dwayne Gibbs appointment, distancing themselves from a process and law of their own creation and approval and freeing themselves of their responsibility in the fight against crime.

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