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Patriotic confused about tax credits
Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2021

Imbert: Patriotic confused about tax credits
He reiterated this meant the Government was required to give Credit Suisse US$750 million in fully transferable money market instruments. Imbert indicated Credit Suisse had stated up front they planned to sell these instruments on the open market. "Patriotic would then get the refinery and Paria for free, having put up no money, collateral or security and could mortgage the refinery and Paria as they saw fit."

Outdoor recreational sports to resume with 22 people or less
She said: "Today, we are opening up to have sporting activity taking place for recreational purposes. At this point in time, we are only going to focus on sporting activities that cater to 22 or less people. We are not going to open up to leagues."

EBC: No increase to 15 seats until THA bill becomes law

PM: No advantage for PNM in polls
Move to increase THA seats to 15...

Manning slams 'ivory tower economists' with outdated solutions
"While these textbook recommendations would improve our economic indicators they would also so severely impugn the standard of living for the average Trinbagonian that no one would care." Manning said even the International Monetary Fund (IMF), known for promoting austerity measures, has made an about-face on this draconian economic strategy.

T&T records 10 new COVID-19 cases

3 Immigration Officers test positive for COVID, 20 in home quarantine

Brace for Saharan dust from Sunday
A significant plume of Saharan dust is moving across the Atlantic and is expected to arrive in our region on Sunday.

Venezuelan police officer builds better life for family in Trinidad
When Venezuelan migrant Darilis Martinez, 27, left her country she was working as a police officer in Tucupita. She had also recently completed a university degree in computer engineering at la Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Fuerzas Armadas in Caracas.

Cops defend arrests of PoS vendors
A 30-year-old man, of Bagatelle, Diego Martin, was charged for using a vehicle contrary to registration, willful obstruction and offering for sale marketable commodities.

Preliminary report into deaths of suspects in Andrea's murder...22 SORT officers fingered
Close to 22 officers from the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) have been fingered in the deaths of Joel Balcon and Andrew Morris, the prime suspects in the murder of Andrea Bharatt, 23, of Arima, according to a preliminary report.

Anguish over hundreds of missing people in T&T
Between 2010 and 2019, 8,383 people went missing. Out of that number, 408 people were still not found at the end of 2019, statistics from the T&T Police Service show. For the last year, scores of other people were reported missing, among them several young women, a few of whom have since been located and returned home. Others remain unaccounted for.

Abduction worries
...Cops say no rise but fears persist

2 missing people found
Ian Neverson, 52, who was reported missing on February 18 was found in Chaguaramas by officers of the Western Division. Deisley Urbano, 16, who was reported missing on February 14 returned home on February 15.

Kidnapped teen jumps from moving vehicle
Central Division police are investigating a report that a 17 year old boy was abducted in Enterprise, Chaguanas, on Friday night.

Judge blocks ruling against T&T Govt
THE Government has scored a victory following the dismissal of a default ruling by a United States District judge in the case involving an aviation company suing Trinidad and Tobago for millions of dollars in damages.

Mayaro beach 'thief' beaten, tied up 'like market crab'
The fitness session turned into a self-defense class as the trainer subdued the suspect by placing him in a headlock, then wrested him to the floor. The woman said that the trainer sought to counsel the suspect by asking him why he was on the beach stealing.

Balcon raped me
...and police ignored me

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