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Pandemic spending versus electioneering
Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2020

Pandemic spending versus electioneering
The massive State relief programme triggered by Covid-19 demands a muscular accountability framework for every dollar spent if Trinidad and Tobago is to emerge from this pandemic with any reasonable level of financial and political integrity.

Masks: What are the differences?
There has been confusion surrounding the types of N95 masks. The term N95 mask is used interchangeably to mean surgical mask, surgical N95 respirator and industrial N95 respirator.

Mask etiquette; wear while exercising but not when sneezing

Demming: Methinks thou doth protest too much! Three reasons to doubt Venezuela explanations

Young: US envoy did not complain about Venezuelan VP
Young said the Government's position has always been one of non-interference in Venezuela's affairs, a position adopted by Caricom and also the UN, whose secretary general declared the UN recognises the Nicolas Maduro administration.

$388K owed to security firm, Gov't working to clear debt

Not even Devant believes he's a journalist! Judge rules against UNC politician
Justice Kevin Ramcharan today ruled against Maharaj's request for judicial review and dismissed his demand for access to daily virtual media conferences (VCMs). Ironically, the High Court judge suggested that Maharaj gave evidence against himself.

Tracy warns of social relief fraud consequences
She said, to date, 553 people have visited the division for assistance in filling out the social relief application forms, which have been sent to the Ministry of Social Development as well as the THA Division of Finance and the Economy. She said the division's counselling hotline is still active.

Survey: People unhappy with slow covid19 financial support

MOH: T&T has 10,000 COVID-19 test kits

Swearing in of THA Chief above board, President says
It follows claims that the event was illegal by the first THA Chief, Hochoy Charles. Charles said the actions ran contrary to Sections 36 and 21 of the THA Act. He said Dennis was already administered the Oath of Office by the THA Presiding Officer under Section 21, Subsection 6 of the THA Act 1996 making it binding. In response, the Office of the President issued a statement explaining that the Chief Secretary can only take his oath before the President.

Rowley's request: Let Trinis enter Canada visa-free
He was speaking at the Caricom heads meeting in Barbados on Tuesday. Dr Rowley's remarks were directed at Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne, who was present, although Canada's PM Justin Trudeau cancelled his intended visit.

Golding hits election fraud in Guyana election recount

Protesters at PM's house: Open whole economy now
FORMER Arima mayor Ghassan Youssef on Wednesday called on the Government to allow all businesses to reopen since there have been no new covid19 cases in the past three weeks. Youssef was part of a five-member protest group outside the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann's on Wednesday.

Freed tanker crew being tested for covid19

Dear Trinidad

Teen drowns in Pointe-a-Pierre
In spite of the COVID-19 regulations restricting the public from going to the beaches, 16-year-old Iverson Thomas still decided for a swim at a beach in his community.

Mark: We must stop Carnival photos being sold abroad
"There are still loopholes that allow people to come into the country, take photos of the mas, pan and (calypsonians), and sell them abroad, and (the creators) get no royalties for their creativity."

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