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'No justice, no peace'
Posted: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Protests over police killings – 'No justice, no peace'
ANGER and grief over the police shooting last weekend of three men – Joel Jacob, Israel Clinton and Noel Diamond – led to violent protests in various parts of the country on Tuesday.

CoP says protests were orchestrated by gangs, boasts of 72 arrests

PoS protests force early closure of businesses

Ornella was second family member to be killed in police confrontation
The incident took place on September 1, 2013. However, no charges have been laid against any of the officers involved, and the matter was still listed as 'under investigation'.

Confusion as woman killed during Beetham protests

'Unrest plot fails'
Among their plans, Griffith said in a press release on Tuesday evening, was to set fire to certain places between the Beetham to Port of Spain and when police arrived, they would be fired upon.

Young: People being paid to protest

UNC: Young's blame game has potential to incite
Haynes said Young's comments had the potential to create a bigger issue. She also said his comments were irresponsible, especially since he provided no evidence.

AG on bullet at his ministry: 'I am a high-value target'
"It went through two panes of glass and lodged into (an) empty cubicle where someone was previously sitting. The staff was in the room at the time. "We are very lucky nobody was hurt."

Protests in Port of Spain: June 30

Chee Mooke Bakery is back: Morvant says sorry for robbery, returns $$
"Today we were summoned by the community of Second Caledonia for a personal apology for the situation and to reimburse the funds."

Protesters help business owner
One businessman, who had some gold jewellery on a table, started pulling the table and the jewellery fell on the pavement. Protesters stopped and helped him collect it.

CoP: We know who plotted yesterday’s mayhem
While Griffith did not call names, he said the person he was referring to did not belong to either of the two main political parties. He said those "individuals" were linked to gang members.

Abu Bakr: Let my son go
"If he is speaking out on behalf of some people then all politicians should be arrested tomorrow and charged because he is the leader of the New National Vision and all politicians claim to speak on behalf of the people," he said.

Bakr uneasy over son's detention
JAMAAT al Muslimeen head Yasin Abu Bakr told a media briefing on Tuesday he felt some unease over his son Fuad's detention by the police as he was participating in protests earlier in Port of Spain, and then taken to Besson Street Police Station.

CCJ to hear Guyana elections submissions
Guyana's main opposition, People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has filed a notice of motion asking for an interpretation of the words "more votes are cast." The Court of Appeal in its decision ordered that the words are to be interpreted as meaning "more valid votes are cast".

Energy Minister slams 'misleading' editorial by political analyst
The Energy Minister also noted that Trinidad and Tobago was a signatory to the Paris Agreement which was ratified in 2018 with a commitment to produce 10% power from renewable energy by 2021 and to reduce cumulative greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per cent from industry, power generation and the transport sector by 2030. Khan said a renewable energy roadmap and implementation plan was also developed.

NCRHA workers paid outstanding increments
Following a series of protests, employees attached to the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) have been paid outstanding increments for the period 2013 – 2018. A payment of $40 million has been made to the workers, ahead of the promised period of June 30 – July 4.

Nurses postpone protest but told: Stay away from hotspots

Sinanan on demerit system: 'So far, so good'
If a driver gains more than ten demerit points but less than 14 within three years, their permit can be suspended for six months. But if the driver accumulates more than 14 points but less than 20 within the same three-year period, the permit will be suspended for one year, and for two years if it's over 20 points. "Before, all you had to do was pay a fine but now if they're caught utilising the Bus Route illegally, you get the demerit points. Anybody that breaks the law, then the law has to take its own course."

Adult education classes to begin in October

Digicel joins Facebook ad boycott
In a release Tuesday, the telecoms company said the move is in solidarity with other brands who have moved to send a strong message to Facebook for failing "that enough is enough and force it into affirmative action instead of idly standing by as its platforms are used to spark and spread negative, damaging and violent messaging."

State agrees to compensate policeman
AN inspector of police who was injured when a National Security SUV, driven by a soldier, hit him while on the compound of the National Operations Centre (NOC) at Knowsley, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain in 2015, will be compensated by the State.

Still being judged by race
Mikheil Caraby says race is irrelevant when it comes to how someone should be treated. But unfortunately, he admitted, many people are still classified and judged by their race or the colour of their skin.

Protest, family dispute end in arrest in Corinth
But then screams of "Allyuh too wicked," were heard as police apparently arrested another man who was said to have been involved in the protests.

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