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TT records new covid19 case
Posted: Sunday, May 31, 2020

TT records new covid19 case: Total now 117
The case is an imported one from among three people who were in quarantine after returning to Trinidad on May 28.

T&T borders remain closed
Even though they initially started with no entry and then moved very slowly to allow small numbers back in, Rowley said, "We want to move a little more aggressively to bring categories of people in. "Warning that stringent control still needed to be exercised, Rowley admitted, "The biggest threat to us now as a nation in responding to the virus is getting infected by an inflow of people from the outside, into this population."

PM disappointed over lax approach to wearing masks

Business group: Not all stores ready to reopen
However, he said, people should not expect to see 100 per cent of retail stores open on Monday as many would need time to get employees back out to work, retool, restock and "re-gear operations."

NCIC head thanks Govt for covid19 measures
He commended Government for the handling of the covid19 pandemic, but criticised one department of insulting a large section of Indo-Trinidadian and Indo-Tobagonian community by omitting the word Indian from Indian Arrival Day.

Indian High Commission celebrates Arrival Day online

NACTA: New candidates key for PNM, UNC
The PNM and UNC's moves to remove unpopular MPs as candidates for the general election is critical to their chances of winning the general election, the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) concludes in its latest poll.

UNC gears up for full election slate

Query over $3m account
Cops probe $3m bank account of woman close to Princes Town MP

Dillon's candidacy under review by PNM
Dillon's selection had also caused a tsunami of objections from die-hard supporters who were rallying behind nominee Lorraine Heath, who works at the Lands Settlement Agency as a corporate secretary.

Vendor 'providing a service' arrested in Chaguanas

Newsday lays off senior reporters
She questioned, "Why wasn't some other option employed first? Why didn't they explore a salary reduction for employees and even managers? This way, the company could have continued employing everybody as they explore ways to turn things around. It would not have been just the select few who were given letters."

CoP moves to fire six officers on trial for murder
But without referring to the specific case, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith, on Friday, said he was seeking to clean up the police service and improve its image.

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