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Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2022

JSC puts gun entry through legal ports in its sights

19,002 containers enter T&T unchecked in 8 months

Bamboo residents apologise to ministers, ask for help
Zahid Mohammed said, "We're having a rough time. We're waiting on the pumps the ministers promised, but apparently, it's stalled on the way. We appreciated that they came. But the promises weren't fulfilled."

Bamboo residents move to take legal action on Govt for flooding
The affected residents said they have been facing flooding issues for the last five days, with water levels recorded in some areas as high as 12 feet. They have retained attorney Richard Jagessar to pursue the Government for compensation and losses.

No repair works to date on Manzanilla stretch, Chairman confirms

The Nariva Reclaims Chip Chip Road

Residents under stress as Freeport road collapses
A collapsed road and flooding in parts of Central Trinidad left dozens of residents unable to access their homes over the weekend.

Several weeks ago, a sinkhole appeared along Arena Road in Freeport. That roadway connects Freeport to Caparo and is used daily by hundreds of motorists.

Severe infrastructural damages: Tabaquite MP urges caution
Haynes noted that multiple roadways across her constituency, including Tortuga, Corosal and Gran Couva have suffered significant damage.

Judge refuses injunction to stop local government extension

Teenager falls out of airborne car, crushed to death near Brian Lara Stadium
Rond Mohammed, 19, of Phillipine Road, died on the spot when the driver of the blue Wingroad he was in, on the southbound lane of the highway, lost control and the car crossed the median onto the northbound lane.

Four other teenagers, all occupants of the Wingroad, were injured in the accident, which happened near the Brian Lara Stadium around 7.35 pm, and caused a huge traffic pile-up.

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