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Blows for CPO, ministry
Posted: Saturday, June 20, 2020

Blows for CPO, ministry
Her comments were made in a ruling in which she and Industrial Court member Kyril Jack ordered the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) to pay a clerical officer of the Ministry of Education all outstanding maternity leave benefits due for the year 2010. The CPO was also ordered to pay damages to Ria Ramkissoon in the sum of $8,000 before August 14.

Roget tells Govt at scaled-down Labour Day march:

Nurses promise more protests
THE TT Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) has planned to keep on protesting until they get a meeting with Minster of Health Terrance Deyalsingh to discuss settlement of all outstanding wage negotiations.

'No better time' to protest
Public Service Association (PSA) president Watson Duke has called for massive demonstrations at all regional authorities across the country on June 30.

CoP: Online police reporting platform coming soon
IN AN effort to make the reporting of crimes easier and less stressful for victims, the police will be rolling out a new initiative to be able to report crimes from the comfort of their own home using a laptop or internet device.

Street renamed after Austin 'Superblue' Lyons
Mayor Richards said he was happy to be honoring a living legend, as he lamented that far too often tributes were done posthumously.

Name streets after local icons

Race case for tribunal
In the post in question on June 24, 2018, Alexander described Haynes as a: "half pint house negro, bent over backwards to sell your brothers and sisters for a few pieces of silver and a pat on the head from Sabga." The post was ended with the phrase: "Down boy. Down. Sit."

Pharmacy Board not worried about dexamethasone hoarding
President Andrew Rahaman told Newsday on Friday that while it is a prescription drug, it can also be accessed over the counter at the discretion of a pharmacist. He said, "It is a prescription drug by law but because we do not account for it like antibiotics and narcotics, and because of the prevalence of things like asthma in TT, pharmacists usually use their discretion in dispensing it."

Infant girl dies with her father in gun attack
Police are investigating the shooting deaths of a man and his two-year-old daughter on Friday night.

EMA warns of unhealthy air quality levels
The Environmental Management Authority issued a statement on Friday evening that the Air Quality Index registered UNHEALTHY at 4:30 pm on Friday at the Monitoring Stations of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) in Point Lisas and Signal Hill.

HDC begins new project in Mt Hope
HOUSING Development Corporation (HDC) managing director Brent Lyons said the Pioneer Drive project in Mt Hope, to be built under the Small and Medium Contractors (SMC) Housing Initiative, will allow low-income earners to access affordable housing opportunities. A sod-turning ceremony for the project took place earlier in the week.

Prosecutor in Dana Seetahal PI: Overturn no-case submissions
He accused the defence of trying to delay the process by its request for time to make submissions to challenge the prosecutionís interpretation of the evidence. Busby was responding to a submission by Tota-Maharaj that the defenced needed time to go through the video presentation so that it can advance what it believes is the correct interpretation of the evidence. Tota-Maharaj also asked for a copy of the presentation.

Bermuda woman, brother jailed for Trini's murder
The murder happened in October 2006. Rogers had previously been convicted of theft, assault and sexual exploitation while Burgess had multiple convictions for fraud.

'Stoneman' killed in police shootout
Police seized $40,000 and a large quantity of marijuana. A close female relative of Reno was found inside the house and she was arrested. Reno was pronounced dead on the scene.

Pensioner dies in fire
When firemen arrived they found the 64-year-old man who lived alone trapped inside the heavily burglar-proofed house. The firemen struggled to get into the house to try and rescue the elderly man and extinguish the blaze. They were also assisted by fire-fighters of the Wrightson Road and Woodbrook Fire stations.

Hiker drowns at Rio Seco waterfall
According to reports, around 3.20 pm the victim was at the waterfall with his girlfriend and other friends when he disappeared underwater.

Arima man drowns at Blanchisseuse beach
According to reports, around 2.20 pm officers responded to a report of a drowning at Surfís Beach, Private Facility, Damian Bay #2 Blanchisseuse.

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