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Posted: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

At the Senate sitting on Tuesday Opposition Senator Anita Haynes moved a motion on the adjournment of the Senate calling on the Government to account for its disregard of the 73 year old Inter American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance also known as the Rio Treaty as she noted the Ambassador's statement....He said Trinidad and Tobago made its position clear to the Organisation of American States (OAS) since June 2019 at the 49th session of the general assembly of the OAS in Columbia.

What's new with the 'new normal'
While the covid19 pandemic has brought with it many challenges, Salandy said a "golden opportunity" is now open to TT. The last time TT had a "golden opportunity" like this was in the aftermath of the 1970 Black Power Movement and it was squandered, he said.

29 Vincentians on Vision of the Seas COVID positive
National Security Minister Stuart Young will no doubt be monitoring this situation closely as he seeks to negotiate with RCI to have the vessel dock in T&T. Young is hoping to have the approximately 345 Trinis onboard undergo a 14-day quarantine on the vessel under Ministry of Health supervision.

79 human trafficking victims destined for T&T rescued
The Orinoco Delta, which covers all of Delta Amacuro State and parts of Monagas State and Sucre State in eastern Venezuela, has for decades been a centre of illegal human and drug trafficking. A vast delta of the Orinoco River, it comprises a network of tributaries which empty into Gulf of Paria and the Atlantic Ocean.

'Opposition a stumbling block on crime'
He said the Opposition compromised the country's borders by cancelling new vessels for the coast guard and put a stumbling block in government's way by refusing to support the recent Bail (Amendment) Bill. The bill recommended that anyone charged with possession of a gun and or ammunition will have to convince a court why they ought to be granted bail as opposed to an automatic denial of bail.

Independent Senator calls for licks for certain crimes
INDEPENDENT Senator Anthony Vieira on Tuesday called for the return of flogging, as a punishment for and deterrent to crime, chiefly acts of domestic violence.

PNM picks Gypsy to contest Moruga/Tableland seat
Peters served as the Minister of the Arts and Culture under the previous People's Partnership administration.

Demerit Points System now in effect; MOWT explains how it works
The Ministry said it anticipates that these "novel systemic approaches" will make a positive impact on the road culture of Trinidad and Tobago, as it works toward reducing the road fatalities to zero and modernising the Licensing Division.

20 arrested after No Man's Land lime
According to the Public Health Ordinance, gatherings over five people are prohibited and beaches remain closed.

SAMS shut down following visit by police
An officer said that under the Public Health Ordinance (COVID-19 Regulations), 2020, only the services specified under sub-regulation (2) are legally allowed to open. The officers were first told that the school was opened to facilitate on-line classes, but were later informed that administrative staff who previously worked from home were ordered to their workplace. Following the closure, management sent another email sent to the staff, advising them to continue working from home as the school would be closed until the clearance is given by the government.

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