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108 legal guns used in crimes
Posted: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Hinds: 108 legal guns used in crimes including 4 murders

Don't punish gun owners

Hinds: Legal guns now a problem in T&T
He said he had no problem with the increase in the fees for Firearm Users' Licences. However, he had a difficulty with the Government wanting to prevent people for getting firearms and firearms variations.

JTUM proposes crime-fighting measures
He listed nine measures which, he said, would contribute towards reducing the level of crime, especially in Trinidad.

T&T's environment policies under review
Long road to COP27

Imbert: WASA, TTEC, TTPost info to help property tax
FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert said a current law and a court decision both allow WASA, TTEC and TTPost to join a list of entities required to supply information to help compile a list of house/land occupants (ahead of enacting the property tax.)

THA capitalising on 'cost-effective' World Trade Market
Augustine said since the start of the WTM on Monday, they have been engaging 20-plus agencies per day. This, he added, translates to between 60 and 80 agencies by the time the event closes later this week.

Schoolgirl beaten by classmates
Case of bullying at Sando West Secondary turns ugly

Tranquillity Secondary students involved in fight suspended

Soldier, 24, remanded into custody on Pennywise murder, robbery charges
The charges allege that on September 19, Salaam, together with other people, murdered co-workers Jeffrey Peters and Jerry Stuart of Allied Security Ltd.

It is alleged that on the same date and place, he and other people wounded their colleague Peola Baptiste, as well as Allister Harris, with the intent to do them grievous bodily harm. Harris is also a security officer but works with another company.

2 covid deaths in past 7 days, active cases decline further
In the previous seven-day period, there were 141 new cases and six deaths.

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