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Fluctuating fuel prices can aggravate citizens
Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Energy Minister: Fluctuating fuel prices can aggravate citizens
Government is monitoring the complete removal of the fuel subsidy very carefully since going to market-driven prices—which change almost daily in the US— can cause "great aggravation" to the public

Promoter of DDI romp says

Sex Island used T&T as venue last year too
Organisers say fete on

Boy, 16, wins ticket to T&T 'sex fete' - report
...the planned activities are illegal in this country and the event will shut down the event if the story is proven to be true.

Develop energy sector safety culture
Energy Chamber tells Guyana

Consultants paid $77.7 million

Senator: New law terrifies magistrates
MAGISTRATES now face personal liability for their decisions, the Appeal Court ruled in July, and this ruling could have a terrifying effect on them, said Independent Senator Anthony Vieira yesterday.

Airport robbery could have been prevented—EPA
During Monday's robbery, a man impersonating a G4S security personnel stole $83,000 in cash from the CAL counter and simply walked away.

Colleagues back suspended airport guard
...airport policies/procedures are guided by international conventions and attempts to by-pass them are serious cause for concern.

State pays out $7.1m for bad cops
THE State has paid some $7.1 million in damages awarded by the High Court and Court of Appeal in matters involving police officers over three years, for claims of assault and battery, malicious prosecution, and false imprisonment.

No takers for $12m drug bail
...a major hurdle was the fact that the magistrate imposed one deed stipulation for the potential bailor, meaning that the property to secure the bail must be in excess of the $6m value.

LATT internal probe finds enough on CJ
PM must weigh impeachment

No water in parts of Trinidad
The authority has confirmed that current production at the plant is 25 million gallons daily (mgd) as compared to a capacity of 40 mgd.

Citizens cry for water
People from East, South and Central Trinidad have taken to WASA's Facebook page to vent their frustration over a lack of water, even as WASA admitted a big shortfall in water from the Point Lisas desalination plant, which the Government promised to address by tomorrow.

Family on gun ammo charges
The Ramkissoons were arrested following a search warrant being executed at their home during an anticrime exercise conducted between Friday and Saturday.

Father fights off cutlass bandits
Navin Bissoon's action empowered his brother Nishan Bissoon to join the fight, prompting the three bandits to flee. Bissoon's common-law wife Annisa Ramnarine, 28 and Nishan, 30, suffered chop wounds during the incident.

Businessman charged with fraud
Powell, of DW Powell International Financial Investments, which based in Port-of-Spain, was charged with larceny to the sum of $160,000

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