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Vaccines delivered to approved vaccination sites
Posted: Monday, April 5, 2021

MoH: Vaccines delivered to approved vaccination sites
Vaccines have been delivered to the 21 approved vaccination sites, with preparations underway to begin the first phase of vaccinations from the 33,600 AstraZeneca vaccines received through the COVAX facility.

NCRHA introduces fever, cough and cold checkpoint at health facilities
THE North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) has introduced a fever, cough and cold checkpoint, along with isopods, in an effort to eliminate the mixing of covid19 and non-covid19 patients, using tent facilities and a clear delineation and modifying of process flow systems.

Nine arrested in Tobago, 47 ticketed for COVID regulation breaches
According to a police news release, the security exercise, headed by Senior Superintendent Anand Ramesar, issued 19 of the 47 Public Health Fixed Penalty Notices on Saturday, April 3.

One year later, woman still mourns 'Greggy' - Tobago's first covid19 fatality
He had no history of overseas travel and only interacted with friends and family on the island. How he contracted the virus remains the subject of a pending epidemiological investigation, 12 months after he was laid to rest, six feet under. Tobago recorded its first covid19 case on March 23, 2020. Trinidad's first case was on March 12, last year.

Beachgoers disappointed as Tyrico blocked from vehicular traffic

PM to young men: Use Easter to reflect on your lives

Afrikan Women's Organisation teaches ancestral traditions
She told Sunday Newsday she was saddened that the United Nations established the International Decade for People of African Descent yet little to nothing is being done to commemorate it. "So we are reaching out to our African community to sensitise them to the richness in their traditions, their way of life, their family life."

Tobago wildlife park boosts food security with 'fruiting forest'
Today, while the vendors still give generously, the amount of produce they donate has decreased because of how covid19 has affected their businesses. So, in an effort to make up for the shortfall in food donations and increase the park's food security, the park started planting a "fruiting forest" last July.

Million-dollar fire in Bamboo
A foreign used/spare parts company based at Bamboo Number Three, Valsayn was almost destroyed yesterday after a bush fire razed the back of the storage facility and spread to the warehouses containing derelict vehicles and assorted car parts.

Teenager gunned down in Penal
Police said they have no motive for John's murder. Six spent shells fired from a 9mm semi-automatic pistol were recovered from the scene of the crime.

The bobolee that survived— a battered woman with pepper spray
She said every year they make a bobolee of someone who has betrayed the country but this year they decided to highlight the women who have faced abuse.

Prison officer collapses on job, dies later at hospital
He was taken to the Arima Hospital where he was seen by the attending physician and was pronounced dead at 12.30 pm. No cause of death was given in the release.

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