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Cops tear gas protestors in PoS
Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2020

Cops tear gas protestors in PoS
As citizens went to sleep on Tuesday night uneasy and unsure of what yesterday's dawn would bring, the country initially awoke to a sense of calm and quiet yesterday. But this did not last for long as residents from Beetham and Sea Lots joined together to stage what was initially called a peaceful protest in Port-of-Spain. While one at Sea Lots was broken up to an extent, some of them left to go into the city where they joined a protest which the police used tear gas to disperse.

Stand-off in Sea Lots between residents, police
Sea Lots residents could relate to a sense of helplessness they felt and criticised National Security Minister Stuart Young for his response to the protests, denying reports that protesters were being paid by a particular group of people to cause unrest.

...they don't want any war with police; all they want is a fair chance at a better life.

Demming: Social unrest will continue without 'solution-focused dialogue'
The location of the points of the civil disruption have one thing in common. They have voted solidly for the PNM for the past 29 years but they continue to be socially and economically under-served.

Marlene: People need to be heard
Marlene McDonald, PNM's Port-of-Spain South MP, had to "bouff" two protestors who tried to block her way into the capital yesterday but she says some people in her constituency just want someone to listen to them.

Nakhid: Let's not be hypocrites, the Hill will not forget
I warned of this, the political arrogance of the gate keepers and the historical neglect and humane indifference that was always manifest—now so writ large. Social inequities cannot be shot at and killed with impunity.

Griffith insists on plot to destabilise T&T
Griffith warns those 'trying to destabilise country':


Emancipation Support Committee appalled by claims of 'paid political plot'

Gary willing to meet with family of woman killed during protest

Political leader David Abdullah questioned how a woman could have lost her life and urged the nation's leaders to learn from the situation.

HCL selling 1,700 acres of land
Although the report does not explicitly outline if the 1,700 acres of land will be sold in one block or subdivided and sold as parcels for individuals, the reference to the joint liquidators overseeing the preparation of a substantial data room may hint that they are seeking to sell the property as a single block.

National Security Minister: Only PCA, TTPS probing police shootings

Young: People 'jittery' over general election

Invasion of protected forested areas
"People are saying the (state) agencies need to take action...and I am saying the agencies need to take action with a policy position."

Artistes and creatives to get $5000 relief grant for lost income

West Indies cricket legend Sir Everton Weekes dies at age 95
Alongside Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Everton formed a formidable batting unit in the West Indies team. All three Barbadians made their Test debuts within three weeks in early 1948.

'Mind you children, not my business', she told cop
The officer told Maharaj of the allegation to which she cursed while saying that he should mind his children and not her business. The officer held onto Maharaj's hand to arrest her for using obscene language but she violently pulled away and again cursed.

Venezuelan teen runaways found by cops
Two teenage Venezuelan girls who ran away from the St Jude's Home for Girls in Belmont last Tuesday have been found in a house in the police South Western Division on Wednesday.

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