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Trinidad and Tobago cops don't target blacks
Posted: Friday, June 5, 2020

Griffith: Trinidad and Tobago cops don't target blacks
He added: "We are not shooting back at anyone because of their colour; we are shooting back at them because they are criminals trying to kill police officers. That is what this is about.

Gary on use of force: We are not the enemyTrini leading "Black Lives Matter" protests in the US

AG: Interception of Communications not about more executive power
He also recalled that Mark said the right to privacy is fundamental, but he added that the right to life is equally fundamental. Al-Rawi argued that the law is designed in its legitimate aim to safeguard a number of aspects: right to fair trial, upholding the rule of law and protection of lives.

PNM offcially drops Dillon as candidate; Laurel screens for Lopinot-Bon Air West

Better United blanks Fuad's return attempt
The Better United group of parties has turned down an approach from New National Vision (NNV) leader Fuad Abu Bakr to return to the group after he struck out in getting a People's National Movement election candidacy last week.

Woman shot and killed in Diego Martin ambush
Police are investigating the murder of a 23-year-old Arima woman who was shot and killed in Diego Martin on Thursday night.

State to pay owner $340,000 after police keep maxi for 2 years
Kelvin Pierre sued the State after his maxi taxi was stopped on the priority bus route (PBR) on May 4, 2016. Pierre was not driving the maxi at that time but a driver he hired to work it. He said, although he assisted the police so that he could get back his maxi taxi, it was still kept for 28 months.

CoP: Twitter sex assault claims opened a 'Pandora's Box'
He was speaking Thursday at the weekly police media briefing at the Police Administration building. His comment was in response to recent anonymous Twitter accounts that have been sharing information about sexual assaults and in some cases naming alleged perpetrators.

Bank customer charged after no-mask standoff
Mack, who went live on Facebook during his interaction with the security, argued that the policy was not law and said he was being discriminated against. The security eventually called the police. After continuing to argue his point to the police, Mack was cautioned and told to leave the entrance of the bank. Mack continued to plead his case and was eventually arrested. He pleaded not guilty and was granted $5,000 bail. He will reappear in court on August 5.

Icacos fishermen complain of 'rough' Coast Guard treatment
President of the Icacos Fishing Association Esook Ali claimed his grandson was choked by a Coast Guard officer. "It was just like what happened in the States when my son intervened, they hold him and slam him on one side," Ali said. While he had no problem with the T&T Coast Guard protecting the waters, Ali said he was against the arrest and harassment of innocent fishermen who never crossed to the Venezuelan border.

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