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PM lashes out at media
Posted: Friday, May 29, 2020

PM lashes out at media
'They have interests to protect...'

An unprecedented attack
Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley yesterday accused the two largest media companies of not being independent but rather dancing to the tunes of their owners.

PM Rowley on US/TT row: Mad at media
MEDIA HOUSES in TT were fuelling their own agenda and, as a result, deliberately misrepresented the Government's handling of the Venezuelan vice president's visit in March, the Prime Minister has charged.

Journalists respond to Rowley

PM to announce next phase of re-opening on Saturday

PM gives limited details on meeting with Mondello
Instead, Rowley replayed the recording of his statements after the United National General Assembly in October 2019. In that recording, Rowley talked about the clause in the Rio Treaty and said that Caricom was resolute that it was opposed to military intervention and supported peaceful resolution in Venezuela. "I am not answering you about what I told Mr Mondello, I am answering you on what T&T told the world," he said.

Ministries working on school reopening policies

Deyalsingh: Places of worship pose unique challenges
"It is the elderly who make up the bulk of the followers of religion that go to places of congregation, and all the evidence around the world, including our eight deaths in TT, show that deaths have mainly come from the elderly population.

PM: General election must adhere to COVID-19 rules
"We are going to have elections but we're going to have to do things differently in campaigning for elections." Dr Rowley refrained from stating a date for the next general election but in response to questions on whether he preferred a fixed date, he said he was not a fan.

PNM Mayaro nominee out as he's overseas; queries on Penny now
Even if Ross returned by next week, it was noted that he'd have to self-quarantine at least for two weeks. As a result, sources questioned why he couldn't have been screened via Zoom or similar technology. They said they noted reports that technology was used for some of the PNM's first screenings.

Kamla announces five new UNC candidates
Parenting advocate Marcia Riley-Walker will go up against the Prime Minister in the Diego Martin West constituency, former police officer Curtis Orr will contest the Port of Spain South seat held by Marlene McDonald.

Youth speaker, activist and entrepreneur, Darren Garner, will vie for the PoS North/St Ann's West seat held by National Security Minister Stuart Young.

John Ricardo Laquis, businessman and long-standing community activist will contest the Diego Martin Central seat held by Darryl Smith, and Eli Sakur will go up against Finance Minister Colm Imbert in Diego Martin North/East.

Marlene fails to show up
MP for PoS South ducks out

Confusion over Fuad Abu Bakr's PNM 'screening'
Asked about the NNV, which has contested both general and local government elections, he said the party will continue to exist. He said the other members of the party understand the move that he has made and many would be active in his campaign, if successful.

PNM PRO: Fuad Abu Bakr will not be screened
PNM PRO Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing put out a release saying the party has received no nomination for Abu Bakr and he was not scheduled to be screened by the screening committee.

Trini in midst of Minneapolis riots: Things are so crazy right now
Asked if he was concerned about his safety while photographing the rioting, Oiseoghade said he was "watching (his) back" but he was not greatly concerned. "Nobody there to hurt anybody, but just to make a statement about police brutality. There were no fights. All the energy was directed to the police officers."

CoP defends probe into DCP Hackshaw, says police can have money too
"If there's enough evidence to verify that the person acquired funds from illegal means that is how you decide if someone is culpable, not by how much is in their account," he said. "It means that a police officer must be poor, apparently, in the eyes of some people. I find it very interesting when persons automatically try to label a police officer because that person may have $2 million dollars in their account. I'm not here to judge, we are here to work on the evidence," he added.

WASA boss: reservoir levels low
Harsh dry seasons hit water supply...

Tabaquite MP tells Public Utilities Minister come see water woes

Two dead, one wounded after Cascade drive-by shooting
Residents heard the gunshots and took Payne to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Shindlar Cuffy's mother: Girl in photo from Venezuela looks like her
An ailing mother saw a glimmer of hope on Tuesday when someone resembling her missing daughter, Shindlar Cuffy, was spotted in a photo. The photo shows a girl among a group of people rescued from a human trafficking ring in Venezuela.

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