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CoP: Stay-at-home order not meant to create panic
Posted: Sunday, March 29, 2020

Act as though everyone has COVID-19

CoP: Stay-at-home order not meant to create panic
Rather, he says it is meant limiting one's constitutional right so a greater good can be achieved.

TT covid19 deaths up to 3, positive cases now 76

US charters flight to take citizens home
ONE week after the UK repatriated their citizens from TT amidst the covid-19 pandemic, the US has chartered a flight for its citizens here wanting to go home.

Rowley, Le Hunte lose close relatives
On Saturday, Rowley announced that his eldest brother, Matthias Joseph, 81, had passed away and Le Hunte said his mother had also passed away.

Downtown vendors opt to close up stalls

Coping with covid19
"People arriving in Hong Kong now have to wear a tracking bracelet and self-quarantine."

UK's Johnson tests positive for virus, deaths soar in Spain

Psychologists covid19 hotline floods with calls

Shoppers rush to groceries
Countdown to start of anti-COVID-19 restrictions...

Panicked patients hoard medication
PANIC BUYING has not only affected grocery store supplies but pharmacies have been hit as well with both immune booster and regular medications were being gobbled up.

Bar owner charged for breaking covid19 law
The owner of a bar in Central Trinidad who tried to cash in on month-end sales reportedly ignoring an order compelling him to close his business to prevent the possible spread of covid19 has been arrested and charged.

Bhagwansingh's, Dansteel close, Sealots branch remains open

Chief Secretary urges landlords to be lenient with tenants
Charles assured the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is working very closely with the Government to ensure national relief initiatives are also easily accessible in Tobago. He added the THA will work alongside the business sector in an effort to allow businesses to stay afloat during this period, "so they can still exist when the country and the world returns to a state of normalcy."

What's so top secret about Ian Alleyne?

Pope must wake up to injustice against Iran and Venezuela

The doubles dilemma
No channa, bara, slight or heavy due to COVID-19

Premier League joins the battle
Players, managers spend big in helping combat virus

Don't fight it
...Wallace advised to step away

Take comfort in reading

From Tucupita to Trinidad

Reunited, and it feels so good!
When news reached back to the Cedeno family that Raimaris had been arrested and jailed for illegal entry into Trinidad, they were beside themselves with worry.

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