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CPL 'sabotage' attempt made by CMO impersonator
Posted: Tuesday, July 14, 2020

CPL 'sabotage' attempt made by CMO impersonator
Rowley said that a person/ persons impersonated the CMO (Chief Medical Officer)'s office and sent inaccurate correspondence to CPL's officials purported to be from the Government.

'New Normal': MoE releases guidelines for the reopening of schools
The document was sent to all principals to be used as a guide in the creation of a safe and secure environment for teaching and learning. It looks at a number of areas including class sizes, timetabling, entry protocol and promotion of students.

School terms announced by Education Ministry
Term one will commence on September first and last until December 11 for a total of 15 weeks. The second term will begin on January 4, 2021 and end on March 26, while term three will begin on April 12 and end on July 2.

Shift system to be implemented in schools
Stating that classrooms at secondary schools had already been reorganized to facilitate six feet of physical distancing during CXC and CAPE examinations, which began yesterday, the ministry said that such requirements may be adjusted by the time schools reopen. It said that based on spacing constraints in schools a roster system would have to be implemented to ensure that all students receive the same tuition. 

No masks for students when school reopens

Sorry Joanne, 10,000 applied to come home
"However, there is another aspect of looking at it, on a personal level. There are people out there in hardship of course. We understand that, we empathize with that, but the policy cannot be who gets on television first and who cries on television because if that is how it is, then you will not be able to have an effective system where these said people can enter, because if you say okay, person who are on medical or have a medical issue, then every person will say I am sick.

No space for stranded Trinis, says Al Rawi
Al Rawi said persons seeking exemption were asked to supply the relevant information to the Ministry of National Security. These exemptions, he said, were granted in batches to prevent overcrowding at the quarantine facilities.

UNC accuses PM of 'turning his back' on stranded nationals

COVID takes toll on PM's savings
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has said the value of the savings in his mutual funds account declined by almost 40 per cent, due to current market conditions. At yesterday's briefing, he said he's "now down" that much. He added that in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic T&T is going through a particularly difficult period but has to stay the course, make sensible decisions and hope to come out with "lives in hand."

PM, Deyalsingh issue further warning to bars
"This is not about punishing bars. This is about asking both bar owners and patrons to consume your alcohol responsibly," he said. Deyalsingh explained that when alcohol enters the body, judgement can be impaired and inhibitions are forgotten. In a contagious pandemic like COVID-19, Deyalsingh says patrons can't afford to take anything for granted.

Al Rawi defends appointment of Chief Public Defender: No politics in law
Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says there is no room for political division in the practice of law as he appointed former UNC senator Hasine Shaikh to the office of Chief Public Defender in March.

Heritage Library reopens after two years
The Heritage Library, located on the second floor of the Hart and Abercromby Streets facility, provides reference and research materials on Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. It houses rare collections pertaining to the country's national heritage such as collections on Freddie Kissoon, A.N.R Robinson and Learie Constantine, among others. It is also home to newspaper archives as far back as 1980.

Griffith responds: No proof that police were near Greaves

Police association head: Inquest the best forum
AN INQUEST is the best forum to test the credibility of new information given by a witness 11 years after police killed three of his friends in Morvant, according to Police Association president Insp Gideon Dickson.

Bullet through arm, lung amid POS protests; man says shooter was cop
At this point, Mc Leod alleges that he sees an officer point his weapon in their direction and hears explosions. He soon feels a burning sensation to his arm and chest and runs to a nearby staircase seeking cover.

Privy Council rules in favour of fired garbage collector
"The failures by the corporation were so substantial that, in the Industrial Court's view, the legality of the disciplinary process had been fatally undermined, necessarily rendering any subsequent dismissal for the alleged offence unfair," Kitchin said. 

Heatwaves in sub-Saharan Africa, but they're not being recorded

TML, ASJA, TIA to remain impartial
"Each member has to evaluate for his or herself and see which of the parties' manifesto or programmes best meets his or her political needs and take an individual decision to vote for the party they desire. From the organisation's perspective, we will not influence them to vote in a particular manner. In terms of our historical perspective on political parties, we find it beneficial to be neutral because at the end of the day, regardless of which political party wins the elections, we see our role to work with any government for the benefit of the Muslim community. Regardless of which political party is in charge, we have a good working relationship," Khan said.

Duke calls Charles 'colossal failure' as anti-PNM unity called off
Last year, Duke rejected their call for unity and speak with "one voice" on Tobago's behalf. One Tobago Voice is a group of three parties—Tobago Forwards led by Christlyn Moore, the Tobago Organization of the People led by Ashworth Jack, and The Platform of Truth led by Charles.

Progressive leader ready to debate Al-Rawi, Sobers for San Fernando West

Five-way race in St Augustine will be won by new MP

UNC silent on Lopinot/Bon Air West candidate replacement
NO reason has been given for the sudden change of the UNC's initial candidate for Lopinot/Bon Air West – Triston Bonterre – who has been replaced by Prakash Williams. The party's PRO Anita Haynes says no explanation is needed.

Mohit confident: 'I am a Chaguanas East homegirl'
Her opponents include Clarence Rambharat (PNM) and Matthew Gibbs (PEP). Mohit said while she enjoyed her tenure as mayor, she sees the possibility of a transition to MP as a "stepping stone" which will allow her to do more.

Mayor accuses the PNM of using HDC files to canvass residents

Man jailed for biting off man's thumb
In a bizarre incident, a man smashed through the glass on the upper floor of a business place, fell on top of a vehicle and bit off a man's thumb.

Missing La Horquetta woman found
The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has confirmed that 26-year-old ELICIA ARJOON, who was reported missing on Friday 10th July 2020, has been found in good health.

San Juan couple held with 100 rounds of ammunition
The man, 27, and his female companion, 18, both of Campo Street Extension, were detained after the white Hyundai Tucson they were occupants of was stopped along Cameron Road, Petit Valley, by officers of the Western Division Task Force and Western Division Operations.

Relatives of murdered quarry worker: Fears of war justified
"I believe that because at this quarry they're fighting for it. He was a hard working fella. He was a good worker. I don't know what happened, but there is a set of conflict at the quarry with the different men who are working there."

Retired aviation mechanic, 80, strangled
The pensioner had armed himself with licensed 16 gauge Winchester shotgun but the firearm was missing when his body was discovered. Noel Kalyan said his father turned 80 in February.

Children, 11, 15, tied up during attack on family
A family of five, including two children aged 11 and 15, were tied up and robbed at gunpoint in Arima on Saturday morning.

Bon Air suspect dead by apparent suicide in police cell
Police are investigating the death of a 30-year-old Bon Air man who was found dead in the holding cell of the Arouca Police Station on Sunday afternoon.

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