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PM calls for greater public involvement
Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

PM calls for greater public involvement:
We can fix crime in Tobago, says Rowley

CoP: More police, CCTV cameras for Tobago
Her comments came one day after four men were killed in an ambush while playing a card game in Black Rock. The victims have been identified as Anslem Douglas, Gregory Hamlet, Samuel McKain and Jomoke Duncan. The murders took the island's 2024 murder total to 16 two more than the 2023 record-high

Tobago massacre now a quadruple murder

Grenada government to state financial cost of Hurricane Beryl's passage
"There is no doubt that this disaster will have a major impact on the fiscal and financial and economic situation of Grenada. We are talking of hundreds of millions of dollars in losses and hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild."

Shell TT makes final investment decision on Manatee project
Shell plans to grow its LNG business by 20-30 per cent by the year 2030, as compared to 2022. The company also plans to grow liquefaction volumes by 25-30 per cent.

The Loran-Manatee field was discovered in 1983, about 100 km off the east coeast of Trinidad

The field is at an average water depth of 105 metres/340 feet. The Loran field represents the portion of the field in Venezuelan waters and the Manatee represents the portion of the field in Trinidad and Tobago waters.

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