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Replace Columbus with our heroes
Posted: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Replace Columbus with our heroes
Contrary to Chief Bharath's attempt to distance Christopher Columbus from the genocide of indigenous peoples of Kairi (Trinidad) (Express, June 15), there is clear evidence that depopulation began during Columbus' lifetime.

Spanish Ambassador urges against removal of Columbus statue
While he did not weigh in on into the pros and cons of Columbus' arrival in the Americas, Carbajosa expressed concern that T&T's indigenous movement had "launched an offensive of this kind" building on the momentum generated by protests in the US.

Calls for removal of Columbus statue
Activist to deliver 8,000-plus-signature petition to Martinez

Claude's comments: The origins of white supremacy and role of Columbus, Victoria and an 'Italianised' Jesus

Panday: Will removing Columbus' statue bring water to citizens?
"There is a dangerous trend being mooted in the society, to wit, the chauvinistic tendency to destroy all remnants of the colonial period, all symbols, statues, buildings, roads, rivers, and rivulets, that remind us of our past, our history, of where we came from, (and consequently, who we are). The first question to ask is: Why? Why do we want to do that? Will it make us better persons? Will it make for a less divided and selfish and crime-ridden society? Will it provide water for all our citizens? Jump high, jump low, we are the product of our history."

West: Foreign energy companies not cutting back in TT
West reported, for the period 2016-2019 non-energy foreign direct investment totalled $2.788 billion. The sectors which benefited from these investments were maritime, retail, creative industries, manufacturing, services, clean technology, construction and agri-business.

AG slams opposition: Read the bill!
"Jeezanages, read the bill! How can you come to this Parliament and pretend that you have read the bill? Worse yet, there is no provision in this bill where the Registrar General is exercising quasi-judicial functions, I went and I looked, I had to pinch myself and ask myself what was my honourable colleague referring to."

Protesters in Richmond, Virginia, tear down another Confederate statue
This is the third Confederate statue, and the fourth monument, to be torn down by demonstrators in Virginia since international protests erupted following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after he was pinned to the pavement by a white Minneapolis officer who pressed his knee into Floyd's neck. Statues of Confederate president Jefferson Davis and Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham as well as of Christopher Columbus were toppled by demonstrators in recent weeks.

Murder victim hid domestic abuse
"I think she did not come to me, she may have gone to other co-workers, because of the advice and the mother that I would mother her sometimes harshly. Because I ask her what was going on, she told me that she and the individual had a falling out, just a small thing."

Don't cover up domestic violence, get out quickly
Weeping friend at murder victim Tricia's funeral:

Religious bodies seek 2nd tranche of COVID relief
At the beginning of last month, Government began distributing $10 million in grants to 14 denominational boards to provide relief to needy people hit hard by the COVID measures in place since March.

A drug offers hope amid spikes in coronavirus infections
As nations grapple with new outbreaks and spiking death tolls from the coronavirus, a commonly available drug appeared Tuesday to offer hope that the most seriously ill could have a better chance of survival.

'New Normal': Modified seating arrangements for cinemas, theatres

Barry Padarath granted exemption to return home for screening

Big UNC battle for Grande candidate
Former Sangre Grande Chamber president Ricardo Mohammed is a frontrunner among the large number of UNC nominees seeking to be UNC's Toco/Sangre Grande candidate, UNC officials said yesterday.

Who is this man?
THE question in Sangre Grande and Toco on Tuesday was not what mark to play, or if rain would fall later. The question on the lips of many was, "Who is Roger Monroe?"

PEP leader faces lawsuit over tent statements
BUSINESSMAN Ricky Raghunanan is calling on political leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Edward Alexander to immediately remove what he says are defamatory statements the latter made during a Facebook live broadcast earlier this month.

Met Office issues Adverse Weather Alert for T&T

Fears over facial recognition
Microsoft, Amazon and IBM won't sell tech to police

Trini charged with top comic's murder in Netherlands
The victim, according to earlier reports in the De Limburger newspaper, regularly invited young men to his home. However, Alves's lawyer told the court they did not want to say whether Alves was in Boxmeer for that reason on the day Schrijen was killed.

Family claims Maraval man murdered
Toussaint said Billy had come to her two months ago, telling her several police officers came to his house, located a short distance away and threatened him. She said one officer in plain clothes, who also lives in the area, accused Billy of farming on his land.

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