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Posted: Monday, June 22, 2020

CUT YOUR HAIR OR ELSE discrimination by Airports Authority

Airports Authority accused of discriminating against security officer over hairstyle
In a legal letter sent to the Authority's general manager last week, attorneys Anand Ramlogan and Jared Jagroo said Joshua Wallace's hairstyle does not amount to improper attire, not does it compromise the security of the AATT since it is neatly groomed and kept covered by his uniform headdress.

Bill outlaws revenge porn
THE Senate will on Monday debate a bill which among other things will outlaw revenge porn, intimate images of their former romantic partners sent by disgruntled individuals after a break-up.

Daycare, preschool workers to PM: Please give us a chance
AS more businesses begin to reopen and many return to work, daycare and preschool workers are pleading with the Prime Minister to reconsider the decision for their workplaces to reopen in September.

An end to globalisation?
Covid-19 causes protectionism

Buses back to 100% capacity

Supermarkets welcome 10 pm closing time
SUPERMARKET Association president Rajiv Diptee says he welcomes the new 10 pm closing time as lockdown measures continue to be relaxed. It was previously 6pm for supermarkets.

Opportunities for TT entrepreneurs in India: HC
INDIA's High Commissioner to TT Arun Kumar Sahu says there are tremendous business opportunities for local entrepreneurs in India. Sahu pointed to specific areas including tourism, information technology, agriculture, renewable energy, food processing, textiles, bio-technology, medicine and automobile manufacturing.

TT students stranded in India feeling 'hopeless'

MSJ head: Remove Columbus statue
He is advocating for the creation of a commission to examine and rename streets appropriately after consultations with stakeholders.

Columbus 2020 antihero
The wilful, one-sided writing of colonial history is a big problem we face. I believe people know too little of their whole history. We need to put that right.

Archbishop hurting over Aniah's murder
The killing of two-year-old Aniah McCloud over the weekend clearly begs the question about the kind of nation Trinidad and Tobago has become, Archbishop Jason Gordon says.

Children's Authority: Child's death should sound an alarm

Stay indoors, EMA warns individuals vulnerable to Sahara dust
THE blanket of Sahara dust across the country has led the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to urge medically-vulnerable people to stay indoors and avoid physical exertion.

Photos: Sahara dust across Trinidad and Tobago

Nacta Poll: Widespread dissatisfaction with MPs
A large majority of the nation was pleased with the replacement of most incumbents who had largely failed to service their constituency. Voters also complained that they had not seen their MPs since 2015, saying most MPs were seen only at election time.

PNM PoS South execs to meet PM on Borel

Seepersad-Bachan upset at Singh's exit
Seepersad-Bachan told Newsday Singh resigned from the COP on Saturday at 10.30 am by way of a WhatsApp message. She said Singh had been chairman of the COP Women's Arm until resigning a couple of weeks ago and by virtue of that position been a member of the national executive.

Is Maracas ready for our return?

CDA to limit beach crowds as COVID-19 restrictions ease

Zoo reopens with social distancing measures in place

West Indies World Cup heroes of 1975 and 1979
Sunday (June 21) marked 45 years since first triumph at Lords and on Tuesday will mark 41 years since second victory for West Indies as World Cup champions.

Cop dies from suspected heart attack
He said Swanson, 49, accompanied a friend to a grocery near to Coffee Street, San Fernando. When the friend returned to the car, he saw Swanson shaking as though he was experiencing a seizure.

Family held hostage during home invasion
TWO pensioners are among a family left traumatised after four men invaded their home at gunpoint on Saturday night.

Bandits drop cell phone while fleeing cops

Four men shot dead in Penal, Moruga

Teens arrested for shop breaking and larceny
According to official police reports, at about 6:30 pm on Friday 19th June 2020, a 33-year-old woman locked and secured the Noel Mini Mart, located at Warden Road, New Village, Point Fortin. She returned around 2:03 am on Saturday 20th June 2020 and found the place broken into.

Police need help finding Fyzabad teen, Central man

Diego Martin teen found

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