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Posted: Saturday, December 15, 2018

$6m drug bust at Macoya soft drink factory

Cocaine, ganja seized at soft drink factory

Caribbean Bottlers condemns use of company for trafficking
CARIBBEAN Bottlers TT Ltd has strongly condemned the individual or group who used the company to transport 400 kilogrammes of high-grade marijuana with an estimated street value of $4.5 million.

CWU, TSTT go to court over dismissals
THE Communications Workers Union (CWU) and TSTT will be going to the Industrial Court over the company's decision to fire 503 workers in November.

Le Hunte denies ordering Elder's removal
"Any time an employer is behaving in this aggressive manner is because they don't want any union."

'Is TSTT union-busting?'

Labour Minister: I feel workers' pain
LABOUR Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus today said she empathised with people who have lost their jobs through "redundancy, insolvency or receivership."

Regional jurists agree CJ erred
Poor judgement, bad company

No backpay for ex-Petrotrin temps

Emergency plan for refugees and migrants from Venezuela

Flood victims still waiting for cheques

Committee examines child exploitation
THE public are invited to send in their views on child exploitation to Parliament's Joint Select Committee on Human Rights, said the Parliament web-site yesterday

President learns about macaroni pelau
PRESIDENT and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Paula-Mae Weekes says she was informed that soldiers "were not receiving proper meals even though money was being deducted from their salaries for that purpose".

No bail yet for Westmoorings drug-bust accused
Another attempt will be made for Sankar on Monday as her relatives struggle to get a surety in keeping with the conditions imposed by the magistrate.

Woman walks again after bus accident
AFTER a month of being confined to a bed and unable to walk, mother of three Tenille Carla Moses yesterday took her first steps.

Remorseful man jailed for killing friend
Stephen "Yankee" Lopez, who con­fessed that he murdered his friend 15 years ago, yesterday expressed his remorse and thanked a judge for bringing closure in the matter.

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