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Please PM, I'm begging
Posted: Monday, July 13, 2020

Trini stranded in Miami for four months

Pensioners stranded in US plead to come home

4,000 seek exemptions, 1,000 want to return from US
He said the ministry was working on repatriating nationals from the US, but could not say when exactly this could happen. But he said the US was the “next on the list." The US has the world's highest covid19 infection rate with three million cases, and more than 130,000 deaths.

Outcry over ongoing delay in Guyana election declaration
UNIVERSITY of the West Indies (UWI) vice chancellor Prof Sir Hilary Beckles in his capacity as Professor of Economic History has added his voice to those of Caribbean leaders and international organisations calling for a settlement of the Guyana general election result in a statement, A New Day in Guyana.

Police brace for turf war after gun attack on quarry operator
Officers are investigating illegal quarrying which has been going on for years in protected areas in Matura and hundreds of acres of state land from Valencia, Matura, Melajo and Manuel Congo, among other areas. They believe a rival illegal quarry operator was behind the attack.

Police killings on the rise....
The case for bodycams

Was there a cover-up in 2009 police killing?
If the matter takes that course, it will also open another investigation into whether a significant number of police officers who gave statements and investigated the 2009 shootings might have tried to cover up the truth and send the matter for an inquest.

Annisette: No sympathy for PM's call for union restraint
Dr Rowley said the Government on taking office had borrowed $6 billion to pay public servants, but could only pay further sums owed when the country's financial state improved.

Bodoe: Olivierre's departure gives UNC a fighting chance in La Brea
In the 2015 general election, Olivierre gathered 11,558 votes for the PNM while the UNC's Ramish Ramanand got 5,735. The Independent Liberal Party's Keifing Chance got 117 votes.

Rowley: UNC will take T&T to IMF

Former PM: State funded hampers given to PNM offices, not MPs

NACTA: Good chance for Jerlean but big challenge for Duke
“In virtually all the marginals the party will have to carry the candidate, but in La Horquetta/Talparo it is the personality that is carrying the party."

Duke: Don't send me to Parliament alone
"This is what you call a political pair. Everybody has their pair: Batman had Robin, Ernie had Bert."

Station owner, radio host clash:
Cuss out during interview with Hinds

More protests in Couva North for Ramdial
“The party is accustomed to putting whoever they want and not listening to the people and it was about time that it be changed. The blind support needs to end because 'Vox populi, vox dei' as the political leader always says."

Volney voting for Deyalsingh on August 10

Missing Persons Alert for Diego Martin woman
Grace is of African Descent, slim built, dark brown complexion, 5 feet tall, with tattoos on her left upper arm and chest. She was last seen wearing a black short-sleeved jersey, light blue jeans and a pair of black slippers.

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