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Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2020

...Commission to meet on Griffith's conduct

Major Gen Brown: Griffith showed 'total disrespect' to prime minister and should 'rethink' or resign
I am certain that Commissioner Griffith was not taught to be disrespectful of authority at the prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy that he so often reminds us he attended.

'No one summoned me'

Beach woman gets big bouff
Deyalsingh slams 'reckless' behaviour of attorney's daughter...

Samantha gets legal advice
Infamous "beach boaster" Samantha Ramischand has sought legal advice.

Attorneys agree COVID law not applicable to private homes
Two prominent attorneys are agreeing with Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith's argument that it will be very difficult for police to criminally enforce the public health regulations on people who are in private residences.

THA: $7.8m plan for online learning 'a work in progress'
Recently, the division revealed 4,000 students lack devices to log onto online platforms. Charles appealed to corporate TT to assist students.

55 Covid deaths
The Ministry of Health regrets to inform the public that there is an additional COVID-19 related death. The person is an elderly male with co-morbidities. This brings the total number of COVID-19 related deaths to 55.

Family to view body of COVID victim before cremation
In the document, which was published at the start of the Government's intensified efforts to limit the spread of the virus locally in March, relatives are allowed limited access under strict conditions.

There is no 'excess mortality' in T&T
Hinds added that they have been continuously monitoring month to month mortality from pneumonia related causes. "What we've done is, in conjunction with the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the Office of the Registrar General, we have been looking at the patterns of mortality, both all cause meaning everyone and whatever they died from and specifically anything that referenced pneumonia as the cause of deaths."

Still no word on Patriotic's Petrotrin deal
They fought long and hard to get a conclusion to the negotiations for the acquisition of the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery and port before the August 10 General Election. But more than a month after the election, Patriotic Energies and Technologies Limited is yet to seal the deal with the Government.

Mayor's Fund to pay tickets for socially displaced
Homeless men get tickets for not wearing masks

Nurses' head: Make sure Cuban nurses are certified
Stuart said while he commends the government for getting more Cuban nurses to ease the currently overburdened nurses, the long-term solution was to train local nurses properly in the intensive-care field. He also expressed concern over the level of training of the first cohort of nurses.

Covid victims are downplaying symptoms to avoid Couva, Caura
With 1959 patients in home quarantine as of Monday morning, the Ministry of Health is concerned by the downplaying of symptoms by some patients to avoid hospitalization.

Principals' group: Disciplinary issues in some virtual classes
"Currently the parent and child need to come up to the level of expectation that we have for them (if this were) a physical classroom. Students must be prepared for class and there must be interaction, or the system will be ineffective."

Newsday's parent company to be restructured
Among the measures to be taken by the company are outsourcing its printing, and retrenching staff across the company.

GML ordered to remove, cease publications on CEPEP CEO, Corp Secretary
Approved on Saturday, the injunction prohibits the GML group from publishing personal information or defamatory articles of the CEO of the Community-based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) Keith Eddy and its Corporate Secretary Nicole Gopaulsingh.

COVID and Carnival 2021: Events postponed by two organisations

The Breathalyser is still being used
The man was taken to the Chaguanas Police Station where a breathalyser test was administered and allegedly registered 146 microgrammes, 111 microgrammes or four times over the prescribed legal limit of 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath.

Crash: 9 people packed into AD Wagon
Police are warning drivers that the overcrowding of vehicles (carrying more persons than the vehicle was designed to carry) is an extremely dangerous practice, that places the lives of both the passengers and driver at risk, as well as other road users.

Dad charged with beating children, after their abused mom tried to leave

Man charged for sexual abuse of 3 girls
He was charged with three counts of sexual penetration of a child, one count of sexual touching of a child, and one count of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. He was expected to appear before the Sangre Grande Magistrate Court on Monday.

Taxi driver held for touching girl, 12
A 51-year-old taxi driver was arrested by police on Saturday and charged with sexually touching a 12-year-old girl.

Venezuelan refugee challenges deportation order
It was noted that Cedeno entered this country to seek asylum because of the socio-political and economic crisis in Venezuela and to work to provide financial assistance for her four-year-old daughter. Additionally, she has since become a registered refugee with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Five Venezuelan fishermen rescued in Tobago
They stated that they usually fish to feed their families

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