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Fraudsters stole $45m
Posted: Friday, November 30, 2018

Fraudsters stole $45m in flood relief - PM
...of $118 million, forty per cent was taken by fraudsters, an audit from the Ministry of Finance has stated.

Gov't reaches new "significant" agreements with Bp, Shell

Hand-foot-mouth outbreak at ASJA Primary
Parents keep pupils away

Cleaner dies of TB at ASJA Girls', Ministry says it is not contagious
"To ensure however that all parties can feel a sense of relief, the Ministry, guided by officers of the Public Health and Insect Vector Control Unit visited and sprayed the premises on Monday 26th November 2018..."

Petrotrin goes dark

Mom recalls daughter’s kidnap drama

Rescued kidnap victim now under police guard
Maria kept in forest hideout

Kidnappers wanted $1m

Maha Sabha loses its Spiritual Head
Dharmacharya and President General and Spiritual Head of the Maha Sabha, His Holiness Shri Uttam Maharaj died on Thursday morning at the age of 70

Tax evasion leading to money laundering
FIU head at JSC:

BATT president: Banks under severe pressure

Lawsuit over disclosure of Sandals MoU settled
In his claim, filed in October, Raymond was alleging that the Government was unjustified in refusing his requests under the Freedom of Information Act, earlier this year.

Moonilal to challenge Privileges body duo
Bias towards me

More vehicles, new body cams for cops—Griffith

Laventille man overcomes loss, graduates with engineering degree

Gun violence survivor nominated for international award

'Bess doubles' says bandit, before robbing vendor
The robbery at Library Corner last Saturday has sparked a call by vendors for street lights and more late night police patrols.

Relative of murdered retiree to face sexual offences charge
A FIFTY-one-year-old nephew of murdered United States retiree, Yvonne Trumpet-Nicholson is expected to appear before an Arima Magistrate on Friday charged with, "various sexual offences."

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