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Posted: Friday, January 25, 2019

State to care for brothers from Syria

Young: TT recognises Maduro
TT dismisses Guaido's claim to Venezuela's presidency

Young: T&T prepared to mediate in Venezuelan crisis

Full CARICOM statement on Venezuela's political crisis

Move to ramp up T&T's border patrols

La Guerre: Brace for influx of migrants

Corporation heads not speaking about fraud

Browne: Too early to celebrate turnaround
Browne said improvements in the sale of natural gas should not be the sole indicator of an economic turnaround. Citing slow economic activity and scarce foreign exchange, he said there was need for a more thorough approach to economic development.

Big savings if methanol used as fuel additive—MHTL

Govt accepts Cure the Violence initiative

Police recover 12 stolen cars in two weeks
Police said criminals were becoming more resourceful, using handheld electronics called jammers and scramblers used to prevent car alarms from going off and are calling on drivers to exercise greater caution.

DNA bank to be filled
He said if the DNA profiles of 2,000 prisoners were in a database "we need to have profiles on crime scenes." Lewis explained that would allow "a comparison to include cold cases.

Canada AG replies to Devant on ferry
"Be assured that this correspondence has been passed on to the relevant people in the Ministry of Justice and that it will receive all the attention it deserves."

Probe into treatment of Chatoorgoon's aunt begins
Due to overcrowding at the SFGH, Chatoorgoon, a former medical director, said on two different occasions in January, Girwar spent excessive hours lying on a gurney in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department while awaiting a bed space.

Kidnappers demand iPhones, US$20,000
Last Saturday's deadline for the payment of a US$40,000 ransom has come and gone for the safe return of Moruga cousins Kendall Singh and Kenrick Morgan from Venezuela.

Cops kill gunman, boys, 10, 17 held
Employees of a Barataria garage and hardware were left shell shocked after police officers and a bandit traded bullets near their workplace.

Fingerprints tendered into evidence
Koury murder trial

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