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No help for 5-ship Iranian convoy
Posted: Saturday, May 23, 2020

Young: No help for 5-ship Iranian convoy heading to Venezuela
In replying, Young accused the UNC of issuing a deliberate narrative to misrepresent T&T's foreign policy. He said what Ramdial was saying was also being said by the Venezuelan Opposition in that country, "and the (UNC) is trying to incite US sanctions against T&T."

PM meets with US envoy Mondello
The public spat prompted two luminaries, Martin Daly SC and former diplomat Reginald Dumas, to call for an end to the megaphone diplomacy, given the negative impact any bad relationship with the US could have on this country. But it seems even before the Daly/Dumas joint release on Thursday, the Government had already engaged Mondello.

Raw emotion to Young's decision to open borders for stranded Trinis
RAW emotions surfaced on Friday among the 430 nationals stranded on board several cruise ships in different ports as National Security Minister Stuart Young announced plans to repatriate them.

Bhoe stands up to Speaker on time cut
The Speaker then deliberated for a few minutes before telling the Chamber: "I stand corrected." She then granted Tewarie his additional ten minutes.

Online petition launched to increase Cocorite speed limit to 65 km/hr
According to the Ministry of Works and Transport, speed limits for private motor vehicles, with seating for less than 10 passengers, outside of a built-up area is 100 kilometres per hour, and 50 kilometres per hour within a built-up area.

Ian Alleyne ordered to pay doctor's legal costs
CrimeWatch host Ian Alleyne has been ordered to pay the legal costs of director of the Caura Hospital, Dr Michelle Trotman, for his failed lawsuit demanding his release from quarantine in April.

Ailing couple seeks help during pandemic: 'We are starving'
This was the cry of Evans Rajpaul, 60, who said he and his wife Vitra Teelucksingh-Rajpaul, 68, are struggling even to find food to eat as they eke out an existence on her old-age pension.

Forecasters predict busy 2020 Atlantic hurricane season
"With tornado season at its peak, hurricane season around the corner, and flooding, earthquakes and wildfires a risk year-round, it is time to revise and adjust your emergency plan now."

Water use restrictions still in place, WASA warns
The company said these restrictions pertain to the use of hosepipes and any similar apparatus for the purpose of, among other things, watering private gardens and or washing private motor cars, which is prohibited in accordance with the Water and Sewerage Act Chapter 54:40 of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago (the "Act").

Death threats for mom of drowned Valencia boy
Ramdeen also urged the police not to sweep the investigation under the carpet.

Ganja activist confronts Imbert

Soca artiste charged with sexual offences
The soca artiste was ordered to surrender his passport; report twice a week at the Arima Police Station; stay 100 meters from the victim; and have no contact with her. 

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