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$500m for agriculture, tourism recovery plan
Posted: Saturday, June 13, 2020

$500m for agriculture, tourism recovery plan
He said, consistent with Government's policy to seek the broadest possible consensus and advice from among some of the best minds in TT, the Economic Road Map prepared by the 23-member committee was "now providing ample guidance for us to take advantage of this window of opportunity".

'This is not about elections'
GOVERNMENT'S increased expenditure sought in the mid-year budget review which was passed in the House yesterday is because of TT having no choice but to spend more money to mitigate the fallout from the covid19 pandemic and is nothing to do with the general election.

Imbert: T&T in good place despite COVID-19 fallout
Imbert said based on the Government's fiscal stimulus programme, he projected a decline in Gross Domestic Product in 2020 of "just 2.4 per cent" with a big jump to 4.7 per cent expected in 2021.

Tewarie: What Colm? We're doing worse now
CARONI Central MP Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie questioned the soundness of the financial projections put forward by Finance Minister Colm Imbert, as he (Tewarie) kicked off debate on the budget mid-year review. He expressed grave concern over the future of the economy in light of financial uncertainty.

$70m to repair $32m THA hotels
In 2015, the Assembly spent $32 million to purchase Sanctuary Villas at Black Rock and Manta Lodge at Speyside. Since then, the THA has left both accommodation venues unattended and non-operational. The hotels are now in a significant state of disrepair and sparked questions about the squandering of money by the THA.

MFO survey on covid19 response: High trust in PM, police, medical team

$150,000 salary for Heritage CEO
Pay in line with industry standards, says Khan

New TTT CEO announced
In a release on Friday, TTT Chairman Ronda Francis said Roberts, a former business and entrepreneur development manager had distinguished himself in other areas in his career. "I expect he will bring this distinction to TTT to advance its 'live for local' agenda," she said.

He strangled another woman
The suspect was convicted of the unlawful killing of another woman 16 years ago. On that occasion, he had pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the basis that he was provoked into committing the act, and a High Court judge placed him on a $50,000 bond to keep the peace for five years.

Gov't setting up Committee to treat with border reopening

TTUTA rejects SEA stipends, August exam
Speaking at a press conference at the Oilfield Workers' Trade Union's Paramount headquarters in San Fernando, Tekah-De Freitas said the general council met on Tuesday and took a decision that the August examination was not in the best interest of teachers, students or the schools.

SEA in October not feasible
The Prime Minister's explanation indicates an attempt to balance the existing structure of the academic terms with the current circumstances. "If the exam is held in October, it would mean the two-month period going forward would ensure that no placement of students could take place in what should be the first term," Dr Rowley said.

Young: Citizens leaving TT must understand consequences
"We will allow nationals to leave, once they understand that if, when they wish to return, the borders are still closed, they will be subject to the process," Young said.

Med students on scholarship in Cuba low on supplies, want to go home
Twenty-one students, 19 of whom have been granted scholarships to study medicine in Cuba, are desperate to return to Trinidad and Tobago to sit-out the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mt Hope Staff protest

PSA spokesman Kester Thomas said, "We have increments outstanding and we have arrears on the increments. They (management), also have permanent letters to issue. They gave us a time frame of January and they reneged on the time frame. They told us the permanent letters was supposed to be since January/February.

Moonilal: US tired of TT breaching international laws
"If I sound angry it's because I am. I come every week to hear them call for sanctions and he (Moonilal) called for sanctions that is their plan, they have a scorch and burn technique if we can't rule then burn it to the ground" Young said. He added that any citizen who will side with another country over their own was the worst thing any citizen can do.

Moonilal seeks to "expose" Government use of pandemic funds for campaigning

Man apologises to NCRHA head
Alleged defamatory comments centred on the rental of two tents, after a document purporting to be a quotation from a company, asked the NCRHA to pay close to $500,000 for a month. The NCRHA said the actual cost of the rental was $97,875.

Deadly police-involved shooting in Maraval
Investigators acted on information received, which alleged that the suspect and a group of men were all armed with firearms and assembled at Cameron Hill. Upon arrival, police saw the group under a mango tree. The party of officers approached with the intent to apprehend the men. Reports are that the police officers were fired upon by them, and returned fire, in accordance with the TTPS use of force policy.

Police kill 'Gagamel' in Maraval:
Relatives dispute police version of shooting

DPP discontinues case against Rajaee Ali's wife
Senior Counsel Gilbert Peterson and Assistant DPP George Busby, who are leading the prosecution team, indicated that the State would be discontinuing the charge of assisting a gang in commiting Seetahal's murder against Rajaee Ali's wife Stacy Griffith as there was insufficient evidence to prosecute her.

Elderly Carenage man reported missing
Jaisarie, of Western Main Road, Carenage, was last seen leaving home at 7 am June 4. He was reported missing to the Carenage Police Station on June 7.

Girl,13, goes missing
John, of Stephanie Avenue, Aripero, was last seen walking along the river bank in the Aripero area on Tuesday.

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