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All hands on deck
Posted: Monday, November 28, 2022

All hands on deck Government calls on public servants to help with flood recovery

Schools closed as weather disruptions continue
"I can tell you that public servants will be in operation tomorrow. Why? Because there is a lot of relief that we have to coordinate in the public service, so we have not taken any decision other than for the schools tomorrow. Because of the circumstances, we do require our public servants to come out because as the water subsides, we have all of the clean-up and relief efforts to go. That requires everything from how we pay for it, to how we procure it and we perform it," Al-Rawi said.

Caroni River bursts its banks
Families in Caroni, Valsayn, El Carmen, Las Lomas, and parts of St Helena had to be evacuated yesterday as a result of rising floodwaters. The Caroni river burst its banks at several points, spilling into the surrounding communities, with water rising as high as three feet in some places.

Floods hit East Trinidad
Teague reckoned that a lot of the flood waters had not been caused by rain falling directly in the community but rather to the nearby Caroni River having overflowed its bank, bringing water to Real Spring that had originally fallen in several other different areas.

"We are close to Caroni. This is Caroni overflow. Caroni burst its banks." Rain had fallen for three days he said.

Man's home surrounded by water over 3 months
"I went to the Ministry of Works, they sent me to the Highway Division and like that they have me dancing. They tell me is about 500 hundred jobs in Central alone and it's a long wait and the engineer didn't bring in any information," Mohammed said.

HSF declines 15% in first half
The HSF's Strategic Asset Allocation recommends how the monies in T&T's rainy-day fund should be allocated among four different asset classes:

Chamber boss says Trinis have poor work ethic
"According to the UK government in their Overseas Business Risk Assessment of T&T (2021), poor work ethics in our national labour force is one of the four main challenges we face as a country, as it leads to a reduction in productivity levels. Further, statistics from a study conducted by the National Tripartite Advisory Council (NTAC) illustrates that Trinidad and Tobago's Annual Average Growth Rates of Productivity significantly dropped from 5.9 Percent for the period 2000-2010, to a low of 0.5 per cent between the periods 2010-2016," Sookhai said.

UNC: Suspend Paria management until CoE findings are clear
Lee said the Opposition was saddened by the revelations of the enquiry and said "all this horror could have been avoided had this Government from the very top shown concern and called together all stakeholders to ensure the best was done to save lives."

TTFA delegates call for fresh elections
Appointed by world football's governing body (FIFA) in March 2020, the NC, chaired by businessman Robert Hadad, was given the mandate to liquidate the TTFA's multi-million-dollar debt, amend the TTFA Constitution in line with FIFA statutes, and to call fresh elections.

The normalisation committee's term is due to end in March. With the debt eradication process well under way, delegates have written to Mohammed requesting a general meeting.

The system is failing persons with disabilities
Judith Huemann, American disability rights activist once said, "If I have to feel thankful about an accessible bathroom, when am I ever gonna be equal in the community?" The general attitude towards persons with disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago both visible and hidden, is one of bare tolerance and basic appeasement rather that any real attempt at inclusion. Sadly, the people in positions of authority, especially those in government, will not agree with this because they are unaware of the challenges experienced at the lower levels. Thus, hardly any efforts are made to change the existing system so that persons with disabilities are treated as first class citizens.

Daly Bread: Crime scourge requires more than retreat and bewilderment

Woman, 89, perishes in house fire
Residents of the area told the Express that around 8.45 a.m. they heard a loud explosion, and then observed flames coming from one of the rooms of the bottom floor of the two-storey home.

US Citizen arrested, as mom knifed to death
A Moruga pensioner died on Sunday after she was stabbed multiple times allegedly by a close female relative.

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