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2024 revenue may be $3b less
Posted: Monday, June 10, 2024

Imbert: 2024 revenue may be $3b less than projected
FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert says the projected revenue which TT could receive this year may be $51 billion, $3 billion less than the figure which was projected when he presented the 2023/2024 budget in Parliament last October.

While this means government needs to be more prudent with its expenditure over the next one to two years, Imbert was confident the situation would improve between 2026 and 2027.

TT Chamber optimistic over mid-year review

A tale of two boroughs contrasting views from Diego Martin, Siparia mayors

'Rocky' start to approval process
'Something is wrong' with proposed Marriott project in Tobago...

Businessman shot dead by bandits
Wife, children escape during home invasion...

Let's talk menopause
"It can be frustrating to a woman who can't snap out of these changes; sometimes her productivity may falter," said the gynaecologist. "She may not understand why she is becoming this different person."

Menopause rage - an intense surge of anger or frustration - can manifest in both physical and verbal forms, such as excessive crying or shouting, aggressive behaviour or even violent outbursts.

Turtle hatchlings spotted on Maracas Beach

Lives before Landfill
So lucrative was the cane crop that one of the big mills, rivalling the ones at Brechin Castle and Ste Madeleine, was constructed at Forres Park, near Claxton Bay, with a dedicated railway to bring the harvest to the factory by carriage.

YouTube introduces stricter policy on guns in videos to protect youth
POPULAR online video platform YouTube says from June 18, it will be introducing stricter policies on the appearance of guns in videos in efforts to protect young people.

In a public notice a few days ago, the company said content showing the use of homemade firearms, automatic firearms, and certain firearm accessories will be age-restricted.

Security guards at PoS hospital 'outgunned'
Private security stakeholders say they are not equipped to confront heavily armed attackers and have been advised to simply take cover and report what they witness from a safe vantage point, even if they are also armed.

The advice comes from the head of the Estate Police Association (EPA), Deryck Richardson, in the wake of an attack in the carpark of the Port-of-Spain General Hospital last Sunday.

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