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Warning over Dragon Gas Deal
Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2018

Warning over Dragon Gas Deal
Opposition lawmaker, a member of the Venezuelan Assembly, Carlos Valero is warning Government that any treaties or contracts signed between the two countries and which have not been passed by the National Assembly in Venezuela might not be honoured in the future.

Stolen Petrotrin steel in scrap yards
Since the announcement of the closure of State-owned oil company Petrotrin, people have been stealing tonnes material from the company's installations and presenting them for sale at scrap yards throughout the country

The godfather of the business
Meet Jairam Seebaran

Fraud Squad takes over Greenvale case

PP had a plan to prevent flood disaster, says Singh

Threat to kill Kamla and Gary: Search for caller
This is the fourth death threat the CoP has received over the past four days.

Demolished homes too close to oil wells

Wedding bells at PM's home

Lord Superior passes away

Children at Cyril Ross call for help
...from Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon and the Ministry of Gender and Youth Affairs to launch an investigation into the operations of the institution.

Deportee held for pensionerís murder
A 51-year-old deportee, who was recently charged with a sexual offence, has been held in relation to the killing of pensioner Yvonne Nicholson, who has dual citizenship for TT and the US.

Zoo applauds scratch bomb ban
The Zoological Society of TT (ZSTT) applauds Government for taking the bold move to ban "scratch bombs".

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