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WASA has a $10 billion debt
Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2021

WASA has a $10 billion debt
WASA officials told JSC members that outside of 2019-2020, decreased activity in the industrial sector over caused WASA to lose $20 million. While they said "the issue for the industrial estate is under control", WASA has not been disconnecting residential customers since last March because of the covid19 pandemic.

WASA CEO 'acting' for two years
LAND and Physical Infrastructure Joint Select Committee (JSC) chairman Deoroop Teemal observed on Wednesday that out of the eight top executive posts in the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), people are acting in seven of them.

100 get first doses of COVID-19 vaccine
They received their first of two doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Watch: T&T administers first COVID-19 vaccines

Barbados drags Deyalsingh after error: 'Send back our vaccines'
Asked if Barbados had donated them, he said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no...the government of India made a gift to the region, using Barbados as a central depository. From that, we got 2,000." But in a release on Wednesday evening, Deyalsingh said he had been misinformed and apologised, saying they were in fact a donation from Barbados.

Thanks aunty Mia: Dr Rowley thanks Barbados PM for vaccines

Trini students in Barbados also get inoculated
"My hardest part was actually deciding if this was the right choice, but I confirmed it after doing my own research and getting the stick," according to Sherys Rodriguez.

Seven more persons contract COVID-19
Seven new people have tested positive for COVID-19 from samples taken between February 14 and 16.

It really is time for Imbert to go
Public debt as a percentage of GDP has moved from 53.9 per cent to over 80 per cent under Imbert. This massive increase had been happening prior to COVID-19 because by 2019 it had gone up 10 percentage points. No amount of smoke and mirrors can hide that reality. It does not take into account the $15 billion he has over the years taken out of the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund.

Govt must cut public service, increase utility rates
"So absent a miracle, there is no way that the level and composition of government expenditure cannot not now be addressed; and that will involve reducing head-count in the public service, closing state enterprises, and increasing rates for water, electricity, and transportation. As an economist and a citizen, I get no joy from stating this. But the reality is that we will have to come to learn to live within our means," Dr Farrell told the Business Guardian via email on Tuesday.

Ministry investigates unlawful sale of, and construction on, farmlands
Rambharat said another scenario involved the buyers being under the impression that the land could be turned into commercial or residential leases. He said that this notion is 'not tenable and again, it should be discouraged in all forms'.

More online stress for students, their eyes now badly affected
Some students are showing signs of "real stress' with the hybrid education system including eyesight problems and headaches. And there's a need for serious intervention with students whose socio-economic situations are affecting their learning.

Ministry suspends Life certificate requirement until June 30

Farmer Nappy wins $100k online road march
Darryl "Farmer Nappy" Henry made it a double success for a virtual Carnival season with victory in the inaugural bmobile/TUCO online road march on Wednesday. Farmer Nappy won The Monarch (replacing the International Soca Monarch), last week.

Nedco CEO: Start a business, it's worth the risk
"We also want to encourage projects with as much local content as possible in terms of both raw materials and human resources. We have a number of manufacturing type industries in TT but 20 to 30 per cent of the raw materials they use is imported, so in developing a business model we have to look at local content. We have a number of existing businesses, like the cocoa industry, local teas, Moruga hill rice, etc, itz's just to promote and develop them so they can provide products that can have good shelf life and so on."

'Give me a second chance'
"These cancers are rapid and can be aggressive. Unfortunately, our country does not have the resources to treat this cancer and I must seek international assistance. My family and friends are all working hard to come up with the finances to give me a second chance at life by May 2021," he added.

Ex-national footballer Joseph dies
THE TT Football Association has sent its condolences to the family of former national player Larry Joseph, who died on Wednesday. He was 56.

Cumuto, Valencia taxi drivers tell passengers: Take care
"On afternoons after work, people just want to get home, and a lot of times they will just get in a PH car, not knowing who they are travelling with. It's important to get a driver that is a registered taxi driver with the association. Look at the stickers on the windscreen of the car and make sure that it's a real driver you're travelling with."

Six children among 10 Venezuelans held by cops for illegal entry
Two were referred to the San Fernando General Hospital for further treatment. All others were conveyed to the Santa Flora Police Station and were due to be taken to the Coast Guard Base at the Heliport in Chaguaramas.

Freeport housewife sues CoP over police missing court
CONCERNED and frustrated by the police's "lackadaisical approach" to court matters, a Freeport housewife wants the High Court to order the Police Commissioner to reinstate disciplinary proceedings against an officer for not attending court.

8 killed in 48 hrs: CoP says "the silence is deafening'
He wrote: "Given the hundreds arrested by the police for similar offences, who are let back on to the streets for as little as $5000 bail, they were most likely repeat offenders.

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