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Let's help, not cast blame and condemn
Posted: Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ex-minister calls for mental health task force
Presently mentally ill people can only be institutionalised if they decide to be, or if mandated by a court or if found wandering in a public place, Khan said. His aim was to remove the “right” of the mentally ill person to choose to be institutionalised. Khan said the incident that took place on Wednesday re-emphasised the fact that the current legislation is out dated.

Caged minds
One, the number of people who commit suicide every 40 seconds. Sixty-nine, the number of people in Trinidad found in cages ostensibly for safety reasons. One hundred, the number of new cases of mental health registered every month at the San Fernando General Hospital in 2018. Three hundred million, the number of people who suffer from depression globally. US$1 trillion, the value of lost productivity in the global economy due to mental illness in the workforce.

Let's help, not castblame and condemn
The pastor filled a gap that would never close. Let us not condemn him to death but instead help him to get it together so the institution can evolve to do the much needed service he is offering. We are volunteers in every area of need, but what about the mentally challenged? Let’s see the hands.

'Sorry… for not acting earlier'
CoP on call for apology

Imbert hits Sunday Guardian report as 'malicious scaremongering'
He continued, " ALL Cepep workers will be paid their proper increased salaries in 2019. Working hours will not be reduced." Imbert also said the "number of Cepep workers in 2019 will be the same or more than in 2018."

Traffic tickets in the mail by year's end
The proposed locations for the Spot Speed Cameras are UBH northbound (NB) at 2 km south of Caroni River, SHH southbound (SB) at Freeport Interchange, UBH southbound at Chase Village, Carlsen Field, Chaguanas (Seereeram Brothers), SHH southbound at the Gasparillo overpass and SHH northbound at 500m south of Macaulay Bridge, Claxton Bay.

Garcia: CSEC will be done online soon

Retired municipal police demand $m
...begging government to pay $85 million to them and end their suffering, 16 years after the High Court ruled in their favour and ordered the payment

Tridents beat the unbeatable Warriors to take the Hero CPL title

Green Screen puts climate change in the spotlight

'Awesome' Raymond battles cancer head-on
Edwards' first brush with cancer was in 2003, when his ascending colon was removed. He said his father had cancer three times and his brother twice, and both died from the disease, so he knew there was a possibility of a relapse – but he was not worried.

Search party finds bodies of murdered men
Investigators believe the men went to the forest to cut logs when they were confronted and killed. No motive has been established for the murders with police saying the men may have been killed between 12 to 15 hours prior to the discovery of their bodies.

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