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Jehlano is free
Posted: Monday, May 2, 2022

Jehlano is free
No longer suspect in cop's death

Ex-suspect in PC Gilkes shooting released
Former suspect in the shooting of PC Clarence Gilkes was released from police custody on Sunday morning after the Director of Public Prosecutions advised recommended that no charges be laid against him.

Manning rejects UNC claims on retirement age
TT has an ageing population where people are living longer, but are also having fewer children. Manning said, "The net result of this is that the working population (aged 15-59) is shrinking, whereas the retiree population is growing. The 10th Actuarial Review highlighted that based on population projections, the ratio of persons in the working population to persons of retirement age was four to one in 2016. This is projected to decrease to less than two to one by 2066.

Padarath seeks answers from Gonzales on WASA

PDP launches in Trinidad
The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), which won the Tobago House of Assembly on December 6, 2021, has officially launched operations in Trinidad, making it another national party.

Gary Griffith launches political vehicle National Transformation Alliance

Report uncovers gang rape at children's homes
Secret trips to Mayaro with unapproved adults, transactions of marijuana for sex, gang rape initiations and former residents living at the homes of staff members are some of the horrific revelations made into the culture of sexual abuse at children's homes in this country.

Report: Migrants abused at children's homes
A ten-member team appointed by Cabinet to investigate reports of child abuse at children's homes found that Venezuelan girls placed at St Jude's School for Girls were openly labelled prostitutes by staff and other residents, beaten by other residents and in one instance by a security guard, resulting in multiple physical injuries.

Boy, 4, drowns in pool
A four-year-old boy drowned in a family pool in Couva, the third such incident involving a child in the space of a month.

Rig welder to receive $5m in compensation for injuries on ship
In 2019, Koat accepted he was “contributorily negligent” and he was found to be 20 per cent liable for his injuries while the company was found to be 80 per cent liable.

Father killed after handing over money bandits demanded
Johnson, 57, the owner of Daniel John Scaffolding, succumbed to his injuries around 1.50 pm on Saturday almost 12 hours after he was shot in the forehead at his Paradise Ave, Whiteland home, while his two children, ages 17 and nine, were at home. They were not hurt.

Quarry Street family: No thanks
Fire victims feel ‘pressured' to accept HDC home at Oropune

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