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Posted: Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Addressing the court on this, he said key witnesses were unavailable as some had died, and one was an elderly person who lived abroad. Gaspard explained that it had to be considered whether there was fair prospect of conviction in the matter.

Ish: Piarco cases have destroyed my family's lives
Businessman Ishwar Galbaransingh says he expects Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, SC, to discontinue the three remaining corruption cases related to the Piarco International Airport.

Pandays walk as DPP discontinues Piarco 3 corruption case
The Piarco 3 case pertained to a 25,000 bribe allegedly received by Panday and his wife, and allegedly paid by John and Galbaransingh, as an alleged inducement in relation to the airport project. The Piarco 4 case only involves Pierre.

In 2019, a High Court Judge upheld a legal challenge over the Piarco 2 case after former senior magistrate Ejenny Espinet retired with the preliminary inquiry almost complete. The ruling meant the preliminary inquiry into the Piarco 2 case had to be restarted before a new magistrate, along with the Piarco 3 inquiry, which was also before Espinet and left incomplete upon her retirement.

Al-Rawi in Miami for T&T's Piarco Airport civil case
This involves the PNM Government's longstanding effort to recoup US$37 million in the Piarco corruption matter from alleged racketeering charges filed under the US's Racketeering and Influence Corruption Organisation Act (RICO).

Ferguson, Kuei Tung and Gutierrez are the only three defendants left in Government's civil case from the original matter filed by the Patrick Manning PNM administration in 2004. The case originally involved 23 defendants.

ASJA: Bring Trinis trapped in Syria back home
ASJA is also saying while it lacks resources to monitor and prevent anyone from committing offences after they are repatriated, it is willing to work with the government to have these nationals properly reintegrated into society.

Prof Brinsley Samaroo: Cartels control food production in T&T

The DNA of cocoa
"There is a DNA fingerprinting database for people where, if you are able to retrieve DNA from body tissue, you can determine if someone was present at a particular area by comparing their DNA profile to the profiles in the database," he said. "With the advance of science, people started looking at the cocoa's genetic material, which is also DNA. In the same way we can do human DNA fingerprinting, we can do plant DNA fingerprinting."

Dylan Carter swims to Paris Olympics 2024
Dylan Carter became the first Trinidad and Tobago athlete to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France when he splashed to gold in the men's 100m freestyle event at the 2023 TYR Pro Swim Series in Ft Lauderdale, USA on Thursday.

Lectures, health screening in Tobago for International Women's Day
On Saturday, Tobago will join the rest of the country with a national day of screening at the Scarborough, Canaan and Roxborough Health Centres, and the Tobago Health Promotion Clinic. These health facilities will be offering pap smears, breast exams, HIV testing, blood pressure and glucose checks, BMI assessments, health and nutrition education and immunisation (HPV/Flu), from 9 am to 3 pm.

Life with endometriosis
"The Trinidad and Tobago Endometriosis Association works closely with stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally to ensure endometriosis patients access quality gold standard levels of care in both private and public sectors.

"Monthly we host a virtual talk series, Spotlight Endometriosis, where qualified guests offer ways to manage the symptoms of endometriosis. The organisation also successfully hosted webinars which targeted students, nurses and patients.

HDC: 'Legal' East PoS tenants given one-week extension
On Saturday morning, HDC workers accompanied by police removed the belongings of some tenants and even removed doors and windows from some of the apartments as insults were hurled at them.

The eviction stems from the HDC's plan to "revitalise" East Port of Spain which was initially announced in 2021, which includes the demolition and rebuilding of these apartments.

Sister of woman killed loses home in blaze MYSTERY FIRE AFTER MURDER
Ramkissoon lost her home a mere three days after she lost her sister Aneesa Ramkissoon, 26, who was gunned down not too far away, outside her (Aneesa) own home by two masked gunmen. Ramkissoon was the mother of three children, including a one-month-old baby.

Man killed in police-involved shooting in Couva
A 36-YEAR-OLD man was killed in a police-involved shooting on Monday at his home in Couva. The police later recovered a gun at the scene.

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