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PM promises $ for farmers
Posted: Monday, November 14, 2022

PM promises $ for farmers hit by floods
Financial assistance to farmers who qualify will be given to them as soon as possible so they could begin replanting after the destruction of crops by recent flooding, the Prime Minister has assured.

Met Office: We didn't get the forecast model wrong
The denial follows a newspaper article published on Saturday, headlined "MET Office says it got forecasting model wrong."

Retired boat captain drowns in swollen river
Minwah, 76, a retired marine captain, was trying to get to his home on St John's Road as flood waters began to rise. Around 6.30 pm, he was returning home from a nephew's house a few hundred meters away. He walked to the side of the road as a vehicle reversed and slipped into the river as the flood water covered the road.

Education to protect tomorrow
Estimates suggest that around 15 per cent of our population live with diabetes but given the feedback received by the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT), closer to 30 per cent of our population may be either diabetic or pre-diabetic, says the association's president Andrew Dhanoo.

Dumas: Stage in the sea never got EMA approval
Dumas said while he has always been in favour of a carnival in Tobago, "Carnival or not we expect the administration to operate within the framework of the law and this appears not to be the case."

Tobago cop among 3 killed: 529 murders equals 2008 record
The shooting deaths of a special reserve police officer in Tobago and two Diego Martin men have taken the murder toll to 529, equalling this country's murder record in 2008.

State witness in Rich Plain police killing Jehlano Romney shot dead
Romney of Upper Rich Plain Road Diego Martin is a state witness in the killing of PC Clarence Gilkes. Romney was initially accused of the killing but was later exonerated after an autopsy and ballistics testing ruled that Gilkes died from police gunfire.

Point Fortin residents shocked over woman's murder

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