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Sedition Act struck down: Sat vindicated: Duke's case halted
Posted: Monday, January 13, 2020

Sedition Act struck down: Sat vindicated: Duke's case halted
The Court has ruled that Sections 3 and 4 of the Sedition Act are unconstitutional, as they impose disproportionate and unjustified restrictions on a citizenís free speech, expression and thought.

High Court judge rules parts of sedition law unconstitutional
Delivering a 50 page judgement at the Hall of Justice in Port-of-Spain this morning, Justice Seepersad ruled that Sections 3 and 4 of the legislation, which prescribe the offence of sedition, are unconstitutional.

'Soca, chutney, dancehall lyrics denigrate woman's body'
BARATARIA MP Dr Fuad Khan has defended his comments at the weekend that local music was partly to blame for a culture of misogyny in Trinidad and Tobago, saying he did not single out soca music as the culprit.

Abdulah: Politicians to blame for domestic violence not soca
ďThe political elites in society are seeking to put the blame somewhere else, but as members of Parliament they should address the issues of strengthening the legislative framework to deal with issues like domestic violence.Ē

...but disappointed over Darryl and Marlene

Judge orders audit of PSA finances
THE executive of the Public Services Association (PSA) has been ordered by the High Court to commission an audit of the unionís finances by the end of this month.

Charles: Interview shows PM throwing in the towel

Ramdial on Rowley: 'Hopeless, helpless, visionless'

Childrenís Authority: Donít mix cannabis and children
CHILDREN'S Authority chairman Hanif Benjamin has said despite recent legislation to decriminalise small amounts of marijuana, the authority will intervene in cases where children are affected by its use.

PM advises against smoking the drug
Although marijuana decriminalised

Soca bands holding us to ransom
Promoter complains at Senses:

Men held for questioning in Coco Reef Resort robbery

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