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No action on Stuart Young
Posted: Friday, May 22, 2020

No action on Stuart Young
The Prime Minister yesterday did not respond to numerous calls and texts about the tense media releases between Mondello and Young on Wednesday.

Security Minister avoids Privileges sanction
Earlier in yesterday’s sitting Opposition Senator, Wade Mark suggested that Young had breached the standing orders and deliberately misled the House last Wednesday, when he spoke about a May 6 conversation with United States Ambassador Joseph Mondello regarding a visit to T&T by Venezuelan Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez which constituted a breach of the Rio Treaty.

Khan: Sanction talk hurting Paria, Heritage business

Brick manufacturing resumes
"We have been bombarded with requests for blocks over the past six weeks," he told Guardian Media. "We sent two loads of blocks to Tobago on Thursday. Also, our exports to Grenada and Guyana should re-commence next week."

Discharged COVID patient redevelops symptoms
"There was one person that developed symptoms, post. They were brought in and rechecked just to make sure everything was fine and then that person was let back home."

Deyalsingh: Cuban nurses paid allowances
Responding to questions at Wednesday's virtual media conference, Deyalsingh said the nurses would have been paid a dislocation allowance by the Cuban government that would assist them during their stay in TT. He said no special allowances or provisions were made with the arrival of the 12 nurses as the protocols for visiting medical staff would be the same.

Dillon: Housing boost coming
He thanked the private sector for partnering with Government to build affordable housing for the public "Through the public private partnerships we have been able to procure 605 addition housing units through five new housing projects valued at over $1 billion."

UTC proactive in managing Covid risk
Mutual fund group sees net inflows in 2020

Ministry celebrates 175 years of East Indian legacy
In a media release the ministry said through the decades, the contributions of the East Indian community have become part of TT's mainstream culture and have added further character and distinction to multi-ethnic artistic expressions. It said, "Since their arrival in 1845, East Indians, not only within TT, but throughout the West Indies, have made and continue to make an indelible mark on all spheres of life: the arts, academia, politics, culture and more."

Six illegal immigrants detained in Tobago
According to official police reports, four Venezuelans and two Cubans were handed over to Immigration Division after they were discovered by officers of the Crown Point Police Station.

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